Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Basking In The Sun

If there were to be
a universal sound
depicting peace
I would surely vote
for a purr
~Barbara L. Diamond

We do not understand what blogger is doing with
our pictures.
Please let me know if you can see Abby.


  1. We don't see an image, but we love the quote!

  2. Amen to that quote!!!

    Communal Purrs are very powerful indeed!

    Have a lovely Tuesday Abby!

    take care

  3. Amen! Nothing more healing than a purr.

  4. AMEN!!! Mom has a white noise machine to drown out my Dad's (snoring shhh don't tell him I told).
    Mom wishes there was a purr on the noise machine. It has waves, birds, the sound of rushing creek, heart beat but no purrs.
    Madi and Mom

  5. ****whisker kissies**** to my gorgeous sweet nursey angel princess Abby

    purrsss n nosekissies - your adoring but still a little sick floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  6. I couldn't see the picture, but I'm sure it was delightful!

  7. Hey Abby and crew...we wanted to thank you for our Christmas in July box...we loved it. We've posted about it today on our site.

  8. That's a wonderful quote, but we cannot see your photo (it might just be our computer though!)

  9. Rats! Abby someone stole your photo because we can't see it today. Maybe you moved to another sunny spot?

  10. Maybe when world leaders have get-togethers it ought to be required to have a bunch of purring cats there as well.

  11. Hiya guys! Sorry we haven't been around much...'puter problems (SHOCKER, we know...MOL) we see one picture and it's lovely!

  12. I see Abby, she is very shiny and sweeeet laying in the sunshine puddle.


  13. We see you Abby, and you look verreh content.

  14. We can see Abby!! And she's enjoying that sun!

  15. Love the quote and we can see beautiful Abby in the sunbeams...We've missed visiting with you all and send kisses x3 to our sweet, lovely friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

    Thank you Abby's Mom for visiting while I was out of town; your kind comments are always appreciated...I hope your Colonoscopy results were good; glad you had the test=I will be scheduling mine tomorrow (I'm 44, but getting one due to having colon cancer in my immediate family)...I am so grateful to have made lovely friends like you through my cat blog; thank you for your friendship...hugs...J


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