Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuxie Toosday

This weekend was a wee bit worrisome.
Friday night & Saturday night, Abby was very sick.
Friday was by far the worst. I didn't realize how badly she was feeling until I got up Saturday morning. She had thrown up all over the Living Room. I have learned to keep extra covers on the furniture, so all I have to do is take everything up and wash it. This was extensive, the poor baby and what's worse I could hear her stomach and intestines rumbling. I was a lot more careful with what she ate Saturday and she didn't have any problems keeping down her wet food. No mishaps throughout the daytime. That night I noticed her stomach was again rumbling, so I was not too keen on giving her many treats, but she begged and begged and I gave in. So, she got sick again Saturday night, just not as bad. Again she was fine through the day time, but Sunday I decided to take up the kibble that I leave out all night and really restrict her treats. Believe me she begged and begged and begged and I wouldn't give her anything...and what's worse, Boo didn't get any treats either, poor baby.
But, there was no tummy troubles on Monday morning.
So, I think my girl likes to eat.
And doesn't know when to stop.

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  1. Oh I am so, so, so sorry to hear about poor Abby!!!! You must have been so worried. Sending you furry hugs and purrs!

    I'm so glad to hear that her tummy is a bit settled now. I have everything crossed that the worst is over and that Abby will get used to her new diet. I know Boo understands! and Get Well Soon sweet Abby!

    Take care.


  2. Poor little girlie!! We hope her little belly calms down. I guess too many treats are not good for both kitties and beans!!

  3. Ahhhhh Abby we are so sorry you and Mom had a miserable weekend.
    We hope all is better today and the grumbly in the tummy is gone.
    Madi and Mom

  4. Awww, sweet Abby! We're sorry your tummy was not well over the weekend. We are glad to hear you are doing better. We hope you continue to improve with no more tummy upset!!

  5. Poor Abby! Maybe it's something in the kibble and treats, like the corn or some other ingredient. :-(

    Maybe if you compare ingredient lists on her food and on her treats you can narrow it down. If it's a grain that's causing the problem, there are, of course, plenty of grain-free options in kibble, and some in treats too. Or maybe it's a particular protein.

    We hope Abby continues to keep her food down!

  6. We're glad you're feeling better now, Abby! What a terrible weekend for you and your Mom!

  7. Sweet Abby, I sure do hope your tummy settles down!

  8. Poor Abby! When our older brother used to have stomach problems, my Mom would give him some catnip. It always seemed to help. Maybe because it's from the mint family?

  9. Bless your heart, Abby....we love you dearly and want to share with you that Andy has the same type of problems if he doesn't stick to only his dry cat food.....and our mama has terrible tummy problems since all her colon surgeries a few years back...you should hear her tummy grumbling ALL the time!!!!!!!! We love you, Abby, and are purring that you will not want to eat the things that aren't good for you....but know that you are in good company....MOL......xxxxxxxxxx

  10. Poor Abby! I hope you are feeling all better! Purrs.

    Hello handsome Ping!

  11. Oh poor sweet Abby! We hope you're feeling lots better today!

  12. ::snuggles up with Abby:: I'm here sweetie pie, and I will put my paws around you till you're all better.

    purrsss n nosekissies - your adoring and werried floofy cocoapuffs meezerman Sammy

  13. Goodness Abby! Bless your heart! I guess you've got to learn to take it easy on your poor boo-boo belly.
    Good luck and good health.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  14. Yikes, I wonder what happened. I hate it when one of my guys get sick like that!
    I hope she is all better soon!

  15. Poor, sweet Abby! I'm sorry you had a hurty tummy! I hope you are all better soon.

  16. I am sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. Hope you are feeling better each day. Be careful with what goes in the tummy.
    I need you to email me at gracie1915@verizon.net

    I need your email address as it looks like you might have the winning bid at the auction. KC will notify you if you win when the bidding closes tonight at midnight. Thanks.

  17. Poor Abby. We are glad your tummy is settled again and we hope you are feeling better.

  18. Oah Dear :(
    I am so sorry to hear about this!!!
    I am purring and purring for you hope you gets better soon!!!!

  19. Abby...we hope you are feeling better now! Maybe you shouldn't have so many treats...but we know how hard that is because treats are so good!

  20. Poor Abby. Hope she is better now.

  21. Oh those tummy troubles are horrible. I have a couple that seem to binge and purge on the dry food but they have difficulty with the other end when they eat wet food. It is always something!


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