Friday, April 26, 2013

Let Me AT It

Mr Jinx is going to town on the shower doors trying
to get to the bouquet of roses.

Boo watches hoping she can sneak in.

Boo gives up trying to get through the shower doors
and goes off to visit her favorite spot.
MY closet!

Mr Jinx is still trying to figure out how to get to those flowers.
I can no longer leave flowers out because I have hungry kitties
who will devour them.
So best kept behind doors they cannot get past.
Does anyone have any experience with the medication
A friend of ours who does not blog is considering giving this 
to her kitty who has severe allergies.


  1. So, I guess your Human gets to enjoy her bouquet in the baffroom? My Human gets to enjoys hers waaaaaay up on top of the china cabinet where I can't reach. ::pout::

  2. The last time my human got roses, she put them on a shelf in the office that we can't reach... and forgot about them! I think they are still there all shriveled up. She needs to toss them out.

  3. I was talking to the PA at my vets office. He is the med. expert there and I asked about the Atopica because one of my cats has bad seasonal allergies.
    He said it can be useful for severe dermatitis, but said that if a cat is otherwise healthy, he would only recommend it after seeing how the cay responded to treatment with short term corticosteroids (Prednislone). There seem to be problems with cat's vomiting ,diarrhea and the taste is bad so many cats will do anything to avoid taking. It is only used to treat skin problems.
    There is supposedly lots of info. online, so your friend may want to look there before using/buying what sounds like a drug with significant side effects and, as usual, is hated by cats.
    The pics today are very cute. Mr. Jinx is a persistent bugger isn't he. My cats have never shown any interest in flowers, except Cosmo, who loves to eat verbena out of my flower pots each Summer, but they are non-toxic.
    My cats are strictly indoors for the past 11 years and I found they absolutely love a pot of organic buckwheat grass sold in the produce dept. of most stores. Maybe because they get their fill of grass and a pot of catnip planted each Spring it makes them not be desperate for all plant & flowers. Sad that you can't enjoy the beautiful roses.

  4. Mommy bought 2 indoor plants on Sunday, one for Daddy's office and one for hers. Well, Daddy's plant is safe (he closes his door) but Mommy's palm, well, let's just say Cosmo showed way too much interest in it. So she moved it to the bedroom and put a barricade around it. No go, so it went to the bathroom and Cosmo pushed the door open. Poor indoor plant is now outdoors, with several shredded leaves.

  5. We like peeling petals off flowers but we have no allergies so we can't help on this one. Meow!

  6. It seems a shame to hide a gorgeous bouquet of roses in the shower. srsly.

    Have a fab Fridee, everybuddy!

  7. Mom cannot have plants and flowers here for that same reason. heehee
    Looks like you have a safe place to keep them and see them too ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  8. je comprends, il est beau ce bouquet de fleurs.

  9. Mr Jinx!! Those are pretty flowers aren't they?! We don't blame you for wanting to eat them! LOL!!!

    Beautiful Boo!!! There's plenty of room in mum's closet for a snooze! Yay! Take care

  10. What a great idea to put your roses behind the glass doors. (What pretty roses, too!) We don't have glass doors, so when flowers come into the house, they have to go on a high shelf or be in a closed room when unattended. Or... you know what.

  11. M gave up on house plants totally cuz all we kitties love plants and flowers. They are just so fun. That is a bootiful bouquet tho. Too bad you can't leave it out.

  12. Mr. Jinx, if we had a bouquet like that behind a glass door, we (i.e. Nicki) would be doing our best to get at it too. Which might be why the human only ever has fresh flowers once a year, for her b-day. LOL.

    No comment re: the drug, but an interesting one already left. Definitely, this person needs to research the drug first. Good luck!

  13. jinx..we wood bee tryin ta eat em two....

    hey, we doez knot haz experience with atopica; but this link mite help yur friend

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end !!

  14. That is some major frustration fur sure!!!

  15. Well, those flowers sure are pretty, even if they are in the shower. :) Poor Mr Jinx ... how frustrating!

  16. That's the funniest thing that you have to hide the roses. What's the occasion?

  17. Lucy loved chewing on my flowers and even knocking down the vase when she was younger. I bet Mr. Jinx is so frustrated. Maybe give him one whiff...? The flowers sure are pretty!

  18. Our mom can't have flowers in the house either because we tend to either eat them or knock the vase over, both of which don't make the mom happy.

  19. I forgot to say...we tried Atopica with Gracie but after 2 days she had a terrible allergic reaction, terrible. If they try it, read the literture and watch closely for any side effects.

  20. So funny and yet so sad. Do you not have even one room the kitties can't access? On the other hand, we humans do visit the bathroom several times a day, so you probably see your roses more often there. Our little fur balls love to much on flowers as well. Guess they all do. Purrs and hugs, Janet

  21. flowers, salad, it's all the same.

    purrrss n nosekissies to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie angel pincess Abby

    your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  22. your hoomans are very clever, keeping the yummy flowers off your reach.

    Emma and Buster

  23. We have flower eaters here too - Mom hides them in the pantry but the shower is a good idea!

    cats of wildcat woods

  24. Oh flowers are the best food ever, but Mom has to hide her's, too! hehehehehehehe!!
    Your TX furiends,

  25. Cody has allergies too but I have never heard of that medicine...wondering what it is.
    As for flowers, they are banned here.....they are so hard to keep away from Cody that it is unreal!

  26. We dont bother plants (except NIP ones of course) around here. But TBT suggests a plexiglass box with holes fer air, fer tabletop use.

  27. We have a friend who has used it for her cat with severe stomatitis. Her cat had almost every tooth removed and still had a painful mouth. She used prednisolone tabs to reduce the inflammation, it worked ok for a while, then wasn't as effective. She also used bupronex as needed for the pain too. Since he is FIV + her vet didn't want to have him on more prednisone than he was. He suggested she try Atopica but keep a close eye on him since it also lowers immune system. She was hesitant to start after reading directions, but after she did, he seemed so much better after just a couple days on it. He did really well on it for 1-2 months, then she noticed he wasn't eating as well losing weight and had a cold. She took him in, they said stop the Atopica and prescribed antibiotics, After a couple days he started feeling better. Then she had him back on the prednisone, he seemed fine for another month or two, but she says she is about to make him another appointment because his mouth is hurting again. He may need to go back on Atopica for a while. It seems to work well, but needs very close monitoring so their immune system doesn't get too low.


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