Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday In The Garden


It's time for our lovely stroll in the garden.
Oh look more camellia.
These bushes have more buds than
a barrel full of monkeys!

oh look Mom is now taking pictures of

Signs of Spring.
New growth on the roses!

And of course I am keeping an eye out on
Mom and Ping!

Happy Gardening!
Be thankful!
>>>>He enjoys<<<<
who is
for little
~Thomas Secker

Momma wanted to let everyone know she had to admit Daddy to the hospital last night
and she may not be able to do much commenting.
Please keep him in your purrs.


  1. I love these photos - but I love YOUR photo best, Gracie!

  2. Such GORGEOUS photos!!! ...Sparkle is right though. Gracie, you are the REAL beauty!

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  4. We think mum makes the weed look beautiful with her pic! Yay!! Take care

  5. Weeds can be pesky but some of them sure do look pretty.

  6. I like weeds, they are always nice and lush and green! We have our first rose bloom already!

    Have a YAYful day!

  7. c'est très beau, merci pour ces jolies photos, bisous

  8. Heavenly! :Sigh:

    We have ice pellets, snow and freezing rain on the way today, a nasty winter storm. Please, please send Spring!

  9. You sure got lots of pretty things in your garden!

  10. abby....yur garden and weedz iz awesum N we trooly hope yur dad will bee all rite...we can sends purrayers oh plentee N hope it bee nothin seer ee iz N by de time ewe reed this him iz home, chillaxin on a reec liner chair N watchin base ball on tee vee with a side tray oh ham samiches N friez !!


  11. Ping and Abby and Gracie and Jinx and Boo I am purring my hardest little puffaloo purr for your Daddy to get better and come home soon. And your garden made me do it even bigger cause I liked it.

  12. Oh dear - sorry your dad is in the hospital. Tell mom not to worry about commenting. We'll all be here when she comes back. Tell her I'll email her this weekend to check to see how things are going., In hte meantime, thoughts and prayers will be with dad and mom and all you kitties.

  13. I am so sorry your daddy is ill, sweet one. Purr for your mama and help take care of her while daddy is gone.

  14. Oh Kitties we are so sorry to read that your Dad had to go to the hospital. We know your mom is very much worried and we send you lots of purrs and hugs.
    madi and Mom

  15. Love them all...including the weed, LOL!! Hope Dad feels better!
    Kitty XO

  16. We are sending healing purrs to your Daddy. It is raining and dreary here, thank you for sharing your garden with us.

  17. We always enjoy seeing your flowers.

    We're purring for your daddy and hope he is okay.

  18. Gracie, we are so sorry to hear about your dad. Mom and all of us are sending bucketfuls of prayers. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  19. Awww I'm sorry to read the news about your Daddy. I am sending lots of purrs!

    Gorgeous pictures, as usual!


  20. We sure do love these photos, kittehs. We are definitely purring and praying for your Dad, and for your Mom, too!

  21. oh no!! Just read this about your Daddy...oh nooooo!!! Purring and praying that all will be ok!

  22. Sending healing purrs for the Daddy.. May he be home and in good health soon

  23. Lovely photos...praying for the daddy. Take care.