Saturday, June 15, 2013

Be Kind



  1. Now see, my Human should listen to the Dalai Lama more often. Oh, she's kind to ME, all right (I mean, she knows what would happen if she weren't, ha ha meow) but she's like TOTALLY lost her filter with her colleagues. You should HEAR the stuff that comes out of her mouth!

  2. Beautiful photo and a touching quote.

    Thank you for coming by to share MoMo's Bridge Anniversary with us. Although we have not been blogging or visiting much, we miss and always remember our old furriends. Thank you for being furriends and for being so kind in our days of sadness and grief.

  3. Love that quote. So true, too. And what a stunning photo. So inviting and peaceful.

    Have a fabulous day!

  4. la voix de la sagesse.
    l'image est très belle.

  5. Absolutely treat others as you wante to be treated.......Mom says to tell your mom she is sending her an email
    Hugs madi our bfff

  6. Trying on more time to Abby, is the a time limit on how much longer I have to be kind to my foster brofur Leo? He hissed and growled at me today when he heard me meow...

  7. that is sooooooooo powerful and sooooooo beautiful!

  8. Such a beautiful and peaceful picture.

  9. Such an important message. Now if we could all just practice it...


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