Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Update #2

I took this picture of Abby last July 26th.
Look at that cute face with her tongue caught on her lip.
So alive.
I mean look at those eyes!
Who would have thought there was anything other than
age, wrong with her?
Well, her DR called.
She asked how I was and I started to say "fine" like all of us
do no matter how we really feel.
But I hesitated and said I am sick. Which was true.
Because of worry over Abby
So she laughed and said oh no don't be.
Then she said Abby was doing really well this morning.
They have her off oxygen.
They have her on oral medication.
She thought they might let her come home this afternoon.
But she said she would be cautious, that could change
and it would be tomorrow morning.
I had my notepad ready to take notes, but somehow
after she told me all of that my brain froze and I couldn't even
ask the questions I have had in my head all night.
The only one I got out was about her blood work results.
They are not all back but one of the panels (probably the T4)
showed Abby's thyroid levels elevated.
That could possibly be one of the underlying conditions
of the heart disease. So we will have to see how this all works out.
I didn't get to ask about the "mass" or tumor shadow.
Again, I think that is red herring(are the trout kittes around??).
I have a feeling that is a fatty deposit.
I didn't get to ask about her fluid output.
Which I really wanted to ask, and I didn't ask how she was eating.
But, things sound markedly improved and for the first time I feel
a lightness above me.
Prayers and purrs have been heard and answered.
Abby wants to soldier on!!
I will be one happy little warrior with her.
The poor girl has been through so much in the last few days.
It must have been terrifying to her.
The only other thing that the DR said was Abby hated the port in her arm.
I knew she wanted that off yesterday but they needed it administer medication.
So perhaps they will take that off.
She said she is walking around on 3 legs.
I wish they would take that off.
It may be hurting.
So keep those purrs and prayers coming I think that they are
the magic potion and we may have Abby home
very soon!!!


  1. You know we're continuing to purr and purray!

    This is good news, a very good update indeed.

    And per my email, yes, the hyper-t can cause the heart condition, since it causes all the organs to work overtime. I'll be curious to know what her T4 levels are, but she can be stabilized with the methimazole, either via pill or via transdermal med. Just make sure they start fairly low, otherwise problems can arise. And also note that blood platelets typically drop when first starting on methimazole, but then rebound in almost all cases.

    Anyway, fingers and paws crossed that Abby can come home today or every early tomorrow at the LATEST!

  2. Oh oh oh!!! I was so nervous coming to your page this morning and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to read the hopeful report! Spitty and I are still purring and purraying and will continue until your girl is safely back in your arms! XOXOXOXOXO

  3. I'm so happy that she's doin' well! All twelve of us will continue to send purrs, for as long as you need 'em. Promise.


  4. I'm at work crying grateful tears...I was praying Abby would do well.

    Thank goodness. I'm sure there will be some adjustments to come in meds and such, but once she's home Abby will feel SO much better. I'm so happy you noticed her laboring to breathe right away. Big hugs from all of us, Trish

  5. I will he right here purring with you for however long it takes to get you better.

    Purrsss n nosekissies your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  6. We keep purring hard for Abby. Most likely the port feels weird (we've had them as a human--and it's sort of just a pulling feeling) and it's a little heavy so she may not like that. Cats don't like to be messed with and Abby definitely has her ideas about what is acceptable ;).

  7. Such a wonderful update! Thank you for making me cry (happy tears, of course) with your post. So happy to hear Abby is doing so much better, and that you are feeling lighter after speaking with her doctor.

    We'll continue to purr and pray, but this is happy news indeed.

  8. Thank goodness the news is better and Abby is improving. I know how sick with worry you feel and am crying tears of relief for you. I continue to pray for her and Flynn sends more purrs.

  9. What excellent news! We are still purring up a storm for sweet Abby and will continue to do so.

    Now, just take some time to draw breath yourself, you have been through it big time with this. Don't be afraid to ring the vet back and ask the questions you need to, they won't mind. Everyone goes through shock when they hear some good news after so much awful worry and fear.

    Seconding Fuzzy Tales (Kea's) advice about asking for lowest dose first if they start her on anti Hyper T medication. That's a biggy to get right and sometimes, it all has to be baby steps with each med, up and down until the right dose for control is found.

    So happy that things are looking up. We hope Abby can come home very soon and be with you

    Sending love and more purrs

    Gerry, Mungo & The Ape xx

  10. I too am so happy for the good prognosis. I had a kitten have to go into an oxygen chamber over night once, so I can slightly relate to your situation.. and have been thinking about you and Abby since this started.

    I continue to purr for only good news and treatable conditions from here on out and she is home with you soon

  11. that is good news. don't worry - mom has done it before too...just write down your questions and be sure to ask before you bring her home. we are continuing to send purrs!!

  12. That is a really good update! Continuing to hold Abby in our thoughts and prayers.

  13. Oh I am SO happy to hear Abby is improving. We went through that with Mini last year at Labor Day, and I know it's so heart wrenching. I just gave Mini her meds, though, after she came upstairs and reminded me, so I know it's very possible she will feel much better and soldier on like a champ. *hugs*
    Mini and the rest of the Hotties will keep up the purrs and prayers. So will I.

  14. That is SUCH GOOD news we are tails-in-the-air purring all over.

    We just met you recently and are so glad we have been able to add our purrs and prayers to the outpouring you have had. We will keep it up as long as needed.

    Love from all of us at the Tomcat Home
    Timmy and Family

  15. We are so happy to hear positive news. One thing about the blood work - if her thyroid is off, that can put some of the other things off, so don't take it too seriously if there are some aberrations in the rest of the blood work. Once her thyroid is more normal they can retest. Kidney function is the big thing that may be being masked by the thyroid.

    Audrey is SO good with her methimazole, comes to us for her pill pocket and pill like it is a treat. She has gained weight (too much really) and we hope her heart never was affected much.

  16. heer we iz....abby N boo two...coz we noe ya both feel like caca... onlee werst...

    red herring iz knot good for seerin on de grill ore bein baked ore fried for that matter

    de best herring comes frum de oceans...dee pendin on which ocean ya live closest two like that one>>>> ore de other one over ther<<<<< N frank lee we like R herring smoked...

    smoked az in on de grill smoked, knot like de herring hiz self wuz a smoker...

    best smoked over hickoree coalz for 17 minits N served with grazz

    heerez even MOR blessings oh st francis two ewe both, heerz ta noe mor tripz ta de vetz, heerez ta grate N continmewed good health,
    heerez sum XOXOX

  17. Yay! That is a good update. Hopefully Abby will be home soon. We'll keep sending Abby our purrs and purrayers!

  18. We are so happy! We praying Abby comes home soon. Heck, we'll even say tomorrow is soon at this point! Our hearts are singing happy songs now. Our purrs and prayers will stay just as storing as ever for you all, but especially for sweet lovely Abby, and adorable Boo, and wonderful loving Mommy. This is such great news. Thank you :-)
    More hugs, kitty kisses, and much love coming at ya!

  19. Continuing to send big purrs and waiting for word that Abby is home! PURRS....


    Finny, Buddy & Jazzy


  22. I hope Abby continues to improve! Purrrrrrs and Me-Ommmmmm

  23. I'm glad Abby has improved enough that the vet is thinking of sending her home. I hope you get more answers to the questions you have (and forgot to ask) soon... and we are continuing to send purrs here.

  24. Oh Abby!! You brave beautiful warrior kitty! We continue to purr and pray and purr some more for you. Please please please continue to fight this illness. Please be ok! Take care

  25. You and Abby have been in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. So glad she is a bit better xx

  26. Yay for good news! We'll keep purring and purraying for your precious house panther!

  27. So glad for this bit of good news. I do hope she can come home today!

    cats of wildcat woods

  28. Oh dear friend - that is encouraging news isn't it. Now you can relax a tad knowing she'll be home soon. Hopefully whatever is wrong can be fixed with medication. Thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you and Abby. Such a precious little baby.

  29. Abby we hope you are feeling a lot better and are back to your comfy lovely home and Mum in no time!!

  30. It's so hard when one of our furries is sick! We are glad Abby is doing better and hope things keep looking up for her!

  31. We have not stopped purring and praying for dear Abby and we won't stop. Keep fighting on Abby!

  32. I have been purring and praying for precious Abby since you told us how she was. And I (I am Katie Isabella's mom) know that stark terror when your furbaby is so sick and worrying about what they must be thinking and are they scared along with tlal the other things. Thank heaven literally for the better news and may she be able to come home and be with her family again. Katie and I send love.

  33. *sigh* That sounds very encouraging! I know from my experience with my 2 Pekes what a difference the Lasix makes. So relieved to hear she's improving! From what you wrote, the Vet sounded encouraging and optimisitic. Hope Abbadabba gets to come home soon!! big hugs xoxo

  34. Oh this is all very good news to hear. Abby's a strong little girl and so are you. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Thank you for the update...I know how hard it is to keep up when all of your energy is focused on your furbaby.


  35. OH I AM HOPING WITH ALL I HAVE that as I write this, precious Abby is home with you.
    This IS uplifting news and I am sooo happy to read this!
    Waiting on pins and needles!
    Kisses and cuddles to our precious girl!

  36. We apologize for not commenting since Sunday. We have gotten really far behind. We have been purraying for Abby non-the-less. Mom had to look up HCM as she wasn't familiar with it. Sounds scary. We are so excited that Abby is improving. We hope this means she will be home with you soon. The waiting and wondering is always the worst part, whether the patient be human or cat. Mom and we are sending bunches of prayers, purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  37. So happy to hear encouraging news for Abbey! Continuing to send lots of healing purrs to her .

  38. Take the collective energy of this healing love and support of the community and let go of all worry. Together we are strong! She'll be home before you know it :-)

  39. les bonnes nouvelles soulagent, et j'espère que cela ira toujours mieux.
    courage Abby
    Laurence, Opale et SOnye

  40. Purrrrrring that Abby gets to come home soon. Hang in there, Abby & Mom.

  41. Oh Abby, you know that we are sending tons of purrs and saying lots or prayer for you. We sure hope you continue to improve. Thinking about you.

  42. A double dose of healing purrz for Abby. that poor girl.


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