Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday in the Garden


Welcome to our garden this week.
Don't forget the super secret word to get in!

Nature is amazing don't you think?
I love the way the natural colors mix and form patterns on this flower.

Isn't this cute?
My brother got two of them for me.
It's a solar light in the form of a copper kitty, so cute especially at night.

Of course Mom says no post for the garden would be complete without
seeing some super macro shots.
This cone flower looks to her like it is "bursting".

Don't you love how ferns grown along side of anything and create beauty?

Well Mom I don't know what you find so exciting about a bunch of flowers.
So I'll just watch you from my prime napping spot.


  1. Is your human growing any nip for you? I would love to see some macro shots of that!

  2. Beautiful. Go ahead and nap sweet Abby, we're gonna look back at the flowers. xoxo

  3. Oh what a beautiful garden you have!

  4. I don't know the super secret word??? I feel bereft :)

    Abby you are definitely the most beautiful flower xx

  5. LOL Abby!
    This is a beautiful garden =^.^=
    My furriends I nominated you for an award (maybe you can put it in the garden?):

  6. Oh Abby!! Your garden is splendiferous!! It's beautiful and mum's photos are just lovely! Take care

  7. You do have a lovely Garden Abby - we think the flashy box has been put away so you can open your eyes again now!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Very fancy and pretty, just like you Abby!

  9. Your garden is lovely looks like some one in your family has a very green thumb. We love the kitty solar light.
    Hugs Madi

  10. We love your garden and the beautiful flowers. And that copper kitty is so pretty!

  11. Your mom has a lovely garden! But you, my dear, have a great nappy spot!

  12. We love your garden post! Check out ours today at The Boomer Muse

  13. Your garden is beautiful my sweet girl, and so are you. Your eyes are like emeralds.

  14. Those flowers are so pretty! Our mom loves the copper kitty!

  15. We wish we had lots of flowers. Love the wire kittie.

  16. Well, once again the flowers are lovely but the last shot takes the prize! (We think that "bursting" one looks like a fireworks display!)

  17. The flower patterns ARE amazing! But we cant take pictures THAT well.


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