Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Many many many years ago I was a shutterbug. I still have all of my old camera equipment. Photography has always been something I loved, but along the way it was laid aside, I really don't know why.

When all the kitties came into our lives my love of photography returned, but lo and behold times had changed. Digital cameras and pictures were the thing. I didn't know much about digital photography or photo editing. (Still learning about the editing part)

So along the way I purchased some point and shoot cameras and they do give nice pictures. But I yearned for something more. I did get a Canon but I never really warmed to it. Well after trying out a Fuji DSLR and really being dissatisfied my husband said if you really want to take good photos you need a good camera. I've always wanted a Nikon. Even back in the old days I longed for a Nikon. IT was "the" camera in those days. Nowadays you can choose from among many good brands, and Nikon is just one of them. I didn't go for the pro camera, but the D3100 should really do the trick for me. It feels really nice in the hand and just the way it shoots is so rewarding, I don't know how to describe it but I think I'm finally going to be able to satisfied my reemerged old shutterbug. Even though it's a tad early my husband went ahead and gave me this for my birthday. I think I will have it for a long long time. Please feel free to let me know what kind of camera you use and how you like it.


  1. our mombean also has a Nikon - her first, also first DSLR. It is the D5000. She likes it lots and is still dealing wif da learning curve. We kitties don't like dat camera much.

    How do you like yours? By the way, Happy Birthday from all of us!!

  2. Enjoy your new camera. I forget which Nikon the woman looked at but Canon got better reviews that year so we have Canon. She is pretty happy with it although she did prefer the Nikon feel. I think Skeezix uses a Canon.

    We are glad Abby did well at the vet! Hello handsome Ping!

  3. Oops, you've already mentioned that you think you will love the camera and we think so too! Looks like you have the 55-200mm lens to go with the kit lens. Nice.

  4. My mom has a Canon Rebel SLR...I think the first one that came out because it doesn't have a number on it. I think she wants a better camera, but there is nothing wrong with the one she has....and if she got another it might mean more modeling sessions for all of us.

  5. My human has a Nikon D60 but she never uses it. Since she mostly photographs cats and other subjects where she needs to be quick and usually shoots handheld, she uses a Sony DSC-HX1. She tried one out at Fry's once and couldn't stop playing with it, it was so lightweight and so much fun. So she researched it, and it got pretty good all-around reviews and she bought one. It's versatile and has a decent lens. The Nikon is heavy and not as fun. Plus she can only use it on us kitties when we are sleeping or very relaxed.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwwww!!! Yay for your amazing pressie!! Me and Charlie love love love your pics of your beautiful kitties!!! And your garden!! And all the pics you take are just amazing!! You are a true artist!! Wonderful!! Enjoy your day!!

    Erm... I got me a digital camera the store said is recommended for amateurs like me and just point and press the button! LOL!! I haven't a clue!!! So yay for you fab photographers!! It's a wonderful skill and talent to have and nurture! Take care

  7. Wow, great birthday gift! Happy birthday, happy birthday!!!

    I use three point and shoots: a little Canon Elph, just purchased by my dad this June when he was visiting--perfect size for my purse to and from work, for macro floral shots; an old Canon PowerShot S3 IS which has done great service for almost five years, and a Fuji HS10 (bridge camera) dad bought her last summer.

    I love, love, love my Fuji. Love it. The only drawback being it's large and heavy and not always easily taken back and forth to work, hence the usefulness of the little Elph. The image quality is great--though I've not learned how to take good indoor pics with any camera. I didn't want to go the route of a DSLR because I don't shoot in manual mode and I think a DSLR is wasted if you don't learn about lighting, f-stops, aperture, etc., and I can't seem to keep that in my head -- it goes in, it goes out. So I love my various auto settings, but still try to follow the rules of composition and take the best snapshots I can.

    One thing really annoys me is that so many people (NOT you!) think that because they have a DSLR, they're photographers. Nope, photography is both a skill and an art and it takes a heck of a lot more than just a good camera for someone to be a Photographer. That's why I always, always clarify that I take *snapshots*, not "photographs.

  8. Wow mom would LOVE To have a camera like that!

  9. We have a Canon was on sale! Hey, Happy Birthday to you!!!

  10. Gabriel's and Sweet Pea's Daddy just bought one of those exact cameras for himself. He LOVES it!

    Happy early birthday! That's a fabulous gift!

  11. That looks like a lovely camera. Our mum just has a Panasonic point and shoot. Happy Birthday to you.

  12. What a wonderful present for your birthday! W already love the photographs you take of the cats, so are sure you will really do some awesome things with the new one. We use a Canon Powershot, nothing fancy. Its chief downside is the delay between picture. I was able to use my daughter's DSLR a bit in June and the fast response is just wonderful - especially with cats!

  13. WOW!! That is a wonderful camera!!
    Happy Birthday :)
    I have a Nikon 5000 that is a year old now. I was looking for a new hobby and this is it. I like the fact there is a learning curve,because it keeps me learning(important as you get older,hahaha) It gets me out of the house and I am still having fun,especially with my sister(TeamTabby)
    Any camera that gives you pleasure is the right camera for you.
    I hope you have lots of fun with your camera :)
    kitty mom Nancy

  14. I thought I had to have a DSLR and bought a Canon Rebel three or four years ago. I like it, but as some others have said, I find it heavy. My shoulders get very tired carrying it around with the exra lens and stuff.

    I went on a trip in June to the Maritime Provinces of Canada and decided I was going to go back to a point and shoot because that is basically how I was using the Canon. I bought a Nikon P500. Its telephoto lense captures more than my Canon. The main think I like about it is that it is light and easy to carry, although it doen't fit in my purse.

    I hope you really enjoy your new gift.

  15. You are so lucky - what awesome camera equipment! I tried to take pictures of my best friend's akita dog - but his face satyed all black. If I only knew what settings to use, it would really help. I have a Nikon and am an amateur when it comes to animal shots or needing speed if they are moving around!


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