Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Abby's Journey Tuesday August 6 2013

Abby and her little girly pink bandage.
I took this right off after she got in her chair.
Poor girl now both arms are hairless and a little bit of belly fur is
missing too from the echocardiogram.
She weighs 7.4 lbs that is down from 8.75 last September.
She was getting a bit fluffy.
But, I don't think any of us would like to lose weight this way.

Abby this morning.
I'll probably be posting a lot of pictures of her in this spot.
This is Abby's Chair.

She's telling me she loves me. I'm rubbing her chin.
She LOVES that.
So our journey begins.
In tiny little increments of time.
Today, well today is a good day.
She's done all the things you would you your cat to do.
So yay for all the body organs working right.
She wants a lot of water, but the Vet said that is fine.
Fine indeed!

Hey Abs want some more water?

I serve it to her to because I know she wants it.
So yeah she's going to get a bit more hands on service.
So I'm gonna become good a gold glove service!
I'll do anything to try and make it easier on her.
But there's still a very strong sense of fight in her.
Strong is exactly what I truly feel from her.
And I'm going with that.
Abby's Dad and I have discussed between ourselves and both
Vets about getting our own O2 tent.
 Who knew that they made themto buy?
I certainly didn't. Well they do and this is one way
I really want to try and help anyone who is undergoing a similar
situation. The Vet provided us with prescriptions to get the O2
tanks and compressor I think, but I'm still learning.
We want to avoid having to take Abby to the ER.
Let me tell you and ER overnighter is expensive.
We could buy multiple O2 tents! MOL
It seems that Abby just needs some help when she is going
through labored breathing and if this would help her for a few hours
in the tent well it makes sense to provide her one if it means we can
keep her out of the ER. Again it would be like a stop gag method to get
her over a hump because she seems to really respond to O2 when
she is breathing hard.
Abby's Dad and I also discussed that if there came the day we no longer
needed an O2 tent we would donate it to our local Vet's office because they don't
have one. So it could go to help other kitties and any other animal in need.
So as we work our way through this I will keep updates our progress so
if on the off chance anyone else would have a need we at least can
provide a reference.
For a brief moment let me share we got Boo's blood work back.
Her calcium level has gone down.
It was 12.7 and it's down to 11.9. Now that is not ideal,but it's
an improvement and going in the right direction. Normal is 10.8 so that is
what we are gonna strive for. The Vet feels we need to retest her in one month
and then make a determination on where to go from there.
I think that is a good choice for Boo.
She hasn't been throwing up like before, so that is a good sign too.
You know what? Pretty soon I'm gonna put a shingle up and open up shop.
I'm learning way too much about medical issues here!
Time for this to cease and desist!!
Also I'd like to say this, I am going to blog probably a lot about Abby's journey.
I want to keep every single memory I can on record.
I know that's not something everyone would do but for me it's my selfish way
of keeping each moment that I can chronicled. I tend to forget things these days
and I don't want to forget a single memory.
Thank you so much for all of your kindnesses. I am finding so many compassionate
thoughtful people who are helping me and Abby in so many ways and on
so many levels. Thank you. Your graciousness has opened my heart on so many
I don't know if any of you listen to NPR but Bob Simon recently lost his Mother
and he was interviewed on CBS because of a series of remarkable tweets he made
on Twitter. If so inclined I totally recommend you read his timeline.
The man has a way with words I'll never know.
I am sharing one with you now.
Scott Simon (@nprscottsimon)
Mother asks, "Will this go on forever?" She means pain, dread. "No." She says, "But we'll go on forever. You & me." Yes.
This resonances so deeply with me.
Yes we'll go on forever.
To the moon and back
I love you
and again.
let's fly away!


  1. We will be with you on this journey that we have taken oh so any times before when one of our dear cats was sick. Each day, each moment is indeed a gift. Our Yoko is 20 and has high thyroid and CRF so I wait on her hand and foot. I bring the water bowl and food bowl to her several times each day cuz often she forgets to get up and get it herself. It is the least I can do for 20 years of love form her. Spoil Abby for us!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  2. God bless Abby and her loving and wonderful peeps....you are all lucky to have each other.
    Hugs Madi and Mom your bfffs

  3. I get funny looks when I tell people that CancerCat's hospice journey was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Hospice (pawspice for our fuzzy friends), taught me so much about her, about cats, and most importantly about me. Enjoy this time, and enjoy the journey. Abby has one more lesson she wants to teach you. God bless.

  4. I learned from my vet with my first CRF cat to make water available in every room. The bonus was discovering which rooms the other cats preferred to drink, which was unexpected. Want some water, Abs? Mom will bring you some fresh.

    It's wonderful you're having this time with her to fly to the moon and back. Every day together is precious and every hour is a chance to share a little more love. There's no bond with an animal closer than that between you and a cat you're providing pallative care.

    Love and purrs to you and Abby as you share this time together. We hope there's time for lots of trips to the moon and back.

  5. My son and I read Scott Simon's tweets. This sharing of emotions, like his and yours, seems to me to reaffirm and connect the Journey of all of us. I am encouraged by your caring and the bravery love in you draws out. We are delighted and appreciate Miss Boo's good news. It is so good to see pretty Miss Abby in her chair. We will be purring and praying for all of you, AbbyMom and AbbyDad too. Love, hugs and many kitty kisses to you, Friends.

  6. We cannot tell you how good it is to see her at home in her chair! And how nice to know you can actually buy an O2 unit. What a generous plan, to give it to your vet if you decide to pursue that route.

    Hugs to you guys!

  7. This is a positive development. Purrs to and Abby. You have the purrfect attitude :-) Talk to you later.

  8. May the rest of today go well. "Service with a smile". Purrs.

  9. Hang in there! We're gonna keep purring hard for all of you!

  10. an oxygen tent sounds like a good thing for Abby to have!

    Mine darling sweet tuxie princess you look wonderful today!!

    purrsssss n nosekissies - your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  11. Go ahead and pamper her as much as possible and cherish your time together! What a dynamic little fighter she is!
    I occurred to me during this ordeal that I wondered if home oxygen tents were available for home use...and now I just learned they are. That sounds like a great idea, and it will lessen the stress of going to the vet for her. Take care, we send love and scritchies.

  12. The O2 tent is a good investment, especially since Abby responds so well to it when she's having trouble breathing.
    We are today has been good and we purr for more todays. :)
    And we are very glad to hear Boo's calcium is coming down. We're keeping Abby and Boo in our purrayers!

  13. Glad Abby is having a good day. Hope you do too. :)

  14. I love the look of love she's giving you in the chin rubbing picture! What a sweetheart!
    Yay for Boo, we hope her numbers keep going in the right direction!

  15. I think it is great that you are sharing your journey with Abby with us, and I am glad to hear that she is having a good day - and that Boo's numbers are on the right track! I am purring for more days like these.

  16. Purrs to you both! We are glad that Abby is doing well while she is at home. I can't believe you can purchase O2 tents for home use either! Wow.

    Yeah for Miss Boo! We are glad things are going in the right direction.

  17. heerz ta trout flounder salmon N manee manee manee mor dayz...grate dayz for ewe abby, boo, mom dad, N de rest oh de crew....

    anda diaree oh abby's dayz bee like that "B werd" soup for de soul for yur mom abby, kinda like a catharsis...WERD !!!....knot ta menshun, 10 yeerz frum now... her may lurn her haz helped another kitteh bee coz her doc ewe mented yur dayz.....rite heer....

    blessings frum de frank dood...az all ways XXOO

  18. We hope to read your posts about Abby's Journey for a long time...

  19. Hi sweet Abby! You look way better in your comfy chair than in the Stabby Place (though that's not a bad place to be when you really have to). That purple floofy blankie looks super comfy and it's very nice to have such attentive Human staff at your beck and call. That's a pretty stylin' pink bandage....pink looks so good against our black furs, don't you think? Okay, rest up, got some good napping in, and enjoy your fuds.

    I'll be purring for you! And your Mom too.

  20. Throughout Whitey's illness, both my Vet and I learned a whole lot of stuff about a whole lot of syndromes, diseases, meds and alternative treatments. Oy.

    I think the tent is an AWEsome idea! And I know Miss Abbadabba would far rather be home with you.

    big hugs xoxo

  21. what a wonderful idea to get your own tent. It will serve such a great purpose of course and spare her the trip. And to donate it by and by...what a great idea!

    Abby...I've got your beautiful back too, just as the rest of us do. xoxoxox

  22. Gorgeous Abby! Go and make more beautiful memories with mum! And don't forget there's still so much of the moon to explore! One more day, sweet brave girl. Take care

  23. purrs....

    we think the tent is a great idea. we know the White Dog Army has something set up for one of them and we bet they would be happy to help you out: http://whitedogblog.blogspot.com/

  24. You have beautiful bond with your fury kid. Do what your Heart tell, we are here to be with you as a friend.
    Continue sending magic purrs for Miss Abby
    ((( cuddle with love )))

  25. we are also with you every step of the way. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is that you can purchase the tent and then donate it. I wish I could have done the same. Abby couldn't have better kitty parents, still purring and praying!

  26. We sure are glad that you are home Abby and you sure are so lucky to have such a good Momma. What a good idea to buy the tent. When our Split was sick, we bought a Nebulizer and am so glad we did. So Buying the tent is a great idea. We sure do send tons of purrs and prayers to all of you. I know these are difficult times and we sure applaud you for doing so much for Abby. Got all our paws crossed for Abby.

  27. We love you Miss Abby and are purring and praying for you non-stop. Gentle hugs from all of us sweet one.

  28. So good to see Abby at home on her chair.
    We are purring up a storm for you both!

  29. I feel so privileged that we can also be a part of this special journey! YAY that Miss Boo's calcium levels are down :) xox

  30. You are so smart to keep a written record of everything that is happening as well as your feelings. We think we will remember everything when we go through these difficult times, but it soon fades away. I know how expensive those ER vets can be. Our Lily spent a lot of time there once. If human's can drag oxygen tanks around with them, I think Abby having her own oxygen tent sounds great. Though she has lost weight, she looks good, and I can tell she is happy being home. She really is a fighter! The kitties and I are still sending purrs, prayers, hugs and love, Janet

  31. We look forward to Abby's Journey. She looks good today...and we hope it continues.

    Abby, you just keep on fighting. We know your spirit is strong. We're purring for you!

  32. We are honoured that you will share Abby's journal with us.
    We have known Abby pretty much as long as we have been blogging(6years Aug 24)
    You,Abby and all the kitties are part of this wonderful,caring blogging community and we care what happens. We also share the joys and sorrows.
    Purrs to more god days Abby :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  33. I guess you unfurled my banner welcoming Abby home.. Sending tons of healing purrz. Still sitting on #Abbysporch

  34. Abby darling, Katie Isabella and mommy here. You and your mommy go to bed before long and rest deeply and dreamlessly. You and your parents are in our good paws. Fear not. Go to sleep. We are here.

  35. So glad to see her looking well and happy! I think the tent sounds like a fantastic idea!

  36. It looks like Abby has chosen her favorite spot to be while she is sick. Herman chose his bed by the heat vent. I think buying an oxygen tent for Abby is a great idea. Being treated at home is so much more comfortable for both kitty and human. I am so glad that Boo's calcium levels are coming down. All the kitties are purring for Abby.

  37. We're with you as Abby and you make this journey together.

  38. Abby is in the best hands she could possibly be in, and I'm sure an O2 tent at home is much less stressful than going to the ER, so it is a great solution. What a great idea to donate it when you don't need it. Don't mind blogging about Abby's journey, that is part of blogging. I blog for many reasons, and one is a record of what happened in our lives. Three cheers for Abby! Being a fighter is good and we are cheering and purring her on, each step of the way.

  39. We are a family of seniors with disabilities and diseases that we, too struggle and overcome day-by-day. Our advice is two fold: Love deeply and strongly, it is the most powerful force in the Universe and can help you through every situation...and BELIEVE! miracles happen every day if you know you will find them and make them happen. Please let us know how we can help.

  40. Just look at her darling little face, Abby is just made of love.

    That's a neat plan to get the O2 tent. It will be so much easier to help her without the stressful trips to the vet.

    Our ape has had many heartsink moments when she's had to learn about yet another illness or condition in cats. But she always does her best to get there.

    She says it's an honour to look after us when we are older. She's right.

    Love and purrs
    Gerry & Mungo

  41. Abby you sure look good in your chair. I think getting an oxygen tent for you is a great idea.

  42. Abby and Mom, we are so glad today has been a good day. We are purring and praying that you have lots more of those!

    That O2 tent sounds like it would be great for you to have there at the house. Yes, it will be so much less stressful (and less expensive than the ER -- believe us, we do know about that).

    And that is certainly good news about Boo. We are purring and praying for her, too. :)

    We listen to NPR, and that Scott Simon story was amazing, poignant and moving to the core.

    Big hugs.

  43. We lost our internet 5 days ago but were thinking of you all the time. It is an honour to be able to follow yours and Abby's journey together. We send love and hugs from mum and purrs from me.


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