Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wordy Wednesday

Miss Boo

There are behaviors of Boo which I find hard to explain.
She is a different cat when she is alone with me.
I've always felt like she would prefer to be an "only" cat.
But she isn't, so it's like she has split personalities.
She will seek me out for attention when
no other cat is around.
One of her new ways to get my attention is
to pat my foot with her paw when she wants to be petted.
She has only recently begun to do this.
It is so endearing.
She has always been a visitor when I am online and will sit
next to me on the desk and pat my arm (to pet her),
but the foot tapping is new.
She is a dichotomy of aloofness and attachment,
on any given day I never know what to expect.


  1. A beautiful picture of Boo. And what a sweet behavior she's developed in tapping your foot for attention.

  2. IZA here: I sit on the arm of the chair TBT sits in watching the TV. I tap his arm a lot too. I want his lap. But sometimes he is eating his meal. How DOES he eat SO slowly? And he wont make a lap while eating.

  3. Sometimes the best kitties are enigmas.

  4. Boo is a lovely kitty.
    She lets you know she loves your special time together :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. That's a lovely photo of her, and the patting for attention is sweet. :-)

    Derry will pat at me for attention, but often with claws out. Ouch!

  6. Dear Miss Boo. That sounds a little like me--Gemini, although I do not pat Mama's hand to pet me. I just like to spend time when she's alone. I am not real fond of other cats.

  7. You are such a sweetie Miss Boo!

  8. Miss Boo you are your own woman for sure and what a sweet one you are. Mom says those little pat pats are like the best
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  9. WE understand Miss Boo. Mew Mew is exactly the same way. She just doesn't like other cats near her.

  10. That is so sweet. Gracie taps us when she wants to be pet, and Angel Moosey also used to do so.

  11. boo.....ewe iz gorgeouz....and AWESUM !!! ☺☺♥♥

    me...tuna....eye due thiz two....just sum timez tho

  12. love her and you are right, that IS endearing! Cody pats my arm when I am eating something that he wants lol

  13. How sweet!

    Minko will come and scratch my sandals, then give a headbonk.
    Pipo comes and demands attention by pawing our legs or arms and loudly miaowing.


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