Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In The Arms of an Angel

I sat reading blogs throughout the evening, and I came up to a post by I MAXIMUS about his brother Scampi. Scampi is now 22. Wow just think of about that. 22. He said he is losing Scampi a little day by day. Soon Scampi will be at the Bridge. I just lost it. I sat there and buried my head into my hands and wept. Abby was asleep in my lap and she immediately took notice of my pain. She started by nuzzling me gently and then she came up and turned over onto her stomach in my arms like you would cradle a baby and she was purring, LOUDLY. She kept on nuzzling me. Abby is a cat of comfort and she is my angel. She knows when I hurt and she comes to soothe the rawness out of my pain. I feel such empathy for Maximus because of the age of Scampi. I look at my teeny tiny comfort kitty and it does worry me, she will be 12 and I know in some ways that is not old, but in other ways it is. My fear -- my deepest fear is having to let go of her, but I try very hard not to let those thoughts creep too much into my mind -- although one day I will have to let her go and she will have to wait until we reunite with each other again, because I do believe she and I will be reunited because we share a special bond. She is my heart kitty. My comfort, my joy. But please take a moment and purr for Scampi, his days are fewer than most and there are aching hearts, including my own. You are in our purrayers Scampi.


  1. OH, we are so sorry this made you so sad. We understand, but try not to be afraid of losing Abby while she is still healthy and with you. She may live a lot longer.

  2. Me and Charlie are so glad that sweet adorable Abby is there for you! You have such a special bond - it's so lovely to read. We hope you have many many years together!

    We have been following Maximus's blog too and our hearts go to him and his family. Scampi is such a dear kitty and so amazing. 22!! Wow!! We purr and pray that he finds the strength to be with Maximus and his family for as long as his brave heart will allow!

    Take care

  3. We had seen that and left our purrs...So difficult to lose beloved fur companions, at any age.

    We, too, hope you and Abby have many more years together.

    The mom understands perfectly, because with Annie gone, there is no one to comfort her anymore. Annie was tuned in to her in a way we boys just aren't.

    But please don't let your fears spoil the time you have with her--whether that be a few years or a dozen more years. All things pass and part of life is learning to accept that.

    We think we're lucky, being cats, because we don't "tax our lives with forethought of grief."

    *Kitty kisses* from us and (((hugs))) from the mom.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. What a sweet comfort kitty you are, Abby. Marmie understands how you feel. I'm only 1, but I have a health issue and Marmie can fret and fret if she thinks about it too much. Other kitties going to rainbow bridge makes her very very sad.

  5. Mom is wiping tears. She knows what you mean. Mom worried about me to the point that she wasn't appreciating what we have in the here and now. I tried to tell her that. Mom is trying hard now to live in the moment..not some future that we don't know. It's hard though and she said she sends you love and hugs to warm your day with Abby and your other babies.♥

  6. I am only seven, but my Mommeh feels melancholy when she thinks of how fast our time together seems to go by.

  7. Mom tries hard not to think about these things either but it makes her sad sometimes (like now). Maestro is 16 years old and slowing down - and yet he has days when he seems so much younger. We will be purring for Scampi and his family....

  8. We are sorry you got the sads but think of the lovely long life Scampi has spent with them - don't let it spoil your time with Abby - she has plenty of time to come yet.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Abby is the purrfect comfort critter, and we send lots and lots of purrs to Scampi.

  10. What a beautiful post about your sweet Abby. Those of us lucky enough to be owned by a cat often hear from folks that cats aren't loving or as devoted as K9s...I, for one just smile at them...because I know a secret....
    Blessings to Scampi and family and thank you for sharing.
    Hugs Madi's Mom

  11. I understand your feelings. We love our cats so completely and they give us such joy that it is painful to contemplate life without them! Abby is a special girl indeed :-)

  12. My Human understands. She had such a once-in-a-lifetime kitteh, named Mr. Teeth (she's really bad a naming kitties, huh?) When he went to the Bridge she was soooooo sad, but now she thinks back on him and smiles all the time about the fun and good times they had and how sweet and funny he was. He was a big soft gray boy and she knows for sure he'll be there waiting.

    She tries not to worry about the future until she has to, and tries to remember that all the years of happiness are what's important.

  13. Oh I could have written this exact post. When I read about Scampi I just couldn't help but cry. And luckily I was at home at the time and my kitties came to sit with me too. Cats are good like that. Of course I read your post at work - bad idea because it made me sad again. But then I saw Jen (Old Kitty)'s comment about his wonderful long life and I realized that she is right - he is a lucky boy to have had so many years. It is those of us left behind who are sad because the one we love is gone. But they would want us to remember the good times. And right now he is still here, and like I told Maximus, we have to enjoy the company of those we love while they are here - if we think about the future to much it can make that time with them sad, so we need to not think about the sad stuff so we can have as many happy times as we can!

  14. OH my gosh, reading this made me cry. I have been doing that a lot today while reading blogs. I understand your sadness when you think of Abby, and it is natural to feel that way. But you have her now and you had her yesterday and all you can do is look at each day as a gift.

    I've lost so many precious pets in the past and it never stops sucking. I was just thinking today about some of my babies..Ruby is 10, Oliver is 11, Hank is 10 and Logan is almost 8...I wish they could stay with us forever.

    Tell ya what..lets just pretend that they will never leave us. Once I stop crying, i'll believe it.

    Homers mommy

  15. Dear Abby,

    Your mommy made my mommy cry. Now my mommy wants to come to your house and snuggle you in her lap too. I am going to send some purrs your way to give to your mommy...xoxoxoxoxo


  16. Remember, miracles happen every day.

  17. What a lovely post. I too worry about the day when I have to let my girl leave me... but I know she will guide another to me to help me through it.

  18. You echo the thoughts of all of us!
    What a beautiful post!

  19. Oh, I so understand: Scarlett is my darling and I cannot imagine not having her around. When Star and Comet died at age 8 and 9, I got so terrified of losing Scarlett (she's 9). I'm still scared.

  20. We went to visit Scampi's family. When you have a special bond with a cat you never want to let go.

    We've been fortunate to have had our Jonathan who lived into his 20's and we've lost some of our special cats far too young. You never know what it's going to be so you just have to appreciate every single day you have together.



  21. Cloon's Human: Very touching post. What a beautiful and special bond you have with Abby. I can relate very much to what you are saying. I lost my special girl a little while back and it was very unexpected. My purrs go out to everyone with their special kitties and any loss they may encounter...


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