Friday, February 08, 2013

Abby close up

Now this is one serious girl!

We thought we would let you know something that recently happened to us.
Mom opened up here email and noticed two emails
right away that were odd.
Both were from a Netherlands address, one was a bounced email.
Bounced emails happen when an email is sent but it comes back to you undelivered.
Mom didn't understand at first what was happening.
Then she checked her SPAM folder and found oh about 100 more
undelivered emails all with a Netherlands account.
But when she checked the IP address these emails were
originating in Chile.
Obviously it was spammers.
It's really only at server level that this problem could be resolved.
Nothing can be done at individual level.
But after some investigating Mom found what was happening
was that her email account(with probably 1000's of others)
 has been spoofed by spammers.
Spoofing is when they would take any combination
of names and change it in their email as the "FROM".
And they were sending spam to lots and lots of email accounts
and it appears to be going into the Netherlands.
The emails are in Dutch.

But from what she read, there really isn't a whole bunch you can do it's
not that the email account has been hacked.
These spammers just have very sophisticated ways of harvesting emails accounts
and spoofing them.
(Mom has a gmail acct)
So if you ever have this happen you'll understand.


  1. Thanks for the info, I'll be on the look out for this.

    What I've noticed with a few cat blogs, though, is that they've been taken over by either porn or something else definitely NOT related to cats! I've unsubscribed from those (or un-followed, in the case of few I was following via Blogger), but am not sure if there's anything I (we all) can do to prevent that kind of thing happening. I did change my password a couple of days ago, though--it was and still is quite complicated.

  2. This is the first we'd heard of this happening - thanks for letting us know about it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Thanks for letting us know. Our human constantly delete spam comments too.

  4. I am no longer surprised in the least by the ingenuity of spammers and hackers. *sigh*

    Have a lovely day, pretty Abby!

  5. Hi there, beautiful Abby! :)

    Spammers are the worst. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. As you said, there's probably not a whole lot we can do, but it's good to know...

  6. We had that happen years ago. Ours was to the US and we got lots of nasty email from people telling us we needed to stop spamming them.

    You look beautiful Miss Abby!

  7. Thanks for sharing this. Spammers make us very angry! Have a happy Friday, serious girl. XOXO

  8. We do have SPAM emails and Mommy just trashes them. But we haven't heard Mommy talk about what you mentioned in this post. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This has happened to email accounts of me and my human in the past - it is very frustrating!

  10. Abby thank goodness there was no damage to your 'outer
    Madi your bfff

  11. Pretty Abby, thanks for telling us! Have a good weekend! Purrs...

  12. We haven't had that happen, but we have had a few emails over the past few months that look like they come from another blogger. When we click the "more details" drop down menu the address is not the person it is supposed to be, and there is always a link to click on which obviously we don't do and we delete them.

  13. We should have added that we think the addresses are taken from FB because it is the cat owner's name the email is supposed to come from, not the blog name and they are all people on the CWB page on FB.

  14. Ugh!! Just another of the many "joys" of technology!

  15. Yikes - now that's down right scary. Dang spammmers!

  16. That is a beautiful photo! Spammers should be spayed or neutered...or both!

  17. MOL at Brian's comment!!!
    That is perfect.
    : ) Katie & Glogirly

  18. thanks for the info. I've had a couple in the last week, but since they looked suspicious I deleted them right away.

  19. That's a beautiful photo of Abby! She has gorgeous eyes.

    Thanks for the spoofing info. It's slightly alarming, the stuff that hackers can do.

  20. With Brian on this one! I deactivated anonymous comments and spam has virtually stopped on the blog. Have a gmail account, so will watch out for that though!!