Saturday, August 10, 2013

Noble truths

According to Buddhism
the first noble truth in life
is suffering.


  1. We will disagree with that, sorry. The best thing in life is living while happy. Among yer friends, among yer Beings, among all the critters of the world. And treats, and habits, and the small things we each do every day that connect us with one or each of many cats to one or more Beins to connect us all to the world as long as we can stay in it happy.

    Purrs to you Abby, sweet girl, beloved... And abide with yer Bein as long as you can but in comfort in the world.

  2. Purrs to you sweet Abby, we love you! Have some more crunchies!

  3. We haven't been blogging cuz Teri's kinda down about losing her job, but we have been following your posts and like the thought of the sound of crunching, too!

  4. Just stopping in to say hello and to check on you all, especially Abby and Mom. Keep on crunching, sweet Abby. :)

    Purrs and prayers.

  5. Purrs and purrs and purrs to you~ Abby~~
    Always thinking of you.

  6. as I read that...I see that the comment is about a "truth" which for me is reality...and the fact that each of us at one time or another or many times...we will suffer...but the meaning of that word "suffer" is key in how we hold that truth...IMHO..paw pats Savannah

  7. We're purring and purraying for you, sweet Abby. XOXOXO


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