Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Gotcha

Today 8 years ago I came to live with my new Momma.
I was not a happy camper.
You see for those who may not know I was happily (so I thought) ensconced in a great home with my favorite 7 year old little girl. But, as fate would have it, the Dad did not like me. I did not like him either. So he took me away from my little girl. Gave me to his neighbor who at that time worked with Lucky Cat Adoptions. My new Momma was looking for a small tuxie girl. I ended up that day 8 years ago being that tuxie girl.

Being the spitfire that I am.
When Momma got me to my new home, I hissed and spit all
over her. I wanted to GO HOME.
My little girl home.
I certainly did not want to be HERE with this woman I
did not know.

As sadden as this new woman was she left me to settle in.
And every day for 6 months she kept coming in and sitting with
me and visiting. I would bite her (not hard) over and over
again testing her.

Finally she introduced me to the 3 amigos.
That was a big fat fail.

Back into my bedroom I went where I was now happy.
A few more weeks later she let me out to get to know
my new brothers and sister.

It was only snoopervised visits as she knew by now
I would paw whip those other kitties.

Eventually everything worked itself out.
Sort of.
As long as Boo, Gracie, Jinx and Ping let me rule, we
were all happy.

Most importantly, I bonded very strongly with my new Momma.

I love her.

You see I am a kitty that has trust issues.
I have been abandoned 3 times in my kitty life.
But, Momma has promised me
And I believe her.

So now I am a happy girl
celebrating my 8th GOTCHA.
Please celebrate along with me!
I have toys and treats and nip for all!!!


  1. Happy Gotcha!! You are very lucky to have a momma who loves you so very much. And you are very beautiful (blush).

    Love, Scout

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Abby! We think you got the bestest deal in the end! You has a great furever home. XOXOXOXO

  3. Happy Gotcha Day dearest Abby. You're a lucky and beautiful girl. Big smoochies from our boys!

  4. We feel sorry fer you missin yer little Bein girl an her missin you...

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, Abby! We are so glad you and your Forever Mommy found each other. :)
    We'll all be coming over to help you celebrate your special day!

  6. Oh Abby you just made our mama cry. Cry because you are with the one who really loves you and another for being ripped from your home with the little girl. It turns out the best in the end. Hugs big girl. You are the boss. You are loved and happy gotcha day.

    Emma and Buster

  7. Happy Gotcha day Abby! We're so glad you got gotted!

  8. Happy gotcha day, Abby! I am so glad you wound up in the right home for you. Although I do wonder sometimes about the little girl who loved you... she is a teenager now, but I bet she misses you still.

  9. What a lovely post, with such gorgeous pictures of you. You had a rough time Abby, but it was definitely worth it in the end to end up with such a caring home and Mom.

    We wish you a very Happy Gotcha Day!

    Gerry & Mungo

  10. Happy Gotcha Day, Abby. You had a lot of challenges on the route to your forever home, but you're where you were meant to be all the time. :-)

  11. Beautiful Abby!! Awwwww - happy happy happy happy Gotcha Day you adorable girl!! We are so happy you learned to trust again with the help of your wonderful mum! Yay!! And you so RULE!! :-) Take care

  12. Happy gotcha day, Abby! We know that the teenager that your seven year old girl is now still remembers you, and she would be glad to know that you are happy in a forever home where you have lots of love.

  13. Happy Gotcha Day Abby, we believes your Mommy too. You are hers forever and she is yours.

    So glad your gotcha day story had a happy ending with a great Mom.

  14. You're story made mom have wet eyes a little, but she said it was because there was such a happy ending. Happy Gotcha day!

  15. Happy Gotchaversary, AbbaDabba! You hit the JACKPOT!

  16. We didn't know your Gotcha story Abby and you had a very rough start in life but thank goodness you are now in a happy and loving home with your forever Momma.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. Such a sad story. We're so glad it has a happy ending!

  18. Happy Eighth Gotcha Day. Chey knows how hard it is to be taken from a person and have to trust someone else. She is impressed you have done it more than once! We look forward to many many more Gotcha Days! And how could you NOT love Ping?

  19. We love love love the last pic! You are a lucky girl to have found your momma after so many tries. We are sorry it was not easy but now you know you are forever loved. Happy Gotcha Day!

    cats of wildcat woods

  20. I didn't know your story, Abby, and it broke my heart. Your momma is an angel! She was so patient with you. I'm so very glad to read this happy ending and wish there were more happy endings like this out there. What a reason to celebrate. You're in your forever and ever home! Happy Gotcha Day!!

  21. Love that last pic! Those eyes! So glad you finally have the forever home you deserve! Even though you put up a good fight at first

  22. Happy Gotcha Day!! I am sorry the little girl missed out on a life with you, but I'm happy you are safe and loved and were given a blog to share yourself with the world on..

  23. Happy Gotcha, dear Abby. We are so happy that your Momma gotcha'd you, because now you are in your really and truly FOREVER home. Much love and big hugs to you on your special day.

  24. Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Abby! You really are a special one!!!

  25. abby...we iz veree happee ewe finded yur for evers home with yur now mom, spesh a lee sinz we getted ta noe ewe N yur familee N iz proud ta call ewe all friends...

    heerz a TT card N thanx for de nip...

    a veree happee gotcha day abby; heerez ta a bazillion mor...hope ewe get sum mice creem, cake, donuts, sghetti, pizza pies, flounder, sea bass, mackerull, trout, toona, ham samiches, fish stix, friez, snapper, perch, sardeenz, salmon, whitefish, cod, a 2014 FURRareez car in red, a new cat tree witha full lee stocked frig attached and ENJOY two day !!!

  26. Happy Gotcha Day!!! We are glad your mom had so much love and patience to let you get settled on your terms :)

  27. Happy Happy Gotcha Day Abby. You are obviously a very special kitty. Lots of love from Austin xox

  28. Happy Gotcha Day Abby. I am glad you eventually got the best Forever Home.

    You are definitely a "Mama's Cat" now and we are soooo happy that you are and that you have such a fabulous furever home!
    Love, Caren and Cody

  30. We are so happy you found happiness with your Mom. Happy Gotcha day to you!!!

  31. Happy Gotcha Day, Abby! We're so glad you finally trusted your momma...she will not let you down. :)

  32. We bet that little girl still misses you, but it is perfectly clear to us that you are where you were always meant to be. Sometimes this connection just takes a little longer. Concatulations on your Gotcha Day. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  33. Happy Gotcha Day sweetie. You will never have to worry that your mom will get rid of you - you are her special girl too. You are a special girl to all of us - so bootiful. SMOOCH

  34. Happy Gotcha Day, Abby!
    These are all wonderful pictures of you. I loved seeing them!
    I am glad that you found your furrever Mom =^.^=
    Lots of purrs

  35. Happy Gotcha Day Abby! As long as Mom Paula has been visiting you through Angel Sweet Praline and us, she had never heard your story. We're so glad you found a wonderful forever home and that you love your mommy. We're pretty sure she loves you.

  36. Happy Gotcha Day, Abby! And here's to many, many more. We know your mom loves you and would never let you go. She had faith in you even though you bit her. We've heard your little girl story before and it breaks our heart for you and the little girl. We hope she grows up ok with such a selfish dad. You were lucky to get away from him. In some ways you remind us of our MMM. We hope MMM will be as happy as you one day.

  37. Oh sweet Abby, you do have such a sad early story but we are so happy that your forever Momma found you and that you are in the home you are. We always admire the beautiful relationship you have with your Momma, it is so very special. Happy 8th Gotcha Day Sweet Abby! And those are gorgeous pictures of you, we always love your Momma's photography.

  38. Abby, we are honored to celebrate a forever gotcha home with you. Be happy, and always feel the love, pretty girl.
    Hugs and kitty kisses to all of you, from all of us.


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