Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Update on Hurricane Matthew:

This is a very large storm and although
at this point they do not believe it will
make a Florida landfall the strength and monster
size of the storm will make it's impact known anyway.

There will be power outages and destruction.
There will be storm surge and flooding.
Our only solace is that we are on the west side of the storm,
which is considered it's weaker side.

The major impact in the North Florida area is
during the day on Friday.

We are praying for all of our pals along it's path,
including us.


  1. I am purring that you are not impacted too badly by this hurricane!

  2. We hope well fer all kittehs and Beins in the path of Matthew...

  3. We are purring the storm misses you too.
    We also purr for all in the path of this scary hurricane!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Purrs and purrayers to those already impacted and those who will be. Stay safe, please!

  5. Please stay safe! We are thinking of you and all our Florida friends.

  6. Sending purrs to you all.
    We are surely purring that it will lose lots and lots of punch way before it gets near the Eastern Seaboard
    Hugs madi and mom

  7. Secure everything and stay indoors, safe and sound. Good luck to all there.

  8. Sending lots of purrs and purrayers. Please be safe and good luck.

  9. Miss Boo, we are purring and praying for you,my our family and all in the path of this nasty angry Matthew that you will be safe from all its turmoil and badness.

  10. You look very pretty Miss Boo! Y'all take care and be safe. We are praying all will be okay.

  11. I am purring and praying for you, and all those in the path of the hurricane.

  12. boo...hay ewe gorgeouz....we haz asked God ta kind lee steer matthew & hiz nastee azz out ta sea.....tho we dinna use de werd azz in R purryer...just sew ya noe !!!!! pleez bee safe & stay safe ~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  13. And you all will be in our thoughts and prayers as well. Stay safe!

  14. Purrs and prayers for you and everyone in the path.XO

  15. Thinking of you and crossing all paws that you stay SAFE!

  16. Be safe! At one point they said it was coming up here but now they say most likely no. Stay indoors and evacuate if they tell you.

  17. Please stay safe. We hope that you are not impacted by the hurricane and that you don't have a lot of damage.

  18. We are thinking of you, and saying our best purrs and prayers. Please stay safe, dear friends.

  19. we pray for you and all who are going to experience the impact of this awful storm! (((hugs))) Be safe!


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