Monday, March 25, 2013

Update Mancat Monday: I Has A Broken Tail

This was taken late yesterday afternoon.
Mr Jinx sacked out on the back porch.
I had just finished playing "go fish" with him.
He was very happy to accommodate me.

We got him in first thing to the Vet.
He is such a good boy.
He only hissed once and when you see his injury anyone would have hissed.
He has a dislocated vertebrae.
It is not broken clean but it is indented on the xrays.
It was clear as a bell when I saw the xrays. 

It hurts.
His Vet said for common sense purposes he has a broken tail.

This is how he is basically holding it.

Cleaning off the "hospital" smell.
He has been holding his tail "up", not totally but about 70%.
But, that is a lot better than yesterday when all it did was droop.
I know when it happened but I don't know how.
It happened yesterday while I was making breakfast for the tribe.
The cats are allowed up on the counter while I make their meals.
Mr Jinx is always the first and the loudest one at meal times.
(OH by the way my boy weighs 16 lbs)
While I had my back turned opening up all the cans of food
I saw Jinx hop down from the counter and run straight
into the Dining Room.
At first, I thought he was upset because we were experiencing
some bad thunderstorms.
Then I thought perhaps he saw a squirrel or bird in the large
picture frame window in the front of the house.
But, I didn't think too much of it.
The rest of the day he did what he normally does, especially
in bad weather: nap.
It was only later at dinner time when I saw his tail drooped that I
got very worried and I tried to examine it.
He hissed at me.
He never hisses.
So I was terribly afraid of a clot.
I thought seriously about taking him to the ER.
But in watching him I just didn't think it was the right thing to do.
I'm glad we didn't put him through that ordeal.
He hates car rides.
He is a loud protestor.
It freaks him out.
The ER is a long way from where we live, our Vet is 2 minutes.
He seemed better.
He was jumping, moving, walking and behaving normally.
This morning he wanted breakfast.
(it was late)
The Vet said that there isn't much they can do for a broken tail.
So we just have watch.
If he seems to have trouble with feeling in the tail we'll have to
cross that bridge IF we come to it.
So I guess, in the end, this was the best outcome.
Thank you for your purrs.


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  2. Poor Jinx!!! We are sending BIG HUGE purrs for his tail to knit up and feel better, soon!

  3. I'm continuing to purr for Mr. Jinx! I hope his tail heals up without any trouble - it sounds like so far, so good!

  4. It's great that Jinx is his normal self except for the tail injury. Hopefully his tail will heal on it's own with no further veterinary intervention. We'll keep purring!

  5. Yikes! Mo wonder you weren't acting likemyourself Mr. Jinx. I sure hope your tail feels better soon.

  6. Ouch, bet that hurts, though! Too bad they couldn't wrap it--lol. Not that a cat would leave any wrapping/bandage alone.

    Fingers and paws crossed that his tail heals quickly with no problems.

  7. whoa...cranberries mr jinx....R tailz bee hurtin lookin at yurs...sorree....

    sendin even MOR blessings oh st francis yur way N we hope yur tail heels....

    N ya iz on de road ta ree cover reee sew quik... ya get a speedin tickett !

    mor purrs headed yur way


  8. Aww, poor sweet Jinx! That's gotta hurt! Gotta interfere with his balance too! Poor baby! We hope and purr and pray that it heals up quickly!

  9. Oh Mr Jinx! :-( What happened to your poor tail!! But you must be very brave now and rest and get better! Mum and Dad and all your furblings are there for you! You are in the bestest place! Take care

  10. well ouch.....poor mancat - we hope it heals up fast.....

  11. Oh, honey bunch - what did you DO? Did somebody else sit on it while you jumped away? Purrs for you to feel a lot better quickly. Oh, and get all the extra attention that you can!

  12. Oh, my gosh! Poor poor Mr Jinx! Big smoochies, honey pie. Hope you're feeling much better very soon!

  13. Awwww - what a freaky thing to happen. Poor baby and poor mom. I'm purring he will get better soon adn stay that way. purr purr purr purr purr purr

  14. OUCH !!! That looks hurt ! I hope his tail feel better so soon. Sending so many purrs to Mr. Jinx
    Lots of love & Hugs

  15. Oh, poor darling...we sure hope he didn't do too much damage and it heals. He's a trooper! Purrs for you Jinx. Purrs, Kitty

  16. pauvre, il a dû avoir très mal,
    j'espère qu'il ne souffre pas trop et que la douleur va disparaitre.
    ronrons, et bisous
    Opale, Sonye, et Laurence

  17. Twee once missed a jump and "bruised" her tail.. it hung down limply for several weeks before she was able to use it again. here's hoping that it never becomes a problem for him and if at all possible it heals well.

  18. We're purring that Jinx's tail heals quickly and he has no more problems with it.

  19. Oh no! So sorry for Mr Jinx! I am sending plenty of purrs for his tail to heal!

  20. Awwww, dear Mr Jinx, we are so sad you have a very hurty tail :(
    It looks very sore.
    We are also sad Mom was so silly yesterday and mixed you up with Ping! Moms...sheesh!

    We are sending you lots of purrs so your tail will feel better and not hurt.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  21. oh poor Mr Jinx!! No wonder you were worried. get better soon, buddy xx

  22. So sorry buddy! Purrs you feel better really soon!!

  23. Oh, Mr. Jinx, that looks so painful! I really hope everything heals on its own and there are no problems with his sense of feel there.

  24. OMD...I is SOOOOO sorry but glad you knows now what is goin' on. I hear beers takes pain away.
    Seriously, I hope you gets all bettrs real quick Mr. Jinx.


  25. Whoa! You **does** has a broken tail! What'd you do, Big Boy???? Well, I am glad that you have been to the v-e-t/stabby place and that your Mom knows what's wrong! I say, milk this for everything you can get big guy--special playtimes, extra treats, the best beddies, the softest blankies, etc. We is purring real hard for the hurty to stop soon XOXOXOXO
    (Oh, and the lazy Human hadn't even made her donation to PAWS yet so OF COURSE your comment counted!)

  26. Oh, poor Jinx sweetie! We promise to walk about with our tails down for the rest of the week in honor of your broken tail. Miss Newton reminds us that her tail is still shaved from the Ruby bite she got earlier in the month so she doesn't want to droop her tail. But she'll send extra purrs in hopes it helps you feel better soon. Purrs....

  27. Oh no. Many purrs for Mr. Jinx. We hope his tail heals up well and quickly. How scary for you and him both! We'll keep purring very loudly to help him feel better until it does.

  28. Oah No Oah No!! Poor Jinx!!!
    Keep sending our purrs!!!!!
    I feel hurt while I saw that photo as well. Poor baby~~~

  29. ouch, Jinx! we hope you heal up ok. Keeping you in our purrs-

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  30. Thank Baste that's what it is! Poor Mr Jinx, it looks so painful. We hope his injury continues to heal and he'll be holding his tail high in no time. xoxoxo

  31. Pee Ess - Mommy doesn't mean she's happy his tail is hurt, she's happy it's not more serious. She's dense like that. (cod luf her)

  32. Well what an awful thing to happen! A broken tail sounds very hurty and we send our best feel-better purrs and loving scritchies to you Jinxy.
    What is your best guess what happened??? This is so curious!!

  33. the poor baby!! Hope it heals soon and that he isn't in any pain...please give him TONS of kisses from us!

  34. Poor Mr. Jinx. We are glad that you found out what it was. Purrs so that his tail heals quickly!

  35. We send purrs and healing smoochies to Jinx. Our Domino's tail was broken in two places before he arrived. Very painful!

  36. OH NO NO! POOR baby. I wonder how on EARTH that happened? Poor poor baby. Kisses all over and a million more.

  37. I have been so poor as a girl furriend Abby. Mr Jinx' tail was not known to me, hanging head in shame...I am sorry I have not been by more often. Sending belated purrrrs to Mr Jinx