Thursday, March 10, 2011

Society of Feline Gardeners

Gracie says "welcome" to spring! Things are beginning to bloom around here. Just look at this beautiful close up of one of Mom's camellias!
The pyracantha is full of red berries that the birds love to eat (but be careful there are 2" thorns all over this shrub and they bite...Mom calls this the piranha bush!)
Now kitties if you see this in your yard and your Mom and Dad will NOTICE it's called a stinkhorn mushroom. Yep, it stinks. Like rotting flesh stink. Mom thought it was feral kitty deposits, but nope it's a mushroom, and guess what? It's edible. ICK! The thing to do to get rid of it is use baking soda, or best just get it up root and all and throw it away. They form in mulch or all things...Mom found about 30 of them and OH MY COD do they smell!
Now onto Cory's for more beautiful gardens!
We are so glad to see that Picasa/Google fixed whatever issue it was that was not allowing us to upload our pictures straight from Picasa. We know that Google has been having some issues with some software changes that they made so we hope all of that is now straighten out!


  1. Wow! We've never seen a mushroomie like that one! Pretty cool looking (as long as we don't have to smell it!).

  2. Abby, Your garden is just beautiful !!! so bright with color !!! Very joyful Post : )

    And Wow ! for a stinkhorn mushroom !!! Never seen it before in my life !!! Very Stinky Interesting ! Thanks for sharing : )

  3. How did they (whoever "they" are) find out those mushrooms are edible? Why would anyone want to eat such an awful-smelling thing? Although I suppose it's better to find those sitting around than an actual, rotting dead thing.

  4. Yay for these gorgeous stinkhorn mushrooms!! LOL!!!

    Hello there wonderful Gracie!!! You are so lovely to show me and Charlie round your beautiful garden!!! Yay!!!! The pyracanthas and camellias are so pretty and vivid!! Spring is so here!!

    take care

  5. Gorgeous Camelia and Pyracantha. Come on Spring!!! You are a lot ahead of us.

  6. Your camellia is just lovely. We hopes we don't find any of those stinkhorn mushrooms in our yard. The sounds most unpleasant, although they looked kinda interesting. We can't believe people eat something that smells so bad.

  7. That mushroom is ugly along with the terrible smell. We have never seen one of these either. Your camellia is really pretty. Ours only blooms in December. Must be a different kind. It sure is fun to see the flowers. Have a great day.

  8. Gracie you are one gorgeous Gardener.

    We cackled out loud at your Mom's name for the thorny shrub.

    Mom was not familiar stinky mushrooms. Now that she knows what that look like she'll be sure to avoid it.

    Hugs Madi

  9. Beautiful garden pictures, Gracie! Even the mushroom, although it's not a type of stinky goodness we'd like ... hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  10. We just love the beautiful colours of the camellias and the red berries...the stink mushroom we could do without - Lol!!!

  11. We've never seen a stinkhorn mushroom before and if what we read is true we don't want any in our garden either.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. So pretty!!!! :)

    Spring does bring vibrant colours!

  13. Wow! What a big old mushroom that is! I like your garden. Ping! I should love to come walk in your garden sometime!

  14. Whew, thankk goodness we don't has none of them 'shrooms!
    I is an avid gardner myself...well, I likes to dig anyways.


  15. Gracie, those are "almost" as pretty as your eyes!

  16. Wow, I have never seen mushroom like that. The flowers are pretty but Gracie is by far the cutest.

  17. purrrsss n nosekissies to mine gorgeous sweet teeny tuxie princess

    your adoring weerd floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  18. Gracie, I loved my stroll with you through the garden...and the lovely whisker kiss behind the pyracanthus!

    xx Sylvester xx

  19. Whoa, that is a crazy-looking mushroom! Sounds gross, too. Your garden looks so beautiful and colorful, though!

  20. The Human and I think that stinky thing is really interesting-looking but we are pretty glad we don't have smellovision, MOL!


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