Friday, January 06, 2017

Feline Friday

A very cute thing Annabelle loves to do is give me
a head butt by jumping up into the air and rubbing 
her head against my hand.
It is a little game we play when she is feeling happy.
Which she is happy 99.99999% of the time.
It always brings a smile to my face as she 
looks like a tiny billy goat jumping up and
head butting me.
Annabelle has such a sweet playful demeanor,


What cute things does your cat like to do?


  1. I like to head butt anyone when I am happy! I only lick my human's hair, though, no one else's.

  2. Angel will sit on the couch or bed and head butt mom. If she feels that Mom is not paying attention, she reaches out her little par and pats Mom. If that does not work, she pats with a tiny bit of claw! That gets Mom's attention!

  3. Annabelle is adorable! My Angel Rose was a head-butter, and Amber also responds to Kiss-Kiss with little head butts and smooches.

  4. We usually head butt Mum if we want attention!

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  6. Mama laughed at me this morning when I leaped into the bathtub and ran around trying to play with the cord on the window covering above it--I couldn't quite reach. And then I quieted down and gave myself a the bathtub. I don't understand why she thinks that was funny?


  7. My Cammie usually is undemonstrative, but when she gets the chance to sit on my chest, she purrs and purrs, but always starts by head-bumping my chin. My princess.

  8. Annabelle is adorable!
    Every night like clock work I walk in to the den..I usually find mom 1/2 asleep on the couch. I stand on my hind feet and reach out and gently touch her on the arm with one of my paws. She loves it so much sometimes she fakes being asleep just so I'll do it.
    We are expecting 87 tons of snow here tonight and tomorrow we sure do hope we keep power and we have single digit temps predicted for Sat and Sun night
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. I'm always stunned at her markings ... I've never seen anything quite like them. I love the jumping head butt. It's funny how many habits of our kitties we take for granted and grow used to ... that are really quite incredible. Bear has "check ins" ... he checks in with me pretty much every hour when I'm awake ... lets me pet him a couple times ... and then he's off on his new adventure.

  10. How sweet is that! I would love to see Annabelle the billy goat. :) Annie makes chirping noises when she's happy and makes serious biscuits too.

  11. You are a cutie Annabelle! I love to fluff up Mom's leg!

  12. That's so sweet ! Zorro loves to head butt Claire. Purrs

  13. annabelle....thiz fotoz like ta run down de hall ta meet de food gurl N eye kinda run...side wayz ...well, me cat butt doez any way ~~~

    heerz two an atlantic silverside kinda week oh end two all~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  14. Flynn used to do that a lot too, but now only does it occasionally.

  15. I can tell she is very sweet just be that adorable face.

  16. Dat's so sweet. And she's pawsitively gawjus.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  17. What a sweetheart. Mudpie loves to jump up and nudge my hands when I hold them a little above her head.

  18. You know you have it made, Annabelle!

  19. Now that is sweet!
    Minko likes to come and keep my desk warm between me and the keyboard...and Pipo always gets up and leads pawppy around the den as if he didn't know where he should go, MOL!

  20. Marty loves to lie across my should and give me "nose kisses" when I am on the computer. Ralphie has to "hold" my hand at night when we first go to bed.


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