Friday, December 07, 2012

Friday Flashback Guard Cat

Posted originally on 9-18-08


The kitties aren't use to me taking a bath. Our master bathroom only has a shower so baths have been something I don't normally do and to be honest I haven't use the bathtub because I couldn't fit into it. But *smile* I now "FIT".

* woo hoo*

So the past few days I have been using the tub for a soaking bath. None of the kitties know what to make of this. They are all quite curious and Jinx of all the kitties has been the one with the most intense interest. Yesterday he jumped up on the side of the tub and proceed to go along the back area and eased on up to where the soap dish is and I could tell he had put himself into a corner, so I tried to give him some leverage so he could turn around and get off the rim of the tub. Well as you can surmise, he slipped and into the tub he went.

*Splish splash*

He wasn't in long, just long enough to get four paws and a tail wet and zoom out. It was hilarous!
And just like in the above picture, Abby sat at the base of the tub and guarded me. Me being in the tub upset her, she meowed and meowed and paced back and forth until she felt I was OK. She is my teeny tiny protector.
Jinx was fine, just a wee bit surprised to find that the stuff inside the tub wasn't solid and he couldn't stand up on top of it.


  1. Awwww Mr Jinx!! Such adventures! Yay for guarding mum while in the tub, sweet Abby! Take care

  2. c'est une bonne aventure découverte.

  3. hee hee...poor Jinx. Salem is the tub watcher here, it must be a Tuxie thing.

  4. Rub-a-dub-dub watch out for the tub!

  5. he he poor Jinx. One of my cats did that too once and it was so funny to watch his expression. Unfortunately, I can't get into a tub anymore because of arthritis, but a nice, relaxing soak is appreciated and missed by me.

  6. Poor Jinx! Eric likes to join either of us in the tub, but we have to grab a towel for protection as he likes to make biscuits on us.