Friday, August 02, 2013

Friday Update

As you can see from these pictures in the collage
I was so happy with how Abby was looking this morning.

She hates that her leg is bare.

Isn't she beautiful?

My little bitty furry love.
Well, it's been a day.
We did make it to the Specialist in lieu of my car not starting.
We made it.
They did what I thought was a recheck of her BUN and
also xrays.
The xrays showed her lungs are clear.
That is a GOOD thing.
But her BUN is up.
This lead to some confusion.
Her BUN was up on Wednesday which was from the report that I brought from my regular vet
 the DR was referring to, not one they ran today.
So she is off lasix for now.
For those familiar with HyperT, it masks kidney disease.
So, Abby may also have kidney problems, we don't quite
know that yet.
To back up one step, Boo had to go and have a recheck this morning too.
She had blood work drawn at our regular Vet's office.
Just suppose to see the Vet Tech.
Well it's a multi-Vet practice but Abby's Vet came out to talk
to my husband. He asked her about the "possible" blood clot
on the echocardiogram. She felt that there was NO clot.
So he came home and told me what she said and you
can imagine how that made me feel better.
OK now back to the Specialist.
I brought this up to her and said that there were two references to
a thrombus on Abby's aorta. She sorta looked a bit sheepish if
I read her right and shook her head, yes. I said what does
"possible" mean. She said that there is something and she
techinally referred to it as a "glob" (good word,huh?)
but the likelihood was it was a clot. Then we had a conversation
about if all of a sudden if her back legs didn't seem to work.
And I commented that one of her back legs is weak now.
The DR said no she wouldn't be able to use them at all.
So I countered with you mean saddle thrombosis?
Which is one of every cat person worst nightmares.
She said yes, and I guess she thought I had never heard of it.
Because I said that if that happened it was a game over scenario
and she said NO, that about 50% of cats survive but then
she gave me the great prognosis that 80% of those throw a
second clot in weeks to months.
So, there is no closure on that issue for me.
Fate, oh fate what do you have in store?
Is Abby going to get better and have some quality of life
or are you going to keep her just going
and take her down a little at a time?
OH dear Fate which is it?
So now, we have to go back in one week.
More xrays, more blood work.
Recheck the T4 tests.
That does need to be redone.
Need to know how the medication is working.
I think her methimazole mg is too high.
But, I do agree with our Regular Vet who said that the Specialist is
treating this perhaps aggressively and two weeks
at 5mg twice a day won't be something that can't be
dealt with at the two week mark which will be next Friday.
But the Methimazole is if I understand correctly puts more
stress on her kidneys and may unmask any hidden renal problems.
So, one step forward a couple steps back.
But today I did see marked improvement in her attitude.
She is bright eyed and more seemingly clear minded.
She seems stronger, but she is weak and that is partly
because of the medicine, old age, and the ordeal.
She wants to eat and drink.
She's out and not hiding.
So there is some good signs that she is feeling better.
Every time I think I see a ray of hope,
it dims.
But, I can't control what is going to happen
All I can do, is do the best I can for her.
And pray.
And hum...

One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you

One more day with you Abby.


  1. We are all hoping and purring hard that Abby will have many more days...I remember when my Dad's cancer came back there was so much to deal with and it seemed like the bad news would never end. But it DOES. He's in remission (yes!)and paws crossed that Abby will pull through to love on you for a long while to come.

  2. You doing the best for her is just a given and we,are all purring and praying for Abby too. It sounds like a wise bunch of Vets, and that is another plus. Abby looks gorgeous in the pics!

  3. Yes, she is beautiful, bare leg and all. My kitties will rev up their purr motors for her!!

  4. We are all purring and praying for gorgeous Abby to recover and get better asap...Your precious Abby knows you are doing everything you can for her and we hope she will be with you for a long time to come...Hang in there, sweet friends, wishing your darling girl the very best...hugs...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  5. This is so hard, we know. But we're glad Abby seems to be feeling better...eating, drinking, out and about...all good signs. We are purring that Abby has many more days with you.

  6. No matter what, we are happy that Abby seems to be feeling much better. And yes, she is absolutely beautiful. Purring and praying for you all, and that you have MANY one more days with your sweet Abby.

  7. Sending you and Abby love and purrs and purrayers. I hope you and your sweet girl have many good days together XOXOXO

  8. Abby is so beautiful and it's so good to hear some good news. I know this is so hard on you and it really breaks my heart. I'm hoping for the best for her.

  9. Oh I feel for you tremendously. It is so hard as we love our furbabies so much. Happy that Abby had a good day and is out and about and eating. Sending her our strongest healing purrs and holding her and you in prayers and thoughts of love.

  10. Sweet Abby and dear Mom.

    Here is to more and more good days and greater strength.

    As the methimazole took effect on Audrey's hyper T, she slept more and more, a change form being hyperactive and always hungry. Don't let that worry you if Abby seems to want to nap her days away. Audrey's T4 came down to 2 on 5 mg twice a day, but that was done in 2 steps, starting on half that much for 3 weeks first. But they weren't concerned about her heart. So we can see why your vets may want to do it faster.

    Oh, and now I remember reading that hyer T does cause muscle loss, so that could explain her weakness. As her T4 comes down hopefully she will rebuild those muscles.

    We had an Aby many years ago who had something like a saddle thrombosis - she recovered quickly and never had any more problems ever, so don't agonize about what you cannot do anything about anyway.

    Purrs and hugs.

  11. It's so good to see the photos of Abby looking bright-eyed and happy.

    Even before I got to the paragraph about your vet thinking the specialist was treating too aggressively, I was wondering about that. The thing about specialists is that they are amazing for things that are beyond the capability of your general practitioner veterinarian. But they have a mindset of treating aggressively. It's what they do, or they would be general practice veterinarians. There's nothing wrong with aggressive treatment, of course, but you have to be comfortable with it.

    I went back and looked at my files from both Rhett and Talia, and 5mg isn't an unusual dose for controlling hyper-T. I didn't record the initial doses from right after their diagnoses, though. Talia was actually on 5mg in the morning and half of a 5mg in the evening. (Note: You can get methimazole generic at walgreens for next to nothing under their $25/annual perscription plan, but be careful that they don't dispense larger tablets than perscribed. Pet doses are smaller than they do every day.)

    The methimazole itself isn't exactly putting more stress on her kidneys. But think of it as slowing down her metabolism when it has been all revved up by the hyper-T. That slows down the blood flow to the kidneys and makes them work a little less. (I'm sure my vet would cringe at the explanation, but that's the general idea.) My experience with methimazole in Rhett was that his breathing was visibly better when his Hyper-T was under control with it, so there was a balance struck between the impact on kidneys and the heart.

    All that said, you're doing a great job educating yourself and advocating for her to give her happy days that you can share with her. We're all purring for her to have lots of those good days ahead.

  12. Lots of hugs and purrs for you Abby and LOTS OF DAYS ahead for you and your Family!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  13. We are glad Abby is feeling better to your eyes - and yours count! We are all purring and praying for all of you. Big hugs!

  14. Mom says that you are being so brave and so is Abby. We are purraying very hard that she continues to improve and that she doesn't throw a clot. We know you'll be lavishing her with lots of love, and we are sending ours along with purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  15. Abby looks good. Thank Baste she is eating and drinking. That is wonderful!

    Prancer has Hyper T and I still can't believe what a difference it makes. His meds were adjusted again about a month ago and it is slow-goin getting back to normal. He too has that muscle loss in his hind legs.

    Know that we are keeping all of you in our thoughts and will keep purring hard for your lovely girl. XOXO

  16. Abby does look great today. We are so sorry both of you are going through this. We're continuing our purrs and purrayers.

  17. It makes us happy to hear that Abby is eating, and drinking and not hiding. We continue to send purrs and purrayers Abby's way.
    You look wonderful in the photos!

  18. I'm so sorry you have to deal with all this ambiguity because I really do think the not knowing part is the worst. The important thing is Abby is in good spirits and doing normal kitty stuff. Seriously, that is all that matters in the end, whether she has days, months or many, many years ahead of her.

  19. We hope this roller coaster slows down very soon for you all. It's lovely to see Abby looking perky and relaxing at home.

    We are sending more purrs and love to you all.

    Gerry, Mungo & The Ape xx

  20. You know we're continuing to send purrs and purrayers. We, too, think you're doing a terrific job of advocating for Abby, researching everything, questioning everything, which is what you have to do.

    Paws crossed the Fates are kind.

  21. We are sending lots more purrs today for Abby (and you). We think she looked beautiful in the collage and her fur looked so shiny. Her fur will soon grow back and she'll be as pretty as ever.
    Take care.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  22. While I haven't gone through exactly this same situation with any of my pets, I have gone through many different illnesses over the past 40 years with my dogs and of course, Whitey. As animal lovers who love our furry friends the agonising and worry when they are hurt or not well is part of the package of loving them. I've had many great vets over the years and really good specialists with my dogs. I've also had some vets that weren't so great. Right now I feel blessed to have a vet who I trust completely, and he prays for them with me and I know he cares deeply about them. That gives me great peace of mind, to know they are in great hands.

    I'm so happy to hear Miss Abbadabba is feeling better. I hope you are, too. big hugs xoxo

  23. Awwww Abby! You are indeed beyond beautiful! We have everything crossed and put a lot of faith in your vets and the specialist to fight the good fight for you. You are such a warrior kitty! We send gorgeous Boo lots of hugs too and wish mum and dad all the strength in the universe! Take care

  24. Sending our lots of purrs and prayers for you!!!

  25. Hello Beautiful Abby! Hi sweet Miss Boo :-) Hello handsome Ping and Mr. Jinx, and Hi lovely Miss Grace! We are so delighted with Abby's good news. And yet we are so concerned for the worrys that come with it. Miss Boo, we hope your tests keep moving in a positive direction for you too. We continue purrs and prayers for each one of you, and keep you close in our hearts and thoughts - even if we mis a comment on a post, we still be checking on you :-)

    Enjoy each day! We know you see the treasure in every day. Hugs, love, kitty kisses to you, our precious friends. Thank you for the smiles you share with us.

  26. We're doing xcatchup today and so are reading backward. We saw today's post (yay) and went back to read about what the prognosis was.

    We can SO identify over the fear of saddle thrombosis. That fear can grip you - BUT. But every day is a gift. AND we were so very very glad to read Simba's comments about the Rx reaction to hyperT.

    Purring for you guys...


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