Tuesday, December 04, 2012

December 4 1943

That day would be important in my life, although I wasn't
even born yet.
In fact, my parents had not even met.
It was the day the Grandfather I would never know
was killed by a drunk driver while walking
on the side of a road in a small East Texas town.
My Dad was two weeks shy of his 16th birthday.
As anyone can probably imagine it was devastation to this family.
My Grandmother was a young widow at 34
with a teenager and a young daughter to raise.
Life would take twists and turns and things would
work out. But I can only believe that was one
very hard Christmas.
My Dad never discusses this event, yet it shaped him,
69 years ago today.
I just wanted to remember my Grandfather Luke
because I found his information while doing a search on
the website at Ancestory.
So I took a photo from a local cemetery marked UNKNOWN
that will mark my remembrance of the Grandfather
I never knew, yet who lives in my blood, and through
the blood of his Great Grandchild who still bear his name. 


  1. That would be a difficult tragedy to get through for sure. A touching memorial for your Grandfather indeed.

  2. For different sad-but-not-quite-as-tragic reasons, my human never had a grandfather on either side of her family. Purrs to you for acknowledging a grandfather you never had the chance to meet.

  3. A very beautiful tribute. Holiday are for remembering too.
    Hugs and kitty kisses to you.

  4. That's a lovely tribute. I didn't know my mom's dad, as he passed when I was quite young. I do have a couple of very dim memories of being in his home (I dropped playdough down the heating grate), but that's it.

    I also didn't know my dad's father, as he and my grandmother divorced and Herbert wasn't in my life. Plus, when my parents divorced (I was 14/15) neither grandparent had anything to do with me for years afterward, because I chose to live with Mom.

    So I think your connection to your unknown grandfather is quite remarkable. I feel no connection to mine--that's neither good nor bad, just is.

  5. Absolutely beautiful...thank you for sharing this very special heartfelt post.
    Happy b-day Grandpa Luke!!!
    Madi and Mom

  6. Such a wonderful tribute, he would be proud of you.

  7. Such a lovely tribute - he must be smiling down to you from Heaven.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. My best friend's mother was killed bu a drunk driver. So tragic and senseless. big hugs xoxo

  9. A very nice memorial to the Grandfather you never knew.

  10. I loved reading this. I am sentimental about my lost and gone long ago relatives and I have so few today that I know about. Mostly my own children. No aunts, uncles or cousins (that I can find or know about) no grandparents..they all passed when I was a just turned 12 and the others at 13.

    That is a loving tribute to your grandfather and I'm so glad you shared it with us here in your blog family.

  11. A wonderful tribute to a man who we are sure would have been a terrific grandfather. We are glad you mark his passing. Everyone should have that dignity.

  12. I'm so glad you shared this. The holidays are about family, then and now. By reframing the experience with an unknown person's grave, both your grandfather and the unknown person are honored.

  13. What a horrific trauma for everyone, and how sad. The untimely loss of one person is like ripples in a pond, affecting so many in so many ways. You wrote a lovely post and we are glad the laws are tougher on drunk drivers than they were back then. We are sorry for your family's loss.

  14. Oh, such a sad story--when I saw the date, I expected a war story but was even sadder to read about such a senseless loss. It is wonderful that you are honoring his memory today XOXOXO

  15. Thanks for sharing this, your grandad exists in your heart.