Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thursday In The Garden

Welcome to our garden.

Summer is closely upon us. And the flowers are all in bloom.

We love all the color and the beauty.

For more beautiful gardens be sure to check out Master Gardener Jonesie!

We want to make sure everyone knows that our Daddy did just great with his rotator cuff surgery this week. He is home resting and recuperating.
Everything went really well and he should completely heal in a few months.
It is a long recuperation process.
Thank you all for your purrs!


  1. Oh such a lovely garden you have to explore Ping! I am glad your dad did well with his surgery. I will purr for him though so he keeps healing well.

  2. So glad to hear surgery is over and he did well. Continued purrs. Oh,and beyootiful flowers in your garden!

  3. Oooh, we're behind in our visiting and didn't realize your Dad has his surgery. We hope his recovery goes well. Our Mom has two or three more weeks of PT for her elbow surgery. It's a long process but we know your Dad will get through it.
    Your flowers are gorgeous!

  4. I'm glad to hear that it went well with your human's rotator cuff surgery! That type of injury DOES take a long time to heal - I have found, unfortunately, that lying on the shoulder and purring does not do all that much good... in fact, from my experience, it tends to make the patient a bit fussy.

  5. Theese are beautiful garden pics. We are so happy to hear that your Dad's surgery went so well! Continued purrs from us to him for excellent healing and recovery.

  6. Awww me and Charlie continue to purr and send your dad healing hugs! We are glad the surgery went well and he is home now!!

    Your garden is lovely!! Look at all these vivid colours and blooms!! Yay! So beautiful!! Take care

  7. All Flowers in your garden are always so beautiful !!!
    The color is just brilliant !!! very good photos : )

    I keep purring for your daddy, And thanks to let us know he is doing well : )


  8. Those are such wonderful flowers. Great garden. Sure glad to hear that Dad's surgery went well and he is doing all right. Hope all of you have a very fun day.

  9. Your blooms are gorgeous. :-)

    Because our own warm weather is so short, we really appreciate the joy-full abundance of colour!

    We're glad you're dad's home and recovering--continued purrs and Light from us!

  10. My gosh your garden flowers are so beautiful!!! Great news about your dad :-)

  11. Such beautiful flowers! Hooray for your Dad, we're sending healing purrs his way!

  12. We're glad to hear you Dad is doing well and resting up - you'll all have to help your mom with your pretty garden.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Your garden is so beautiful the pictures cheered me up.Glad your dad's okay :)

  14. We are glad to see that your dad did well with his surgery - we know it is a long recovery but the people we know who had it said in the end it is very worth it. We are sending him healing purrs and prayers.

    And we love your garden pictures too - the flowers are so pretty!

  15. Your garden is very beautiful...we love all the vibrant colors.
    We're glad Dad is doing well.
    I expect being patient while he heals will be his biggest problem.
    Hugs madi

  16. Awesome news bouts your dad! So glad he is on da mend and I knows he'll feel brand new when he gets overs da recoopin'! Mum knows lots of peoples dat had dat surgery.

    What beautiful flowers! What are those in da furst foto?


  17. So colorful
    and so many ping flowers :-)
    We love it !!!!

    hugssss and nose kisses from
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<

  18. Those are beautiful flowers. We're very glad to your Dad is resting comfortably.

  19. Beautiful photos of your wonderful flowers. You all certainly have a green thumb at your place.

  20. What a beautiful garden!!! You are exceptional garden kitty.
    We continue to purrs fur your daddy's recovery. I bet you are being a good nurse too!

  21. WOW!!!!!!!!! Your garden is simply marvelous!!!!! So pretty :)
    WE are really glad your Daddy's operation went so well :) We purr that his recovery is smooth and trouble free!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  22. Your flowers are absolutely stunning! We are just catching up with our visiting and we are happy to know that your dad is doing fine after his surgery. Sending lots of purrs for a speedy recovery.

    xoxo Cory and family

  23. Your garden is byootiful!

    Do you think that means your Dad will have to stay home with you for all that recuperating time? 'Cause that should mean there'll be a good lap available and probably it will be pretty hard for him to toss you off because he had all that surgery and stuff. But he DOES have one good arm so that means he can still pet you and give you lots of treats. Your care and comfort remains paramount, and although he may be slightly damaged right b=now, he can still be a really useful servant.


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