Sunday, December 09, 2012

Mom is Frustrated

*Please excuse our dust*
Mom just got a brand new computer and
she is in the
transfer stage.
Oh dear her head looks like it is about to explode.
New Operating system
Nothing is where it was on the old computer.
Trying to update drivers for Win 8
Please give her a little slack.
Technology is great
when it works.


  1. We did that about a month ago, just as Win 8 came out. Fortunately most drivers continued to work for us, but we had to go WAAAAYYY back to like a Win XP or something for the printer (and yes it will work with Windows 8 but it takes a manual install). Even my Dad who works at MS was getting frustrated with the automatic stuff.

    Good luck.

    Purrs to handsome Ping!

  2. We are Mac kitties here, but I have to say, the new Windows OS looks awesome! I bet your human will have lots of fun with it once she get past the frustrating part!

  3. GAH!!!! Our Mommy is the IT guru here and she has TONS of sympathy...we suggest you kitties go lie down somewhere out of hearing range...

  4. Tell your mom to have a glass of wine, chocolate, a shot of liquor, or a cigarette, depending on what her vices are, so she can remain as stress-free as possible. LOL.

    Good luck!

  5. We run for cover when our mum is doing transfers etc. It's safer!

  6. oooh we didz the win8 thingy on our ubuntu computer about 2 months ago. MEEEEYOWZA! Daddy knows LOTS of HBO words, we found out! MOL!

    Good luck (and stay low while the fur's flyin'!)!

  7. poor Mom! It is always to hard to change computers. We are certain she will figure it out in no time!

  8. We understand completely. Our Mommy uses bad words whenever we gets a new computer.

  9. But it tis the season to be jolly!

  10. I think it's a mom and technologee thingy. the Momma says that even the Daddy's "smart phone" is too smart for her.
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  11. Oh, dear, perhaps you should cover your little kitty ears while mom works on this project. It doesn't sound easy. We're still on xp so we're not looking forward to ever having to change.

  12. Yikes! The mom has been making noises about getting a new computer. Now after hearing this, maybe she won't!

  13. We know! Our human hates it when it's time to change computers or upgrade! Hang on there! Purrs!

  14. I haven't got Windows 8 yet. I rather like Windows 7. My 2 PCs aren't even a year old yet, and my Mac just turned a year. Hopefully, I won't be buying another new computer for a while.

    Good luck figuring it all out!