Friday, March 31, 2017


If you didn't know her, you might think she was
scared out of her mind.
But, Boo is a timid cat.
Even 13 years with living me has not
eased that essence of her.
I wish she felt more secure.
You see Boo would like nothing more 
than to be an only cat.
In fact, she thrives when she and I turn in at night.
She is loving and talkative and very
interactive. But when she is out and 
about all day with the other cats, she 
reverts back to her lone cat and she 
will give out a good hiss to both her brothers.
She doesn't hiss at Annabelle.
But then, Annabelle gives her a wide berth.
Although Annabelle does give her a good
chase nearly everyday, and Boo will also
gives chases to each of other cats.
She is not afraid of them at all, she 
just doesn't want to be bothered by them.


  1. We're all different - Angelique is more timid than us boys.

  2. Poor Boo... she's a bit of a fish out of water.

  3. We are glad that Miss Boo has special time with you :)
    We bet she looks forward to that time.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Gemini is very much like that but that doesn't make her any less special.

  5. My Tucker is very timid. He will cross a room for the sole purpose of rubbing up against me, but if I move the slightest while he approaches, he will turn and scurry away. After almost seven years together, he is still like that. And my Renn will bow his head before being petted, as if afraid he'll be struck. And Cammie... Well, Cammie dislikes all other cats, and is cursed with living with four others. But she knows she is loved. Cats like ours need people who understand them.

  6. Miss Boo, how absolutely pretty you look in this photo! How nice you get special time with your mom every night. Sorry that you have to put up with the other kitties although it's probably good that you do a little chasing. I'm glad you're not scared of the other kitties. Annie says at least you don't live with Pierrot!

  7. my stars boo I totally know what you mean though I am that way with people instead of cats if that even makes sense to this post and even though it was just me and boomer I like to be around who I want to be around when I want to be around them or not ~~~~ hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥

  8. Such a beauty. It amazes me how unique every kitty's personality is.

  9. Miss Boo looks like a sweetie to us!

  10. Madi is an only cat but I honestly believe she would not have warmed up to a sibling unless they had arrived here at the same time.
    Hugs madi and mom

  11. Even though Boo doesn't want the company of other cats, she obviously enjoys her special time with you.

  12. Miss Boo is a sweetheart! I bet it's easy to feel overwhelmed with three siblings full of catness. I've had Bear Cat for almost 11 years and he's still just as skittish as he was right after I brought him inside. It breaks my heart that he seems so stressed with daily life, but I'm out of ideas. I guess some cats are just like that.

  13. Miss Boo looks like my dear Sally Cookie, who has some of the same issues. But Sally is timid enough that she rarely comes to snuggle. She is a sweetheart, but I love them all !

  14. Miss Boo, your personality reminds me of Admiral. xxxx

  15. That's so sweet. It's good that everyone is still able to get along and co-exist though.

  16. Miss Boo looks content. She may not want to be close to the other kitties, but they're all living well together and working it out among themselves.

  17. Miss Boo you are beautiful today. Glad that you have learned to put up with the boys and have your special time with your Mom.

  18. Miss Boo sounds so much like Zoey. We have chosen to keep her separated from the boys most of the time in order to reduce her stress level and the stress level of the boys.

  19. You're so pretty, Miss Boo ! We're glad you can have some special time with your mom ! Purrs

  20. Minko is a scaredy cat if there is the slightest hint of a stranger entering the domain...but other than that he's pretty chill. Pipo beats up on dog-guy, seemingly very brave but petcretary thinks its all a show and he is scared of him really.


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