Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fundraising With First Coast No More Homeless Pets

Mom and Dad deserted us one night. You can see how I felt about that!
This is the table where they sat.
You can see the tables around the edges have gift baskets to 'bid' on. There was a silent auction to help raise $$$ for FCNMHP!

Lots and lots of people were in attendance.

This was the view from the restaurant. It was low tide. That is the St John's River in Jacksonville.

Mom and Dad had never been to a Brazilian Steak House before. This was is called "Espeto" and it was very good. There is a salad bar where you fill up your plate with lots of good vegetables and then the waiters come around to your table with 19 different cuts of meat and carve it off at your table for you. It was very interesting. This was all for a good cause -- FCNMHP!

Mom has a question:
She did this post yesterday and when she checked it none of the pictures were showing.
We are resizing our pictures in Picasa and we are now seeing posts with pictures missing since we started resizing, is anyone else having that issue?
We just went into Blogger and uploaded from there to fix this post.

We had 4 adoptions Saturday with Lucky Cat Adoptions!
Yahoo 4 new forever and ever homes!


  1. It sounds delicious! Hello handsome Ping! We don't use blogger so haven't noticed but have noticed that we can't see some of your photos today.

  2. My human and her boyfriend often attend benefits like the one your humans went to.

    I can see some of your photos, but not others.

    Paws up for the 4 adoptions, BTW!

  3. Awwww lovely Abby!! Mom and Dad were doing good things!! Yay!!

    Congratulations with the fundraising and yay too for the 4 adoptions!! Woo-hoo!!

    Me and Charlie can see the first three images but not the rest!

    Take care

  4. A thousand million thanks for sending healing purrs. Cinders is better.

    It's great that your mom and dad are helping at the fundraising. Hope they enjoyed the event. We can't see the last 3 pictures.

  5. We are sure yoo must have raised lots of money!

  6. Hooray for a great fundraiser! That sure is a pretty view from the restaurant.

  7. We went to a Brazilian restaurant a couple years here in Minneapolis. Tasty but too much excess. Those sweet brazilian drinky-poos were pretty tasty too!

  8. We purray your humans will be blessed
    for helpi9ng FCNMHP.

    Mama has always uploaded through Blogger, which puts the pictures in Picasa. Mama always does her sizing in Blogger after the picture is uploaded. Blogger's new editor makes it so very easy to resize pictures by clicking on the picture after you upload it. If you want to resize the html for the picture, mama can help you with that also....just send her an email at

    Love to all of you.

  9. I am so happy the fundraiser was successful, that is always great!

  10. We LOVE First Coast!!! Mom's brofur and sister-in-law live down there. FCNMHP does wonderful things are we are glad you are supporting them.

    BTW - we use blogger and couldn't see the last 3 pics.

  11. Great Fundraiser and lovely view of the river :)


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