Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging: FInally Friday

Miss Abby

*woo Hooooo*

Today is my Momma's purrday, she is older than dirt, but that's OK with us. We love her anyway (because she gives us treats and lots of hugs and skritches!)!!

TS Hanna is passing by our coastline today. We are sorry that it's going to have an big impact on the Eastern Seaboard this weekend. We will purrs for all of those who will be affected. Right behind Hanna is Hurricane Ike. Ike is a monster and it has us all worried. From the looks of it everyone in Florida may be impacted but Southern Florida will fare far worse if the track for the storm holds. Right after Ike, TS Josephine is brewing...wowie that's alot of hurricaniness!
But right now we are all happy and safe and sound and it's FRIDAY so you know what that means? TIME for more kitty goodness...check these out!
Happy Friday efurryone!!


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