Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Update on Abby

Update 6:10 PM
She just threw up again.
I feel like this is going backwards, and I feel so bad for Abby.
Does anyone have advise for me?
Would you take your cat back to the Vet under these conditions if they don't improve?

Here I am resting today.

I had just gotten up and checked out the new Purina EN food. I sorta turned up nose up to it.

Can you see where they gave me a mohawk on my neck. All my pretty fur that looked like feathers is gone on my right side.


It's kinda sucks to be sick.

Mom said she loved how my eyes and whiskers looked in this.
Hey I think I look kinda punk chic with my new mohawk.

*gasp* Mom I can't believe you are showing my naked belly.

OK I am starting to feel icky again.

Time to go lay down.

I am a muff ball.

Where I will stay today.
Abby woke up early this morning.
We gave her pills.
Our first ever time pilling a cat.
If you've never done it, consider yourself blessed.
After that both cat and humans are stressed.
I let her recovered and fed her brothers and sisters.
Then I gave her breakfast.
She gave it a few licks, that was it.
She drank well.
Then she slept.
She got up to try her new dry food. I have it mixed with her old dry food.
She only wanted the old stuff.
Right now, anything she eats is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.
Then it was back to bed.
And a photo session.
All of these pictures were just taken.

One bright note: spring is on the way. The trees are blooming.


  1. Oh, sweet Abby, those furs will grow back. We know you feel kind of nekked in those places now, though. We are purring for you to adapt to your new food and that you can get well ASAP!

    Yes, that is a GREAT whisker picture!

  2. Abby, it's okay, as Simba said, those furs will grow back.

    Would you eat a pill pocket, or would you take the pill better if it were wrapped inside a piece of pill pocket? They do help pills slide down the throat more easily.

    We're sending you tons of healing purrs and kitty kisses too.

    (((Hugs))) to your mom from our mom.

  3. Don't worry Abby, your fur will soon grow back. We know what it is like with new foos, you think you are being poisoned. Mum can't pill me, Eric. Even the vets can't do it so I have to have everything by injection. Flynn hisses but he will take them.

  4. I am sending you lots of purrs, Abby. I hope you start getting an appetite back very, very soon!

  5. I sure hope you feel better soon sweet Abby. We are all sending you tons of purrs and hugs.

  6. Abby darling, your beautiful furs will grow back. I beg you, take the pill...try pill pockets just eat Abby. If this looks like Admiral it isn't, it's me Katie visiting from Admirsl's blog site. Love you sweetheart.

  7. You are beautiful as always, lovely Abby=we are relieved you are home and wish you a very speedy recovery, adorable girl...We know the pills aren't fun, but we are purring for you to feel better asap...Happy weekend, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Oh boy, we usually put pills in gooseliver/braunschwiger, but if you're not eating, that dont work! We hope you get better really fast!don't worry about the pretty furs, we think you still look awesome!

  9. Abby, we think you look adorable with your new haircut! We hope you start feeling much better soon and we send our best purrs!

  10. Awww Abby!! Beautiful adorable little Abby!! Me and Charlie are so happy you are back home where you can rest surrounded by all your wonderful family!! We hope that you get to feel better soon and re-grow new furrs!! Yay! Please continue to eat - we agree that's so important.

    As for pilling - I don't even try pilling direct - I mash up the pill with the food - sometimes this works - as it did with Tim, my Old Girl's brother, sometimes not! I remember my Ol Girl who wouldn't even eat the mashed up pills - I had to take her to the vets and they did it for me (luckily the vets are just across the road from me - and they had do as I came to them, hysterical). What they do is that there are two of the nurses, one wrapped my kitty in a towel to hold her down while the other opened her mouth and shoved the pill in. They did it in like a second or two - so quick. I could never have done that by myself!

    We continue to send you all lots of healing hugs and purrs! take care

  11. Abby, you do not look too pleased with that mohawk. We bet you'll grow it back extra soft and fluffy. We are glad you are at home with your Mum, and getting some extra rest is a good thing! Purrrrrrrrrs.....

    Abby Normal & Stygia

  12. Ohhhh Poor Abby :(((( we hope you start to feel better really soon. Don't wurry pretty girl your feaverz will grow back soon. Good thin you don't live where we do,, or you would need a scarf cauze it sooo Cold and snowy ^..^ We sending loud Purayerz & Purrz ^..^
    Soft NozeKissez ~ xoxoxoxo

  13. Hello sweet girl, I am so glad to see you, mohawk and all. It's just so . . .undignified at the vet's isn't it?

    We sended your Mom a little email, Abby. And we's sending you our verreh best purrs and purrayers, little one. Rest easy in your own home, with your own beds, and your own stuff, and your own peepuls too!

  14. Oh Abby! We know being sick sucks. We wish we had some advice for your mom. We've heard that getting IBD under control can be difficult. We are purring for you and hoping you'll eat some of that special food.

  15. Poor Abby!! You have been through a lot this week. We are sending you BIG purrs in the hope that the pills help you feel better soon and that you eat more and get well !!!!
    Mom says it is nice to see signs of Spring, because we has a snowstorm Friday :o
    It was just about 4 inches, but it was mixed with rain.Poor Mom,
    Purrs Abby !!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  16. Hey sweet Abby and Mom....oh dear I just don't know what to tell you except go with your instincts. You know Abby better than anyone.
    My daughter's cat became dehydrated pretty quick this past fall. That is what you have to worry about the most. If Abby isn't any better tomorrow, I'd certainly take her back or at least call. I agree with Fuzzy Tales a pill pocket might be easier for you. Did the VET give you a pill popper. It is long plastic tube with a plunger at the end. You pull back the plunger drop the pill in the tube then get the plunger close to the pill. While one of you holds Abby (in a towel so she can't scratch) the other pries her mouth open quickly popping the pill in.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Madi and Mom

  17. Oh, sweet Abby, we are so sad you are still not feeling well. Did they give you something for the nausea? Our mom knows how worrisome it is for your mom. (((HUGS))) and purrs to you both!

  18. Pill poppers and pill pockets will help. I use the homeopathic remedy from a health food store Nux Vomica for any nausea and loss of appetite. It can be dissolved in water and added to milk or just use a plastic syringe without a needle to squirt it in. It may help quell the nausea and help her eat. Sending purrs.

  19. Awww poor Abby. You do look sad and like you don't feel well. You might try a pill pocket, as many have suggested. It works for some, but not all cats. We like the pill pusher and it's relatively easy to use. Be sure to reward with a treat she likes after and offer plenty of praise after she's taken her pill.
    Our heart breaks for all of you - it's never fun having a sick kitty.

  20. Oh, sweet Abby. I sure hope you feel better soon. I have to chime in with the others regarding Pill Pockets. Lucy loves them! They are definitely worth a try. I agree about eating being even more important than eating the special food. Hopefully in time she'll eat the prescription food. I think there are some good Internet groups out there for feline IBD. They may be able to give you some good advice.

  21. We think the suggestion to talk to the vet is a wise one, but maybe not rush her back there too quickly. But that depends on how many times she throws up, and also whether the throwing up looks like the undigested food coming back up, or looks more like it comes from deeper, is biley colored, and seems to be because she feels nauseous. Simba threw up all his dinner last night after he ate more voraciously than usual, since he usually nibbles. But it was all just unprocessed dinner coming right back up.

  22. Oh Miss Abby, it is not good to be sick. We send healing purrs your way. Get Better!

  23. Get well, Abby. We send lots of pawhugs for you. And your mom. We think she needs some too.

  24. Hi Abby poor little girl.I hope your purrrfectly well very soon.Meow hugs!

  25. Abby we will continue our purrs for you.

    Our mom is a pro at pillling kitties. With 9 of us it seems someone is always needing a pill. Her technique involves sitting behind us on the floor so we can't squirm away. Agree with others that the pill popper we got from our vet is the best invention ever so mom doesn't have to stick her fingers down our throats!

    Trust your instict, but dehydration would be the big worry for me in figuring out if she needs to be rushed back to the vet.

  26. Our mom holds the kitty between her legs with the kitty facing away from her. That secures the kitty & leaves her hands free. Then she grabs the kitty on either side of her mouth with her left hand and pulls her head back. That forces the kitty's mouth open. She drops the pill in the back of the kitty's throat & pushes it down as far as she can with 1 finger. Then she clamps the kitty's mouth shut and with the head still far back, strokes her throat until she swallows. The whole procedure just takes a couple seconds. Our mom would be inclined to take the kitty back to the vets. They are so good at hiding what is wrong she feels you can't be too careful. Good luck sweet Abby! We love you and hope you are better soon!

  27. Oh, poor dear Abby! I am so sorry she is still under the weather.

    I have only had to give Scarlett a pill once, but my vet gave me a tip that worked like a charm. She said to line up a few pill pocket treats: one empty, one with the pill, then two more empty ones. She said that usually, a cat will be on to the empty treats before she has a chance to realize that she's eaten a pill. The vet did say that this trick only works on a cat that is really food motivated - and Scarlett loves anything edible.

    Hugs to you and to Abby!

  28. Abby, we jut read about all of the troubles you've been going through. We are purring hard for you and your family. xoxo! purrs and headbutts

  29. Abby, we agree you do look kind of punk chic. Our roommates have sported this fashion before.

    Our human is sneaky at pilling and will say, "open" holding Old Dame Cinders' head with the left hand, gently pushing a finger at the side of the mouth. The second the mouth opened, the pill on the right hand will be quickly shoved in. Our human usually sit on the floor to do this.

    All of us here are sending lots of healing and comforting purrs to you and mom.

  30. Oh Abby, we are purring for you. You know, tell your Mom that your vet is there for her as well as you and it's their job to take care of Mom AND you. If she is that worried, they need to help more okay? At least they need to explain to her if what is going on is normal for a cat with IBS and let her know the course of what is happening. I would call them and give them my mad puffalo face until they gave me an answer or said to take you in.

    Purrs to you sweet girl-


  31. Thinking of you & sending purrs & more! XOXOXO

  32. We hope you begin eating your new food so it can help with your IBD. We're still purring for you.

    Truffle and Brulee

  33. At least contact your vet. You need to be comfortable too. Our Princess was hurt by swallowing a fake berry off of a flower arrangement. It passed but irritated her insides. It was 12 whole months before her stomach settled down! Purrs, purrayers, patience and pawsitive thoughts fur you and Abby. xoxo

  34. Abbey you look a bit bemused! That mohican is quite spiffy!

    I think you've had some good advice, but I would definitely take her back if no improvement. xox