Thursday, August 09, 2012

Thursday in the Garden with Ping


Welcome to our Garden this week.
We wanted to share a few of the things still blooming.
First is one of Mom's recently purchased amaryllis.

Isn't it beautiful?

Mom could not resist this red gernamium.
The vendor was selling all of his plants at 75% off and she
got it for $2.50

Again another discount plant, this time it's a begonia.
Mom was looking at this local garden centers beautiful plants and
had fallen in love with a beautiful big basket of red begonias
and then she spotted this one on the "sale" rack.
She nabbed it $3, a very large savings over the one she was
wishing for.

And finally a close up of one of our climbing red roses.

OK Mom I see all of it but I don't get it.
Why are so interested in plants?

Well while I try to figure her out, please drop in on the true master
gardener Jonesie for more beauty in the garden.

See you next week!


  1. But Ping, don't you love to sniff and whiff at them when you are out there and maybe take a nibble. Mama lets me walk with her when she goes to the backyard. I cannot wait until we have something besides grass to rub against my whiskers.

  2. Wow, those are beautiful! And such bargains! And you look adorable there Ping!

  3. See, with all you beautiful kitties around, how can she possibly focus that camera on anything else??? The Kitties is the most beauteous things for miles around, right? Right.

  4. You are right Ping, the flowers are nice, but I'd like to see (and smell) catnip!

  5. The blooms are beautiful and you don't look too bad yourself, Pink! The ladycats are all swooning over your pic!

  6. They are beautiful flowers and how lucky of your mummy to get such great bargains. I bet the garden just looks and smells beautiful and you, dear Abby, finish it off a treat :)xx

  7. My mom is sooo impressed over the beautiful flowers you have in your garden:-)
    Hugs from Pernille and mom

  8. We aren't interested in the flowers but the little bugs and birds that come for them! :)

  9. Your Mom got some great new plants to make your garden even prettier if that's possible.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Howdy Ping! You sure have the prettiest garden!!!

  11. Your mom has pretty flowers growing in your yard? Do NOT let Jan come visit. They'll all die!

    We love your avatars in the last post.

  12. Gorgeous flowers and a handsome man cat to boot!! Life is good
    Hugs Madi

  13. We agree, Ping. The flowers are beautiful, but they pale in comparison to your handsome self!

  14. Beautiful pictures followed by beautiful Ping!

  15. You must look extra beautiful in this beautiful garden!

  16. Ping, you're right...we don't see the attraction with plants. We much prefer watching birdies!

  17. Beautiful pictures Ping, we especially like the Amaryllis!!!

  18. GORGEOUS photo's, Ping. That one of the red rose should be on a card. Oh, and so should you, of course.



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