Friday, October 11, 2013


Thanks to everyone for the uplifting prayers and concern for DaddyCat.
He had a long day yesterday but the surgery was successful and he is doing much better.
It will be a long haul but once he recovers he will be feeling a lot better.
Boo's Vet called this morning to give me the results of her tests on her parathyroid test.
It came back low which rules out her condition being hypo parathyroidism. Another positive is that he calcium levels have remained consistent which is a good signal. Our next test (oh yes there is more) is an ultrasound. It will have to be done at the same Vet Specialist office that Abby went too. This will be hard for me to have to go back so soon to the same Specialist office. Like being at the ER, this just brings back too many awful numbing raw painful memories. Plus, Boo has become so fearful of me when she sees me in clothing and shoes where she knows I am going out. She associates that with going to the Vet and she cowers and runs from me. It makes me feel so bad to see her act this way.
You see whatever we do regarding Boo, I must take into consideration the type of cat she is. I must listen to what she wants to do as much as treat whatever is ailing her. So it will be a dance. I will give her a quality of life she deserves.

One more thing: I would like to thank Brian for his posting yesterday. You rocked it out of the park!!!For those who may not know, I had a unpleasant encounter with C*** over a review I did for them. I have decided to fore go any further reviews because of it. I was disheartened to see that there were others who experienced the same treatment and that is just not right. We are all just having fun, and none of us are actively seeking advertising on our websites. I will disclose that I received a nice surprise from the man I was corresponding with at C*** He sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers and a very nice apology. I do accept his apology but chose to spend my money and my energies elsewhere. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and left comments about my initial review, I really do appreciate it.
Miss all of you and hope to be able to comment soon.
Now off to the hospital to see DaddyCat!


  1. Oh dear friend, "when it rains, it pours." It is pouring at your house. I feel so bad for you having to deal with another sick furbaby, but I know somehow you will rise to the occasion and do what is in Daddy Cat's best interest. BIG HUGS from M.

  2. I think I missed this whole mess 'bout the rude peeps for whom you did the review. Know that we stand with you, my friend. We cats have got your back, for sure.

    I don't quite know what happened but if they were upset by the review you gave 'em, they shouldn't be askin' for reviews. I mean... reviews are reviews. Reviewers tell it like it is. That's their job! Anythin' else would be a lie.

    Also, there's nothin' worse than a rude peep. Rude peeps are just.. well.. well, they're just plain ol' rude!




  4. Continued purrs for DaddyCat; we appreciate the update.

    Paws crossed for Boo, poor baby. We're glad her calcium levels have been consistent, though--that's super good news.

    Lots of hugs and universal Light!

  5. We are glad DaddyCat's surgery was successful. We are purring and praying for him, and for poor Miss Boo. We're also sending you all big hugs and good thoughts as you go through all of this.

  6. we are sending extra purrs to catdaddy and miss boo. hugs to you, remember there's a lot of kitties out in cyberland (with their humans too) who send good thoughts and hugs to you.

    Emma and Buster

  7. Purrs for Miss Boo! We are glad to hear that the folks over at the place you reviewed at least tried to make it right. That's nice.

  8. blessings oh St francis two ewe N yur dad...shirley... ya both knead ta get sum perch; ewe; one slice, yur dad..bout four...N wrap de perch round yur head...ewe will look grate, smell grate, bee cured oh what ever worreez ya had AND haza handee snak close by in case ya get hungree !!

    heerz two a grate week oh end for everee one !!

  9. I'm so sorry to hear that health problems are continuing to plague your home. Sending positive energy your way!! Hugs from the 3 cats and the girl...xo

  10. glad to hear good news about DaddyCat and sending purrs to Boo - it is so hard when a cat is fearful...the balance is pretty delicate.

    *glad you heard from that guy and he apologized, but we don't blame you for moving on

  11. It's certainly a rocky road at your house right now! Sending lots of purrs to the male human and to Boo.

    I'm glad the company apologized for giving you such a hard time, even if it doesn't make up for doing it in the first place.

  12. OMD, I had no idea any of dis was goin' on withs DaddyCat and Boo! I was heres yesterday so missed it! Ya'll all has our prayers and love and support goin' out fur a speedy recovery.
    I am so very sorry to hears bout da review and stuffs...I knows who you be talkin' bouts...never has used them. Bloggin' suppose to be fun.


  13. i sure am glad DaddyCat is okay and we all send him purrs. We are purring for you too Miss Boo. Hey, I am feeling much better now!

  14. Healing hugs and purrs to Daddy Cat and sweet little Boo! Awwwww! Take care

  15. We're so glad Daddycat is doing well after the surgery.
    Purrs for Miss Boo!
    It's good that the company issued an apology and the flowers were a lovely gesture. They now need to make sure if they send products for review, they have to accept these reviews for how they are without being nasty.

  16. First of all, we and Mom are so happy that Daddycat is doing well. Second, we are keeping Boo in our prayers. We know, Debra, that you will do exactly what is right for her. Finally, we are so glad that the person at C***y apologized. And sending flowers was a nice touch, but we agree it is time to move on. We're sure there are many other retailers who will appreciate your business. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  17. Yea for Dad!! And purrs for Miss Boo. I am doing a review of the same food but I won't do anymore

  18. Dad had a similar issue with brofur Rumpy. The short of it was that he would get the anxious look and run from Dad. Then it started being all the time. Thankfully the issue passed and he no longer needs the type of treatment that caused all this.
    We purr for Boo and that you find a way to put her at ease.
    That Brian is one good cat

  19. We are sending love and kitty purrs and human hugs! I hope you get lots and lots of them.
    Brian is the Godfather of us all, the best there is.
    Please take care of yourself - we know the stresses can be overwhelming. We also know your kitties get super awesome love and understanding.

  20. You are certainly having a rough time at the moment. Sending lots of love hugs and purrs to you and hope Daddycat and Miss Boo will be better real soon xox

  21. purrs for DaddyCat and Miss Boo.

    I am glad they decided to step up and realize they were wrong and sent you flowers. Hopefully they will take this as a lesson and learn from it and learn to treat bloggers as what they are, people. We are businesses we don't have staff, we do this for fun at our own expense.

  22. We are delighted that DaddyCat did well in surgery and is recovering. Wee sure all the kitties will speed his recovery too. WE send him purrs and headbumps.
    We also send purrs for continued good news for Boo. We do not want the Vet to find anything that can't be easily fixed.
    As for the rant, you know all your friends are behind you :)
    Big purrs to you as you are dealing with a lot right now.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  23. It's good to hear that DaddyCat is recovering well from surgery. You have had so much on your hands recently! We're also continuing to purr that Boo's results come back conclusive for something you can help her with that won't stress her out too much. We know you'll give her the quality of life she deserves. It's so frustrating when they become afraid of you because you need to take them to the vet. Ashton's yeasty ears are going undertreated because of her fearfulness right now as we strike that balance.

    Speaking of Ashton, she is sending shy winks to Mr. Jinx.

  24. I am glad to hear that Daddy Cat is doing well after his surgery and send purrs for a good recovery. I am glad too that Boo's results came back good and hope the ultrasound brings good news too.
    It was only right that the man from C***y apologised. He should never have criticized in the first place, particularly as it was a good review.

  25. We left a comment earlier but Blogger ate it before it could post.

    Glad the surgery went well.

    Hope Boo does well.

  26. I agree that you have had WAY more than your share!
    So happy "Daddy Cat" is doing well and we are sending many prayers for sweet Boo!

  27. Sending you, DaddyCat and Boo plenty of purrs! We are glad the surgery went well for DaddyCat!

  28. We are sorry to hear about the health problems and rude people. Sending purrs to you all...

  29. We are so glad to hear that your Daddy's surgery went well, kitties. Continued purrs and prayers to him for his recovery and health. Poor sweet Miss Boo, it is so hard when they hate going to the vet, we hope that the ultrasound will have good results and we continue to purr and pray for Boo.


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