Friday, September 08, 2017

Go away Irma

Do I need to get my hissy up?
The answer to that is yes,
Miss Boo.
You do.
Irma is going to come right to
our doorstep on Monday.



  1. If anyone can chase Irma away with the right look, it's you, Miss Boo.

  2. That is a good stink eye. I hope it helps to scare Irma away...and I am purring hard for all of you to be safe.

  3. Get hissy Boo!
    Maybe that will scare Irma away!!
    Irma sounds really nasty :(
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. The best of luck to all humans and animals in the danger zone. Let us know how things go.

  5. We are worrying about all of you. Not that it does much good. Go away Irma! You are not wanted! Kitties and humans, keep safe.

  6. Miss Boo, if that stink eye of yours doesn't keep Irma away, we don't know what will! We are purring and praying for you guys to stay safe.

  7. We are all thinking of you too, hiss away and be safe please.

  8. boo....we will hiss a way with ewe N we hope ewe all haz sum place safe ta go....better yet we hope irma N her possee tern out ta sea ~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥ prayers two everee one ~~~~~~~

  9. I thought I heard she is coming Sunday? If you should evacuate, PLEASE DO! I am seeing a number of places that are accepting pets! Please be safe! xoxo

  10. Be safe! If you can evacuate I hope you will find a place to go.

  11. Stay stay y'all. We are purraying for y'all.

    Emma and Buster

  12. We are purring for you and all of our furiends in Florida and hope you all will be safe.

  13. We're purring and praying for you and all of our friends in Irma's path. We love you. Be safe, okay?

  14. We think of you and cross our paws for you. Stay safe ! Purrs


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