Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trivial Thursday

I just love the shape from the back of a beautiful cat.
Abby looks like the figure "8" to me in this one.

Our friend Annie from Fuzzy Tales had to be admitted to the hospital yesterday.
She is battling and infection and it is causing her to stop eating and it seems she has had a reaction to the medication.
She needs all of our purrs.
Please keep Annie and her Mom, Kim in your hearts.
Stay a little purrayer, and if you have a moment, please stop in and give Kim a word of encouragement.


  1. We are purring hard for Annie. Abby you look great!

    Hello handsome Ping!!!

  2. Abby, My mom just said it before she even read !
    The back of the cat is something cute, and every time she see, she really want to grab and give a hug !

    PS : me and my mom did visited Annie today. We worry about her too. I purrs for her and her family

  3. Awwww Abbey! You are just stunning from the back and the front!!! Yay!

    Me and Charlie are purring very very hard for sweet Annie!!! Take care

  4. has weird mum too. Why they wants to gets da back of us?

    Prayers are goin' out to Annie.


  5. We are purring and purring for Annie to fight the infection and get better to come home soon!

    Thank you for posting about our blogaversary/commentathon yesterday! We love you guys!

  6. What a great picture!

    We're purring hard for Annie!

  7. Abby you are beautiful from all for sides...Mom is right you do have a figure 8 from the back....
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  8. Abby, you look like a figure GR-8 to us! Sam says, "Just look at those feminine curves, oooweeee".
    We visited Annie's page yesterday and then late last night and also Kim's page, too. We are worried and want Annie to be well again.

  9. Abby you are so feminine and bewteeful! ♥

    We, mommy and I are terribly worried for precious Annie and we are praying and purring non stop.

  10. We think you are lovely Abby. We are praying and purring for Annie too.

  11. You are beautiful which ever side is facing the camera Abby.

  12. Abby looks beautiful from any angle! We sure are purring for that sweet Annie!

  13. We have been purraying as strongly as we can for sweet Annie and her mom.


  14. Miss Abby looks like the perfect shape to us! We're purring for Miss Annie.

  15. yes Abby DOES look like a "Figure 8" ...I have a thing about the back of a cat's head!

  16. You look great Abby! You are beautiful from all sides.

  17. We are purraying very hard for Annie and her Mommy too.

    You looks very nice from the rear, Abby!

  18. Your back is as beautiful as your front Abby.
    We are purring for Annie.


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