Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mr Chewy

We wanted to share our experience with Mr Chewy. We were contacted a few weeks ago by Mr Chewy and offered a $50 gift certificate to try out their any of their products. A friend of our had graciously gifted us with a few cans of Tiki Cat which we all scoffed down so quickly Mom knew she wanted to try some more. Well luckily Mr Chewy had that brand of food, which we could not find locally. We placed our order on a Friday and Tuesday morning it was here! Now that's what I call good service. The website is very easy to use and offers a lot of choices to select from. We think Mr Chewy is a big winner. We also noticed where you can set up your orders to come automatically if you find something you really like, which we thought was a great convenience (also there is an extra discount on your first order if you do so, and you can change that at anytime, so you aren't locked into that option)

Boo chows down. NOM NOM NOM!

Abby eating off of her spoon.

And Gracie and Jinx share some good noms together.

End of the Tiki Cat!
All of us love Tiki Cat but Abby has some sensitivites so we have to be careful what she eats now.
All in all we highly recommend Mr Chewy to everyone.
20 paws up!


  1. Mmmmm, noms! So good to see Abby eating her fudz with happiness ;-)

  2. I am so glad you got foods you loved Miss Abby! And Ping--they had my puffalo food! Can you imagine?! Not many places have puffalo foods!

  3. We are happy that Abby was happy to eat. We have been purring for her.

    Many on the kidney list have reported good results with the slippery elm. We are glad that it is helping Abby.

  4. That food looks like it was quite a hit!

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  6. Great!Thanks for sharing that info.

  7. Abby we are sending healing purrs to you. Hugs

  8. Hope Abby is doing well. That was really nice to get Tiki Cat from Mr Chewy. We don't know Tiki Cat food - wonder if I would like it too.

  9. Yay there is nothing better than have a pantry full of delish food!!
    Great post.
    Hugs Madi

  10. Yay for paws up of approval for these yummy tasty noms!! Take care

  11. nom nom nom! That looks wonderful!

    I have IBD Abby and have for years. I eat Prescription Hill ID and DD (crunchies mixed together) and DD style stinky goodness. It really helps. I used to get WD also for crunchies, but last time mommy mixed that in I started puking again.

    I also get Laxitone every 2-3 days. My beans are lucky that I think it is a treat. I lick it right off the spoon! That helps keep things moving.

    I'm sure now that you're diagnosed you'll feel all better soon. Just watch what you eat, and stress (I get flare ups during holidays, bean vacations, stinky boy arrivals etc) and you'll do great!

    Enjoy your Mr Chewy deliveries!!!

  12. I is not even a kitteh and dat food looks good to me...yuuuuuummy!

    I can;t believes you kittehs SHARE food.


  13. We were delighted to hear that Abby enjoyed her Tiki cat food. We hope she is feeling better than the beginning of the week.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. I just saw that Abby has been struggling with IBS -- what a bummer! I hope you get feeling better soon! Keep up with your supplements. You're looking great.

  15. So happy to hear you are eating Abby. M has heard good things about Tiki. She's tempted to order some too. Are they in chunks? I is wondering cuz I has no toothies left for chewing.

  16. Yummy stuff arriving at your door,mthat is purrfect!

  17. we loved your review of Mr.Chewy! We love him too!

  18. Great review and three cheers for Mr. Chewy! We too just discovered Tiki thanks to Mr. Chewy. It is so good!!


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