Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Abby's Journey Day 10

Abby's been alternating between sleeping in her chair and under
my desk. So I thought I would get a box and a cozy fleece throw
and make her a nest. As soon as I did, she left from underneath
my desk and went back to her chair where she has been since last
night. HA! But she may hate it and lay outside of it, so I'll see
what happens today.

I do know one kitty who thought it was pretty neat!
You can see there is a spot next to the box on the right
side that Abby can lay in if she chooses, and she just
might do that.

Last night outside looking in.
Abby sound asleep in her chair.

Abby this morning.

Not feeling real peppy.

Boo was sitting on top of table looking down at Ping.

I decided to move a small table right next to Abby's chair
so I could have a small low level light next to it.
Both Abby's Daddy and I check on her all through the night
and it will be easier to see her instead of us using a "spotlight"
on a flashlight to look at her. She doesn't wake up.
In fact one of the many things that is different is that her
hearing is not as acute as it once was. I can't say that is related
to much of anything with her illness,
 because I can tell you I too have compromised
hearing in one ear, she definitely hears better than I do!
It's just very easy to walk up to her while she's asleep
and not wake her.
When I did move the small table in I had to move the "toy" box.
Well as you can see my boy Ping noticed that right away.
I got a ton of pictures of him this morning taking so many
toys out of box and playing with them.

Doesn't Miss Boo look stunning this moring?

Finally Gracie wakes up.
So Day 10 -- wow. What a swift and yet long 10 days. So many ups and downs
along the way. The situation  now is Abby's eating or lack thereof. I do
feel she is quite nauseated.
I have basically only been able to get a few finger full
of wet food in her. I restored to buying some baby food yesterday and I got
oh 6-7 finger lickings from both meals in her yesterday.
She also ate her crunchy dry food.
Right now that is the easiest thing to entice her with.
 I know it's not good for a Kitty with a comprised Kidney.
But she has to eat. Drinking is something
that is NO issue at all. So my idea is to really water down some of the baby food
into a very thin gruel and see if she will try that. Anything.
So if any of you have an idea please let me know.
Tomorrow I hate to say, we have to go to the Vet. She is going to check her Kidneys.
The office just called and I told the Tech that she wasn't eating much and we may
have to consider an appetite stimulant. Just to mention to her Vet. So we'll have
some more answers tomorrow about a few things.
But tonight in her pill cocktail (woo hoo Abby's having niptinis) I have added
some of the organic slippery elm powder that she normally gets in her food.
She has been on the slippery elm since her episode with an upset stomach at least
1 1/2-2 years ago. I know most of you are familiar with slippery elm but it is a holistic
herb that has NO side effects. ZERO. It is good for human or furry. So if you have
any intestinal problems it may be a good resource.
I am also going to be adding Rescue Remedy to her water and hope that helps
and Feliway around her and perhaps that will also help calm her and the other cats.
Speaking of the other cats, Boo has really stepped up to the plate. I think Boo
has assumed the caregiver role for me. She has become velcro kitty. Earlier this
week when things seems so dire and I was pressed to my ultimate limit
Boo was right there beside me all the way. She hugged me all night long and
she made sure she was never away from me. If I went outside she sat in the
window and watched me. If you've followed Boo you know she is more of a
aloof kitty. I don't like the connotations to that word, but she held back.
She always has. It was why in 2005 I went on a search for a lap kitty,
and found my dear Abby. So, it is with some surprise to see Boo so attached.
A pleasant surprise because I adore Boo with all my heart.
I know Abby's illness has affected all the kitties and I have tried to talk
calmly with each of them, and ask them for their help and support for Abby
and really for all of us. They have been such good little troupers.
Yesterday we got the O2 tent ordered and found a place where we can
rent the O2. Not all medical supplies businesses will rent the O2 for
animals, so you have to be persistent. We are nothing but that! So, please pray that
no breathing attacks happen before we can get this all set up and ready
for Abby.
So, I think I'll go see if my girl feels good enough for us to
fly away to the moon and back.
It does us both good to just soar up up and away.
again..and again..and again!
Fly with me baby!!


  1. Revving up our purr motors for Abby and sending lots of love, good thoughts and prayers her way. We pray that her appetite will be better and that the vet visit goes well. (Miss Boo does look gorgeous in that photo!) We have you all in our thoughts.

  2. We will just keep right on purring and praying for Abby, and for all of you. Especially that her appetite improves, and that the vet checkup is positive. So glad you were persistent about the O2 tent, and hope the set-up goes smoothly.

    Big hugs.

  3. Oh Abby. Please start feeling better. Our purrs.

  4. It's good to hear that you found someone willing to rent O2 for pets. It's silly how many pharmacies and so forth are still surprised by requests for veterinary perscriptions.

    Has Abby seemed nauseated? I have found in the past that cats with kidney issues tend to feel nauseated, especially when their stomachs are empty. My vet perscribed Pepcid (famotidine) for it, and it helped get Cyrano to eat when he was reluctant. When he, and later Rhett, weren't eating, I would sometimes just give them treats (hey, as long as they got calories of some kind, it was a victory).

    Big hugs and purrs for you and Abby. And extras for Boo for taking such good care of you!

  5. Abby may not have hearing loss so much as she may just be getting the good, deep, healing sleep she needs. And Boo being velcro is another good sign! Kitties can sense when someone is upset or very oh-my-cod sick, and if Boo was velcro-ing (is that even a word?) Abby instead of you, *that* would be worrisome!
    Lots of purrs for you all

  6. Continued purrs and universal Light and purrayers. Feed her anything she wants, IMO, because she does need those calories. Poor Abby. Our fur babies' bodies are so tiny, sometimes it's surprising how resilient they can be.


  7. Pepcid AC (famotidine) keeps Mini munching, as someone mentioned above. Just be sure to use the original strength and not the Complete/Extra Strength variety if you try that. Mini's on half a tablet a day or every other day as needed. Of course you should ask the vet, but it might be a help to Abby too.

    Mini, being on lasix, also gets watered down everything. She loves "chicky soup" which is chicken baby food with lots of water. We even water down her canned food. As with a regular soup, if you stir well and let it sit a few minutes, the water picks up some of the flavor and nutrition, so even if she just drinks the liquid, it helps. Don't tell her, but most of her meds are ground fine and in both the "chicky soup" and the canned food liquid.

    And of course we'll keep up the purrs and prayers. :)

  8. abby...ya mite wanna ask de vet bout mega calorie boost ore nutri cal when ewe iz at de vet; itz given ta kittehs who haz been sick ore whooz appetite calorie boost can be finded at pet smart N bee ...burd flavr....nutri cal iz like we dunno what flavor troo lee... its nothin but vitamins N a high calories paste tho its KNOT a appetitez stimulant

    all sew pleez consider de harp mewsic...we noe we men shuned it bee for N due knot wanna sound like ree pete pat; but it doez help with anxiety & nervousness N such...just plane ole harp mewsic; yur mom can find sum for free at like you tube or if her haza iphone her can download a song ore two...will help evereee one....ya dont hafta play it like reel be de "tones" that werk...

    the tranquil harp by paul baker helped round heer, spesh a lee with sauce...N had tuna... mister buzzed up N reddy ta roll 24/7... a sleep N chillaxin in 15 minitz....


  9. We're keeping Abby in our purrs and prayers. We hope there are no more breathing attacks and she starts to feel better soon.

    Thank you for your kinds words about our Clifford. We're still in shock and the thoughtfulness of friends really helps.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  10. Some of our furriends have given very good suggestions in the comments above. Purring Abby's vet visit goes well and she eats a little more.

    That is such wonderful news about Boo taking on the caregiver role. :)

    We continue to keep Abby in our purrayers.

  11. Oh Abby and mom, I purr and mama prays that a balance happens and you begin to eat, I hope the suggestions here work . xxoo

  12. It sounds like you are doing everything you can to make sure that Abby is comfortable. I'm sending lots of purrs her way - and to your whole family, because I know both humans and kitties are affected by her illness.

  13. Thank you for the update on sweet Abby and all of you. We're keeping your whole family in our thoughts and prayers. Sending lots of purrs...while we are enjoying your beautiful photos.

    Be strong Abby... xoxoxo

  14. The only time I've had non-eating issues was with Whitey, and as you may recall, absolutely nothing we tried worked with him and we had to resort to the feeding tube.

    I am praying the O2 tank gets there quick, but mostly that she won't need it.

    Big hugs xoxo

  15. Bless your heart!! I will pray for Abby!!!

  16. Everyone above has given good suggestions. Skootch has had eating problems on and off for the past few years. He doesn't drink enough water, so I have been adding water to his food (not exactly to the soupy point). Another thing he really likes is foil lined bags of "pouch food" - Wellness makes some grain-free ones, as does Natural Balance - he LOVES the gravy in the pouch food, so I mix that with a little water to stretch it out (and to get more liquid into him).
    We are continuing to purr like thunder.

  17. This little bit of good news is like music in my ears. I'm going to continue to purr tho, and M always has you, your family and sweet Abby in her prayers. We're hoping for a little bit of good news tomorrow too - M says hugs to send you on your way to the vet tomorrow.

  18. bon courage pour la visite vétérinaire demain, ronrons
    Opale et SOnye et Laurence

  19. Abby you have courage and so does your mom!! Megapurrs from us!! xox

  20. Oh! I just remembered! When BratCat was nearly at teh Bridge last time, the only thing I could get get him to eat was extra lean ground beef, browned & totally unseasoned, pureed, then by my fingers!

  21. Abby, the twelve of us have started up a purr factory just for you! We're purrin' non-stop and will continue to do so, for as long as you need us.


  22. We love you Miss Abby and we have been purring and praying all the time for you sweet friend. Hugs to that Mom from all of us.

  23. Dear Mom and Dad
    Madi and I want to send you a ton of hugs and love from us and from Abby 'cause we know she is feeling lots of love and wants to give it back.
    I say getting her to eat right now is a priority...once she gets her appetite back she'll do better on what is good for her.

    hugs purrs and prayers
    your bfff Madi and Mom

  24. We love all the pictures of all the kitties! Such beauties they ALL are.
    We are not sure but we actually think dry food is less protein and so better for the kidney but the issue then is enough water, which her kidnets need. Might she enjoy her dry food wetted with water so it soaks it up and becomes soft?

  25. For the most part, it sounds like a fair day and that is good. We will be purring for Abby for as long as we need to :)
    Kitties are sensitive and smart. They know when they are needed and Boo knows she is needed :)
    Purrs for good news from the Vet and easy breathing.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  26. Thanks for the updates. Love the box part. Cats are very independent when you try to give them something humans think is right for them. :)

  27. Healing purrz that Abby hangs in there. Sitting on #Abbysporch.

  28. the vet once suggested the juice (water) from a can of tuna, tuna is actually not great for cats but the tuna juice is fine
    We continue to send our purrs and prayers

  29. Cats are awesome caregivers. They are so intuitive.

  30. Our purrs for Abby, hope you are able to get her to eat a bit more. We enjoyed all your photos today and seeing Miss Boo on the cozy comforter.

  31. When Herman was so sick, I finally got him to eat Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys. It might be worth a try. All the kitties are purring like mad for Abby. It's great that Boo is your caregiver now.

  32. Sending more purrs and prayers to you and Abby, always thinking about her and hoping she is improving!!!

  33. oh we're sooo very glad to hear you got the O2 ordered and found a supplier for the canister! Thank you ever so much for the update - and it sounds as if you have excellent advice from people who have been there. Our Allie took care of mom when Ryker became ill. So it's no surprise that Boo would step up as she has! They're amazing aren't they?

  34. Aw, Boo is your comforter kitty! Good girl. I hope the vet visit goes well and that Miss Abby begins to feel like eating a bit more. SPitty's still purring his best purrs for her!

  35. Keeping our paws crossed for many more trips to the moon!

  36. We think that Abby might just be really starting to relax at home and she is having very deep sleeps to help her recover.

    It might be worth asking your vet about an antacid for Abby, kidney issues can make a little cat mouth feel and taste horrid.

    Hills AD is a high calorie paste that can be warmed up a little in the microwave and also watered down. It's quite tasty, but maybe ask the vet how this would affect Abby's kidney issue.

    We know that Jinx,Ping, Gracie and Boo will help you cope by being on standby with instant love.

    We are still sending lots of love and purrs to Abby and you all.

    Gerry, Mungo & The Ape xx

  37. Keep sending (((purrs))) ad hope for many moore trips to the moon and back again <3

  38. We have called by to read about Abby again today and hope your vet visit tomorrow is helpful and encouraging.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  39. The Feliway is a good idea.
    Shaggy had an appetite stimulant once. It was a can of prescription food from the vet that was super stinky which was an enticement to eat. It worked!
    I was wondering how the other cats were handling this. I'm glad Miss Boo has put herself in charge of you.

  40. Thank you for the update - we continue with our purrs and hugs for you all.


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