Monday, October 01, 2012

Happy Purrday Boo

Well kitties Mom did it again.
She forgot another purrday, mine.
Can you believe it.
See my disdain?
Oh dear Boo I am so sorry.
I surely didn't mean to forget.
If I don't write things down, I would forget my own birthday!
(with adding years to my age I try to forget it!!)
Boo arrived in the summer of 2004.
Because she had been a cast off, I had no idea how old she was.
According to the Vet she was about 6-9 months old.
So we picked Oct 1st as her "day".
That makes Miss Boo 8 today.
She is a sleek stylish girly girl.
At first Boo was very standoffish.
Typical cat behavior.
Over the years she has mellowed and she will now cozy up to me
and she is very loving.
This season on "My Cat From Hell", there was an episode
about a kitty who was being tormented by another kitty in their home.
After watching, a light bulb went off.
Boo was that kitty who was being tormented in her own home, lead
by mischievous Ping
Boo has always wanted to be let into the master bedroom which is
always off limits during the day.
She would beg to go in there.
I would accomdate her.
She loves it in there.
I never understood why she was such a different kitty in there, until I saw
the episdoe of MCFH.
She does stand up for herself when Ping is "touching" her.
He is not trying to hurt her, I really don't think he is
a bully,
(I just had to go stop Ping from bothering Boo)
but I guess you could make the case he is bullying her.
He just doesn't have a mean bone in his bone. Mischievous yes.
Mean, no
So barring cat dynamics, they are what they are
and both Ping and Boo are here forever.
I will give Miss Boo extra attention today and also make
sure she is not afraid in her own home.
Love you dearly Miss Boo.
You are such a great girl and I still can't fathom anyone
putting you out to fend for yourself.
(My gain, their loss)


  1. Happy Birthday Boo!!!

    Mom says Junior and ivy and Spud have a similar relationship - she says they act like kids in the backseat of a car. all this "I am not touching you" to see if they can get a rise out of Ivy.....

  2. You mom forgot your birthday? How could she? Oh my! Well, thank goodness you were able to blog 'bout it and let the world (and your mom, too) know that today is your big day. May your day be filled with love & cuddles and treats & nip. Lots & LOTS of the nip! purrs

  3. A very Happy Birthday Miss Boo. Sometimes Eric bullies me. He doesn't really mean it, but if he wants my seat, he grabs me on the back of my neck to show he is dominating me. Sometimes I yell to mum and run off, but sometimes I bite his ear - hard.

  4. Woo hoo! Happy Birthday, Boo!
    Boomer likes to bug Coco and I think it's because of how Coco reacts. I rarely have to intervene as Felix would run between them and divert Boomer's attention when he thinks his sister is in a little of a pickle.

  5. Awwww sweet Miss Boo!! Happy happy birthday!!! Yay! Take care

  6. Happy Birthday Miss Boo. We have several relationships around here too that a kind of like you and Ping, Mahoney is always being bothered by Little Bit. We sure hope you have a special day today. Take care.

  7. The happiest of birthdays to you, Miss Boo! We hope you get LOTS of extra treats to make up for your mom almost forgetting!!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Boo! Enjoy your special day.

  9. Happy Birthday Miss Boo!!!! We love you and we're so happy that you have such great home now :-)

  10. Happy Birthday to you sweet Miss Boo!

  11. Happy Birthday Boo! I am wondering if Mama ever remembers I have a birthday!


  12. Happy birthday, Boo! I am eight, too. So far it is a good age!

  13. Happy Birthday Miss Boo. You are a fine looking gal tuxie xox

  14. How ironic we had boooo on our blog today! We say happy belated purr day to Boo. Purrs and smoochies from our boys.

  15. Happy Purr Day beautiful gorgeous greeneyed Lady. xoxoxoxoxoxo and thank you mama for helping her not be afraid in her own home. Many might not.

  16. Happy birthday, Boo! Why any human would not treasure you is a mystery - I'm so glad you found a family who knew your true worth!

  17. Happy Birthday dear Boo!!!!!
    Be sure to give your Mom the "back of disrespect!"

  18. Happy Puurday My Sweet Boo...( Wink )
    I hope a fabulous day with your family

  19. Happy Birthday, Boo! we hope you have a wonderful celebration :) be sure and milk the 'forgot' part into extra treats :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  20. Happiest of Birthdays to you Boo!
    Glad you get to go into the bedroom for a break!

  21. Happy Birthday pretty Boo! Definitely the Mom's gain. XOXO

  22. Happy Happy Purrfday Boo!!!!

    purrrss n nosekissies to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie princess angel Abby

    your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  23. Happy birthday sweetie. Whew - It's a good thing your chief staff finally remembered. Sometimes we need to help them remember, if you know what I mean. Just a little nibble as a reminder. he he - that's what i do. Mario smooches.

  24. Happy Belated Birthday Boo! Its wonderful to see you again! We are happy to be back!

    Garlic & Ginger

  25. Happy birthday Miss Boo! You are so lucky to be in such a good and understanding home. We remember that episode of MCFH. I think its the same reason Julie hunts MMM. MMM acts like the victim (of course, Julie is a the mean side which doesn't help).

  26. Happy Birfday Boo! And may you always be able to get to a calm place in your house...

  27. Happy Belated Birthday Miss Boo!!

    The Florida Furkids


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