Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday in Garden


Welcome! Welcome!
We are beginning to see life in our garden.

Look at this nommy creature. I know I would like to taste, er
play with him.
*wavin* Hi there Mr Lizard!
Doesn't he look delicious, tasty,um nice?

This is called a wedding plant.
They are teeny tiny little mini bouquets.
They only bloom a very short time each year.

Oh hi there Mr Bee. Doing your thing I see.

One of Mom's pink roses.

And we hope you will stop in and visit Jonesie for the true Jedi Master Gardener.
Thank you for stopping in for a visit come back anytime!


  1. Ping! I love your garden. I shall mew at that lizard until I scare him out for you to capture!

  2. Wow, Ping, you get awesome lizards in your backyard! We only get the brown, scaly ones. They are fun when they come into the house, but they are nothing special.

  3. You have some wonderful things growing in your garden! Tastey looking lizards too, you got it all!

  4. We know what you mean! We wanted to meet the Easter Bunny but we were told we couldn't eat him now where's the fun in that?

  5. What a beautiful garden you have to play in. That lizard looks fun. I've never seen one, but mummy has when she has been on holiday :)xx

  6. What a nice garden you have! Mommy says a relative of that lizard you have there ran up her legs when she was a tiny little girl causing her to cry and miss school that day. Silly Mommy.

  7. Awww lovely Mr Ping!! Me and Charlie like that you say hello to your lovely lizard and bee friends! Yay!!

    Your mum's flowers are gorgeous!! The Wedding plant is so pretty!!

    Take care

  8. Ping you have a great garden. Lizard - you are so lucky cuz we don't have them around here. Your picture of Abby at the header is stunning.

  9. Such gorgeous blooms! And a gorgeous and fun new header too.

    We've never seen a lizard, we might have to teleport over and have a peek...and a taste. :-)

  10. Your flowers are gorgeous! I keep purring for the sunbeams to show up at my garden, but all I get is rain. I am going to teleport over and hang out with you for a few days, ok?



  11. Oh Ping, countless sisters just fainted! Your garden looks terrific too!

  12. It's always so nice to see your beautiful flowers!!!

  13. Your Mom has beautiful flowers in her garden and that rose is a lovely colour. Mr Bee looks very industrious - we have an expression in the UK "as busy as a bee"!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. What a lovely garden you have Ping!
    The leezard captured our attention right away.

  15. Ping your gorgeous green eyes were all I could see. WOW Now I've gone back to check out everything else.
    I think your eyes were the same color as the lizard!! MOL
    Lovely flowers.
    Hugs Madi

  16. Ping, you look so sleek, shining and studly that I feel a little faster heartbeat just gazing at you. AND mom's flowers. xoxoxox

  17. Lovely lovely.Especially that rose.Im waiting for mine this year.It will be a while though.

  18. Love your colorful garden. The lizard would last two minutes with Odin around!

  19. We wish we had lizards in our garden.

  20. what a cool lizard! ours are a boring brown, mol! the flowers are beautiful!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  21. purrrrss n nosekissies to mine darling sweet tuxie angel princess Abby

    your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  22. That was a great garden tour. We 'specially liked Mr. Leezard!

  23. That wedding plant is awesome. And so are the other flowers. Our boy Spitters had a lizard this afternoon that he was carrying around.Love your flowers. Take care.

  24. What pawsome photos! The colors are so vibrant! And the color of Ping's eyes is amazing.

  25. Mr. Lizard could come over *here* for lunch. Just sayin'.


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