Friday, February 10, 2017


There's been a change in Miss Boo.
Boo has always been a very independent cat.
She's aloof, like many cats are.
It is just her personality.
But, lately she has decided she likes
to sit in my lap.
Mind you, all the years Abby was here
Abby held court in my lap, and
Boo played second fiddle.
Did she mind?
I never knew if she did, she didn't show it.
After Abby left us, Boo got closer to me.
She began wanting to sleep next to me every night
(and still does).
When Annabelle arrived she took over the
nightly lap duties.
Again, Boo did not appear to mind.
But out of the blue, Boo has
decided she wants some lap time too.
14 years.
Who knew?


  1. Kitties always have the option to change their minds...

  2. Our Jezebel turned into a lap kitty as she got older.

  3. Some of the older cats here have turned into lap cats.
    Julie was always a lapcat.
    We guess they like the body heat more :)
    Enjoy your laptime Miss Boo :).
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Awww, Boo...We hope you get as much lap time as you want now. ♥

  5. Sometimes you just gotta decide what you want...

  6. I think that as they get older, some cats will want a little extra comfort, and a little reassurance. And Boo has seen her chance. I know you'll give her all she needs.

  7. Shaggy has become a lap cat in his seniority too. He's always close by and comes right away top join me in my recliner when he hears me put up the footrest. He's 16 now, actually closer to 17. But doing well!

  8. Mom says this post makes her HOPEFUL that one day I'll sit my entire booooooooody in her lap. I will put my front feets in her lap. Once during all the renovations I sat there for about 87 seconds
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. What a happy surprise! It's always interesting when kitties change. Boo is precious no matter what.

  10. That is just terrific. Guess Boo just decided that it was time for her to have some lap time. Good for her.

  11. It took me 6 years to discover the lap, hoory Miss Boo!

  12. boo....waves two ewe gorgeouz...we think thiz bee awesum ...troo lee....N itz all wayz nice ta keep yur purrson guessin huh !!! ;)

    heerz two a green spotted puffer kinda week oh end two everee one!! ♥♥♥

  13. Awwww that makes me smile, she is a lady, she is allowed to change her mind!

  14. Keep your lap darling. You earned it too. xoxx

  15. And we hope she's getting a lot of lap time now. :)

  16. TBT here: When it was Skeeter and LC, Skeeter ruled my lap. Not from denying it to LC (he never denied her anything she wanted), but because she didn't want my lap even when he was outside. She wanted HIS company.

    When Skeeter left for the Bridge, she stayed alloof for several months. But one evening, she asked to come up and I was thrilled. She gained some comfort there. And she purred there the 13 months before she joined Skeeter again.

  17. My Saku has recently taken to wanting lap time - he's almost 9. Not sure why they change their minds.

    I'm certain the lap time is enjoyed by both you and Miss Boo!

  18. Miss Boo has waited long enough for her turn.

  19. Isn't that a sweet thing the Miss Boo decided that lap time is just what she needs!


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