Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Awesome Blog Award

Simba very kindly nominated us for this pawsome award and the rules are:
I am supposed to write 7 things about myself, nominate 15 blogs to receive the award, and notify them about the award.
1.I sit on the side of the faucet and meow for Mom to come and get me fresh water.
2.I have to fed first. Naturally because I am top cat!
3.I will not use a shared litter box. Mom had to figure out to buy training pads and I use those instead.
4.I love PARTY MIX. I double dare Momma not to feed me crunch after crunch.
5.Every evening I have to sit in Mom's lap while she plays Scrabble on her iPad. (she is addicted to Scrabble)
6.I hop up on the table and sit on the edge and lure Mom into coming over so she can pet me. But I move away before I let her touch me and then I come back and head butt her. I make her to this over and over again. Then I will eat my crunchies.
7. I refuse to let Mom clip my nails. The last time she tried she had to use insulated leather gloves and I nearly bite through those. She learned to let the Vet do it. I have no problem with the Vet doing it because I am frozen.

Now we need to nominate 15 of our furfriends.
We chose:

Slash & Bronzy
Mr Puddy
Adan & Lego
Sammy, Miles, Nicky, & Billy
Mickey, Georgia, Tillie,Tiger, Joy Joy & Treasure


  1. Abby, those are fun things to learn about you. I too love PARTY MIX!!!

  2. oh Abby mine darling, thank you so furry much!!!

  3. Congrats, y'all are awesome!!! Hey, that claw clipping isn't bad at all, wow, leather gloves, weeeeeoooooo!

  4. Congratulation Abby !!!!
    and Congratulation for myself as well..heh..heh..heh...Thanks so much
    You are very sweet !!! That's why you are a top cat : ) I really like that

  5. Congrats on your award! And I agree about the nail cutting - it's horrid!

  6. Congratulations Abby! You are such a particular girl! Particularly wonderful! :)
    ~Lisa Co9T

  7. I liked learning that about you. Now I guess I must share things about me too...

  8. Congrats on the award.
    You freeze and allow the vet to do anything with you? LOL!

  9. Oops, sorry, we forgot to include this. We would love to post videos but our human's ancient camera is not compatible with the computer.

  10. Hi Abby! Congrats on the award! We think that is so interesting to learn about you and the litter box thing - we have lots of boxes at our house so if we had to we could each have one, but mom would have never figured out the pad thing. And we don't mind the claw clipping too much - mainly because we get treats afterwards.

  11. Congrats on your award!! And we can never get enough Party Mix!

  12. Congrats on winning your award! Sounds like it is no picnic for your Mom to give you a pedicure! Sorry you are frozen at the v-e-t!

    I just came across your blog from Ok Cats who I discovered from Mr. Puddy! Looks like a fun place to be! :)

  13. Congrats on your award! Abby you'z quite the character judging by your 7 things! PS: We're so behind in visiting so we have just seen your new header, and we love it and the poem!

  14. Congrats on your award, Miss Abby. It was fun learning more about you. It sounds like you are a rather, um, particular kitty!

  15. Congrats on your award Abby!!! Party mix is the best isn't it?

  16. Concatulations on the award, Abby! I enjoyed reading all your fun facts!

  17. Oah Dearest Abby,
    Thank you so so much~!!!

  18. Congratulations on your award! We love Party Mix too!

  19. Concats on your award, Abby!

    The mom laughed at #7 -- frozen? As in with fear? Or sedated?

    BTW, the quote in your header made our mom's eyes so leaky. *sigh*

  20. Me and Charlie love your new header and that beautiful quote!! Awww lovely Abby!! What a pawsome award!! Yay!!!! You are just so sweet to sit on mum's lap while she ipads away!! Take care

  21. Concats on your award Abby. We have never had our claws clipped because we keep them worn down with our outdoor walks and tree climbing.

  22. Wow that award proves that you are a very god blogger. Why don't you drop by my rabbit hutch one time and give a very effective blog tips for me to improve my blogging skills.


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