Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday In the Garden


Mom has a bed of variagated amaryllis,but last year
while in BIG LOTS of all places she saw a kit
with a bulb for one red amaryllis, so she bought it.
Last year it did not produce a bloom.

But it was worth the wait.
Because this year it did.

Isn't it just stunning?

Mom of course had to take macro shots!

And we can't believe our squeamish Mom got close enough
to take this guy's picture.
He is a menace.
He is a Rusty Tussock caterpillar.
To insect lovers, the Tussock Moth caterpillars are known for their striking tufts of hair, or tussocks. Many species exhibit four characteristic clumps of bristles on their backs, giving them the appearance of a toothbrush. Some have longer pairs of tufts near the head and rear. Judged by looks alone, these fuzzy caterpillars seem harmless, but touch them with a bare finger and you'll feel you've been pricked by fiberglass. A few species, like the Brown-tail, will leave you with a persistent and painful rash.

I bet he would taste good.
BTW Mom squishes them when she finds them as they EAT everything.
So the little guy above, gone to caterpillar heaven.
Be sure to check out
Master Gardener Jonesie for more beautiful tours!


  1. The red amaryllis is stunning. I like caterpillars, but that one sounds dangerous, so I guess it's good that he got squashed.

  2. Yep, it's good he went to be with Jesus. Tell your Mom that amaryllis was definitely worth waiting for and she took great pics! Worthy of framing!

  3. Oh so pretty, except for that bug thing. He needs a squish.

  4. Oh what a lovely garden. I would come for a stroll with you any time handsome Ping.


  5. Mommy loves caterpillars! The one you showed is called the "dog fur caterpillar", translated from the chinese language and Mommy stays clear of them since they cause intense itching.
    The flower is really stunning.

  6. Those are amazing photos, especially the macro! Coincidentally, I have macro shots on my blog today, but they aren't as good - the subject was a little skittish. ;-)

  7. What a gorgeous red bloom! Beautiful!!! Patience is truly a virtue!! :-) Take care

  8. I love the colour of the Amaryllis :) The caterpillar ... not so much :(

  9. That amaryllis is stunning...Actually, "stunning" is an understatement. Wow!

    We kinda like Mr. Caterpillar too, though understand they're destructive. Our mom will rescue the occasional one she sees, if they're heading onto a road. LOL.

  10. more wonderful photos!! I mean come on, you can even make a caterpillar look good!

  11. We don't like creepy crawly things here either. does that caterpillar have an natural enemy in the garden like birds or do you just have to watch out for them?
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  12. This is a very beautiful and interesting series of pictures, i enjoyed every picture, it has great detail in it, thanks for sharing the artistic work, i appreciate your work!

    High School Diploma

  13. Beautiful flower!
    Don't worry about the fuzzy squished caterpillar, kitty, it probably would have tickled going down... bleh

  14. the red is so rich and deep. Just beautiful!

    The caterpillar was yucky though! :)

  15. That caterpillar would be good for whapping!

  16. That flower is gorgeous! And that caterpillar is yucky.

  17. We commend your mom's gardening ability and her bravery for getting near that caterpillar. We are so impressed she knew that vishus caterpillar's name. Our mom doesn't like them either but will tolerate the nice ones that turn into butterflies she likes.

  18. WOW great picture of the red flower. It leaves a big impact of color. I haven't seen a caterpillar in so many years. I'm sure we must have them, and I remember them when I was growing up, but why don't I have any in my yard?


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