Friday, June 13, 2008

Please Send A Purr For Ping

Yesterday when I got home from work, I noticed Ping wasn't at the door to greet me which is his ususal habit. When he didn't come into the kitchen when dinner was served made me know something wasn't quite right. There he was lying on top of the dining room table (yep they can all lay up there...they would do it if I weren't home so I have a quilt on top of the table to protect it). At first I thought he was just up there and wasn't very hungry, but the more I rubbed on him the more I got this feeling something wasn't right. Finally when I touched his left back foot he reacted and pulled it away from me then I realized something was terribly wrong. The back leg was trembling. He tried to get up and pull away from me and then I could see he wasn't putting any weight on it and he was favoring it. Well immediately a phone call to the VET (ours is a convenient 45 minutes away in afternoon work traffic -- that's what we get for living in the boonies) we popped Ping in the PTU(no easy feat as he didn't want to get in it) and off we went. Two and half hours later we find out NO broken bones (THANK bast) but he is hurting pretty bad. He was spectacular at the Vet's and they said he was so sweet when they pulled on him to get his xrays. But that's Ping. He is such a sweet little boy. There was a lot of ruckus amongst the other cats and I have to say Abby led the charge. That's another story and I have scratch marks to prove it! :-) All of the cats were upset. But Ping settled down last night thankfully the shot to make it easier to do the xrays also gave him some relief. He was hobbling this morning and he was hurting. I put his pain pill in his food and we decided to separate him in the new Playroom until his Dad gets home, which will be early today. He wasn't interested when I tried to tempt him with the food, but I am hoping that as the morning goes on he will want it and hopefully he will take the pill. Otherwise it will be traumatic to try and pill him, in fact I know with him it would be better not to try and force him to take a mild pain pill. So please send Ping a purr, he is feeling real bad today. No idea what he did, other than knowing our litte acrobat jumped and missed, but he missed really badly and he really hurt himself. The Vet said it could take up to two weeks to heal, but she thinks he probably pulled a tendon. Please keep our little boy in your purrayers...

Ping is much better this afternoon his Daddy reports!
This is good news.

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