Friday, December 17, 2010

Feral Friday

Tuesday and Wednesday the temperatures were severely cold for Northern Florida. Both nights they temperatures dipped to 20F.
Mr Kitty was out in that cold.

We have not seen Mr Kitty since Tuesday morning as the arctic cold dipped into our area. He came for breakfast but as the cold front came in with heavy winds he took off for the wooded area near our property. We have been worried about Mr. Kitty.
We hope he is OK.
I am also a bit worried about Abby.
She has not been perky self.
She still eats, drinks and I think she is having normal body functions.
(Cats are notorious for being private)
But she is sleeping a lot.
After short breakfasts she gets up in her little warm snuggly blanket and doesn't move until dinner. The she eats and goes back to her blanket.
She hasn't been following me around like she normally does.
After finishing up visiting fur friends she will jump down and come with me and sit in my lap. Then we snuggle down for bed and she sleeps beside me until I get up, and it all starts over again. I just hope that because she is older that the cold has made her act this way.
If it continues I will take her to the Vet.
It's just a feeling of unease.
I hope now that our weather is returning to seasonal she will perk up some.
The weather has been in the upper 70's today, and guess what?
Abby is back to her normal self!
I guess she just can't take the cold damp winter weather, even though I try and keep the temperatures up in the house (just for the cats!) it still doesn't warm her up enough.
Thanks for all of your concern!

ON another front:
Today at DAILY DOSE OF DOGS(AND CATS), Chrystal is having a comment-a-thon.
Here is what she related :

"Don't forget that on Friday, we will launch Pam's Gotcha Day Comment-a-thon celebration right here at the daily dose. All you have to do is leave a comment after her story, anytime between midnight on Thursday night until midnight on Sunday night. For every comment left on this blog during that period of time, Pam will donate fifty cents to our dream of a second cathouse. Oh, do please come by this weekend, and leave a comment."

So please if you will be so kind, drop in and leave a quick comment.
Chrystal and all her rescued animals will thank you!


  1. Oh no... my sweet Abby... I'm purring so very loud that you're ok and there isn't anything wrong. I'm glad your mummy is taking you to the vet.

  2. I hope Abby is okay! You know how we cats are - we don't like to complain when we are not feeling well, and you humans need to watch for subtle signs and just trust your gut instincts with us. And I am concerned about Mr. Kitty too - I hope he has found a warm refuge.

  3. We hope it is just the cold weather that is making both sweet Abby and Mr Kitty behave the way they do.

  4. We hope Mr. Kitty is hunkered down somewhere sheltered and warm and that he's okay.

    Re: Abby, if you can, for your own peace of mind, have a blood work panel done just to make sure all is well. Lots of purrs and Light to her...and to Mr. Kitty!

  5. I sure hope Abby is okay, and I am worried about Mr. Kitty, too! It even got cold here in south FL! He's such a handsome kitty.

  6. We are sending big purrs that Abby feels better soon and doesn't have to go to the vet! Also, big purrs that Mr. Kitty is fine and returns for some food!

  7. We are suspecting it must be the cold weather. My human sis's cat has been doing the same thing. She actually told us over the weekend that she thinks Harley gets depressed when it is cloudy and dreary....kind of like the folks in the areas where is dark all the time. He loves sitting on his window perch in the sun. When Harely isn't eating, he is under a blanket.
    We hope you see Mr. Kitty soon.

    Madi and Mom

  8. Awwww gorgeous Abby!!! Me and Charlie hope that it's the weather!! Charlie is still very active indoors but refuses to go out anymore and stays in and sleeps more in between bouts of jumping around of course!! We have everything crossed that it's the weather. Big hugs and purrs to Abby!!!!

    And Mr Kitty!! Awwww we hope he has found a warm and safe place to stay. We hope that he knows you are there for him!!

    Yay for the commentathon! Take care

  9. I pray that Mr.Kitty is ok....he is probably just trying to keep warm.
    I think Abby is also being affected by the weather.
    Cats sleep even more in the winter and most cats sleep about 20 hrs per Cody sleeps A LOT....I think she is fine! xoxo

  10. Abby, you have to perk up so your Mom won't worry. It's a tough thing for hoomins to see us not being at our best. Mr. Kitty, we hope you found a warm place, and you show yourself soon.

  11. Oh Abby! You are worrying your Momma! Are you cold? Does she need to warm the house more? Ping--do you want me to come and snuggle with you so you can purr harder at Abby so she is not sick and your Momma does not worry? Mr. Kitty--I hope that this weather changes so you are not so cold any more.

  12. We hope Mr Kitty found a good warm den to sleep in out in the woods. It would sure be hard to be on your own out in the cold.

    We have both been sleeping a LOT since the weather has cooled off and the days have gotten shorter. We both barely move from after breakfast until dinner time. (and we are six year old boys!) So don't worry too much about Abby. xoxo

  13. We are purring very hard that Mr. Kitty shows back up! Poor guy, we hope he's OK.

    Miss Abby, we are lazy slugs too now that the weather is colder...but please don't be have to be ready for Sandy Claws.

    Gracie, Sylvester sends you a big old Tuxedo smooch!

  14. ::running around packing up:: Abby mine beautiful darling - I's coming to hold your paw and purrrr with you. I hopes it's just the cold weather.

    purrrrrs n nosekissies- your adoring and werried and devoted floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  15. Sweet Abby, ask your mommy to take you on to the V-e-t and be sure your v-e-t- checks your, ahem...anal glands. Sometimes they need expressing and if the v-e-t doesn't, we develop a sort of leak back there..a little fluid. When mine need attention, I sleep a lot and never complain.Let them steal your bloods this time sweetheart and see that efurrything is OK. I don;t know how old you are. Are you an older lady?

  16. Sweet little Abby, we are purraying that it is just the cold weather and age that has slowed you down.

    We are also purraying that Mr. Kitty has found somewhere warm and safe to hole up during the cold weather.


  17. Oh no Abby!
    Nows dat it has gotten I has been less active too...alls I wanna do is burrow in my blankie. Howevers, mum says ALWAYS go withs your gut feelin'!
    Absolutely gorgeous fotos of Mr. Kitty!


  18. We will keep our fingers crossed that Mr. Kitty is ok. I hope that Abby perks up soon my boys are sending purrs her way!!!

  19. Hope both Abby and Mr Kitty are OK! sending purrs for both.

  20. Oh Abby, I sure hope you feel better. You know if something isn't "normal" you should go to the vet, before they close for the Christmas holiday. I also send tons of purrs to Mr. Kitty, I hope he is ok.

  21. We hope its just the cold weather with Abby too. Purrs for her and Mr. Kitty!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie,and Hollie

  22. I am SO relieved to learn that Miss Abby is alright. That was scary!

  23. We are glad Abby is back to normal again. When it is cold we spend most of our time sleeping and don't want to go for walks very often.
    We hope Mr. Kitty is all right.

  24. They say us kitties sleep more to conserve energy to use it for keeping our bodies warm in the cold. Since the cold weather is not normal for your area, we are sure that's what was wrong with Abby. We feel certain too that Mr. Kitty will be back.

    We are glad you got our Secret Paw package! All the presents inside are wrapped but if you open it one present may be too hard to resist and you may get into trouble for opening it early. Hope you enjoy everything!

  25. We're so glad Abby is doing okay!! As far as Mr. Kitty is concerned, can you make some kind of shelter for him? We hope he's okay.

  26. I am so glad to hear that Abby is back to her normal self now that the weather is warmer! That lovely tuxie girl has really grown on me - I was worried!

  27. It's good to hear that Abby is back to normal!
    Purrs for Mr Kitty - I am sure he has just found a nice warm place to curl up in.


  28. Abby...Abby...Don't scare your mom and us like that ! I hope you just feel lazy but I will keep in touch with you. + paws cross

  29. people don't think of it much but maybe she has some arthritis? that would cause her to slow down in the cold! even if she is an indoor mao mao!


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