Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thursday in The Garden Part II

OOPS blogger didn't load them in the right order! These pictures were visible earlier and then all of a sudden they disappeared??? Go figure-- bad bad blogger. We did not want to delete the first post (without the pictures) because we had some comments and we didn't want to discard those. We just reposted the same pictures, even if blogger didn't want us to have them in the right order.

Approximately 4 years ago, my Great Uncle gave me 4 amaryllis bulbs, so we put in this small planter's bed. Well as you can see those 4 bulbs have multipled and now I have I don't know how many beautiful amaryllis. The landscape timbers we used had rotted, so we got out and pulled them up and put down concrete pavers which is what we have used on all the other planter beds in the yard.
Look who is snoopervising?!!!
Be sure to check our master gardener Cory and all the other wonderful garden cropping up this spring!


  1. Blogger's having a "senior moment." :-P

    The pavers look terrific, great job! Of course it was your snoopervising, Abby, that enabled the work to get done!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. So nice to have some REAl garden to look at. Sigh ..... we live too far north I think.

  3. Look at those lovely plants! And you all inside. Ping I love your porch where you can look out at your plants!

  4. Blogger is being very cranky lately. Last week we had a post every single picture was gone. The next day Mom posted the pictures w/o words.

    Your mom has a green thumb and a good helper.
    Hugs Madi

  5. Thanks, now I see those great pictures! Darn blogger boogers!!!

  6. They look great! I, Fuzzy, used to live in a house with my mom that had a bunch of irises on one side. It became an overgrown mess of irises within a couple of years!! Bulbs are crazy!

  7. dred pirate blogger strikes again!

    purrrrrrrsssssss n nosekissies to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie princess Abby

    your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  8. Yes weWeanything so we thought we'd visit again :-)

    I have never seen amaryllis with so much foliage before. Usually when my mum gets one at Christmas they just have two leaves. At first I thought the picture was some sort of hostas! WOW, we can't wait to see them in full bloom :-) Do you mind if I ask what gardening zone you live in? I'm thinking Canadian winters may be too harsh for amaryllis outside and they wouldn't survive.

  9. When a cat snoopervises, what could go wrong? Great patio.

  10. Looks like all that snoopervising paid off, Abby!

  11. Great job in the garden!
    And great snoopervising!


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