Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lap Cat

Mom what are you doing sitting down there on the floor?
I am checking the DSL line.
It's out.
OH...what's that?
It's the way we get out onto the innernets.
OH Mom you better get that fixed, I have to talk to my furfriends.
I know Abby.

Ah Abby did you know your cute little furry behind is on the laptop?
What's that?
That's the device we use to talk to your furfriends.
OH, it's nice and comfy to sit on.
I'm so happy that you're furry behind likes it.

Mom who is that cat looking at me in the window?
Daddy had a great time at the Home & Patio Show.
He sold 13 of his condos and got a few orders for some more.
So he is happy and tired.
Our furfriends at Lucky Cat Adoptions had 6 adoptions this weekend.
So that is all great news!


  1. We knew folks would like those Cat trees! And their kitties are gonna LOVE them! Hurrah! for the adoptions, too.

    Abby, we have to say you have a rather cute cat bum!

  2. Concatulations to your male human for a successful show! And to the Lucky kitties who got adopted too!

  3. Now just realize that in order to do your blogging you have to move your cute cat bum OFF the laptop!!

    That is really super news about the cat condo sales for your Dad. He is going to be busy making more!

  4. I knew it ! I knew it ! your dad's cat tree will get popular ! because he got a really good quality controllers : )

    I think you should give him a good massage ! He deserved your paws : )

  5. Yay for dad and his kitty condos!!! Fantastic news!! Also for the kitties who were adopted!! Brilliant!!

    Sweet Abby!! You are doing a grand job snoopervising mum and keeping the laptop nice and warm!! Yay!

    Take care

  6. Oh yes, I love warm laptops too! I'm like a heat seeking missile in their presence.

  7. We hope your internet connection is all sorted out now!

    Congrats to your dad for selling 13 condos and getting orders for more. That's terrific!

    And it's great news about the 6 adoptions! Yay!

    -Nicki and Derry

  8. Abby what great news on Daddy's condos!!! I expect you all left some p-mail on each and every condo. MOL
    Who knew a laptop could serve as a tush warmer?
    Hugs Madi

  9. You are such a beauty, Abby......we love you.

    YAY that dad sold cat trees!!!!!!!!


  10. That is very excellent that he did so well! YEAH!!!

    Hello handsome Ping! Do you like to sit one the lap top too?

  11. Yay, we are so glad your mum got the internet fixed!!!

    Sounds like a great weekend all around :-)

  12. That's some good news for Dad and for the adoptions fur sure! I hate it when the DSL runs out, we always keep spare!

  13. DSL and broked internets can make our mom REAL crabby. We're glad you're dad sold lots of condos and got more orders - woohoo! Oh, and you look very beautiful, Miss Abby!

  14. Good news all around Abby and your cute little rump perched on the laptop is the cutest thing of all today!
    Hope mom got her DSL rassling done !

  15. Concats to your dad for his success with the condos. You look very cute sitting on the laptop.

  16. your Dad's cat trees are fabulous! No way would he ever have trouble selling those!

  17. Abby, get off the laptop so you can visit us, okay?

    Good for your dad!!

  18. The photo with the arrows labeling laptop and cat bum made me laugh out loud. So silly.

    Congrats to your dad on his cat condo sales!

  19. Good news all round then. We agree: great furry bum!

  20. We are so happeez that your Dad sold so many nice cat houses! (Oops, the Human says that word had 'nuther meaning, but whatever).

    And hurray for kittehs finding new homes, too!

  21. MOL! Lap Cat! MOL! You is very clever lovely Abby!

    ConCatulations to yer dad! Now if he would just ship those dang things we KNOW he'd be way busier than he ever imagined!!!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan