Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Annabelle's Antics

Every Fall and Winter the sun comes in later in the 
afternoon in a special way into the kitchen.
I photographed Abby many times there.
She especially loved sitting on the kitchen table
looking out the window basking in the warmth
of the seasonal sun.
Annabelle, not as much.
I rarely find her on top of the table, but this month I did.
I like the contrast of shadow and light in this
photograph. I always remember Abby in the 
same spot and it brings back lots of memories.


The period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas
always evoke strong recollections.
It can be a time of melancholy mixed amongst the tidings of joy.
Even though I've lost many humans in my life,
the loss of my beloved Angel 
weighs especially heavy.
Animals give us unconditional love, which is seldom
if not impossible from humans.
So our hearts are even more porous than usual 
when we have lost the one who was so special to us.

I miss my Abby, but I am oh so grateful
she graced my life for over 8 years.
I will always remember that.


  1. Such beautiful light play! I can see why it evokes such strong emotion.

  2. Petcretary was thinking along lines like that, but with regards to her father and mother and certain expressions that come to mind and how they almost always bring thoughts of them into her mind.

    We think Annabelle knows how to bask an sunbeams to bring out the best in her...and to evoke special thoughts of the past in you, her Mom.

  3. Even good memories can make the heart hurt.

  4. That shot of Annabelle deserves to be framed, it's just lovely.

    Yes, this can be a challenging time of year in many ways. Thinking of you and sending Light and purrs.

  5. Annabelle is beautiful. I completely understand how you feel. Our pets never hurt us like people often do, I always find it harder to lose a beloved cat.XO

  6. Beautiful photo of Annabelle. We are glad that you have fond memories of Abby and the years you had together.

  7. We also like the lighting at this time of year :)
    Lovely picture.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  8. Annabelle looks so pretty in that picture! I am glad you have such a good memories from your sweet Abby.

  9. Annabelle...you look like mischief if the truth be told!

  10. annabelle...pleez ta tell yur mom that de food servizz gurl waz mor upset bout loosin dude N sauce than her waz sir tin familee memburrz....thatz codz honest trooth ~~~~~♥♥♥

  11. Beautiful light for a pretty picture ! Purrs

  12. Annabelle this is a lovely photo and for sure you are a Sun Goddess. WOW it makes your furs glow...and we see the love in your eyes
    Hugs madi your bfff

  13. Annabelle felt you needed a little reminder. Purrs for you in your memories.

  14. That's a beautiful photo. Purrs to you....

  15. A beautiful photo of Annabelle to bring back fond memories of Abby.

  16. The pretty Annabelle looks deep in thought!

  17. I love the lighting in this picture of sweet Annabelle. I can understand why it evokes such emotions, and memories of your beloved Abby.

  18. Sending you (((hugs))) and love as you remember


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