Monday, August 05, 2013

8 out of 9 Lives

Good mews!
I'm home.
More GOOD mews the echocardiogram that they redid on me today
showed that "thrombus" on the aortic valve -- gone!
Was it ever there?
No way to know, but it's not there now.
But, the sobering news is this my friends and I'm gonna be straight talking
with you my pals.
The Vet believes that my prognosis is guardedly negative and Mom
had to twist arms and legs to get that news outta her.
She also had to press to get a good sense of her recommendations
on my future care.
Because you know Mom wants what is best for me.
She is not opting for what is best for anything else.
Just me.
Gotta love Mom for that.
So every moment of every day going forward will truly be a gift.
It's my gift to Momma.
I'm a tough girl ,but well, we'll have to play it by ear, but I
do think I have used up about 8 out of my 9 lives.
I know Momma is broken up about my condition because
she wants so badly to fix it and make me whole again.
But that's not what is in the cards.
Momma and I are going to be flying our way to the moon
and back over and over while I still can.
I have to tell you it warmed my kitten heart to see all of the
beautiful purrs and prayers from all over the world here in the
Blogosphere and on Twitter. I had kitties from New Zealand,
France, England, Australia, Canada and all over the United States
purring and praying for me. I want you all to know I knew it.
I felt your love.
And it made me want to be back with all of you and with my
Momma who has my back.
So for my time left here on this earthly plane we aren't going to take
any of it for granted. Nope. Not at all.
We're all gonna love and purr and rejoice.
Now if you would all help me convince my Momma.
She is bit harder sometimes to convince.
She is, and I hate to say it a worrier.
Help me help her.
Thank you for every single prayer they have lifted me up
and I feel glorious.
Love you all!


  1. Oh Darling Abby! We are prancing around toasting with shrimp water cocktails! We just *mew* you would pull through this!
    Our hoomin MomLady had a hoomin vet tell her when she was 14 she needed a valve replacement to live, she's pawmost 50 now an nebber did it!
    We just HURT for your Mom going through this!
    ~Brat & Rags

  2. Miss Abby we are so happy you are HOME! We know all about every day being precious so don't spend a moment worrying. Enjoy life, minute by minute. And we'll keep purring.

    xx The Kats

  3. You are one tough kitty Abby! We are happy your home with your family and flying over the moon. We are purring and praying for you our friends.

  4. Oh sweet Abby, we are so glad you are home! We know, without a doubt, that you Mom will do the absolute best for you, she loves you that much, and so do we. You are an incredible gal and we all love you more than words can say. Hugs from all of us sweetie.

  5. Abby we are delighted you are home. Now you and your Mom can spend all the time you have to make memories and share love :) We know you are your Mom's heart kitty. We will keep purring for you and we send you our love :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  6. YAY! You are home! Nothing better than being home with your mom! (((hugs))) and continued purrs.

  7. Oh, we are so happy for the good news. We know all about Mom's and worrying. Socks didn't eat much today and the Mom is frantic. Each day is a miracle and each day we share together is pawesome. We hopes we gets to share many more days with you sweet Abby.

  8. Mini here. Borrowing Mom's account MOL

    We are so glad you're home! Eat as much as you can and cuddle as much as you can. Every day is special.

    And of course we'll keep purring and purraying for you.

    Mini and the rest of HotMBC (including the humans)

  9. *Applause* for Abby!

    Very glad to hear she's out of the woods :)

  10. Now, sweet Abby, you just do your best to stay well enough to hang around with Mom for longer this time, OK? You don't like that ER too much and Mom doesn't like for you to have to be there. So stay calm and breathe evenly, and love on your Mommy, and snuggle and be together.

  11. Abby, this is so wonderful that you're home! This is just great news. Your mom is just the best and is doing all the right things for you and by you. She loves you so much and I have no doubt you know that.

    Big hugs!

  12. Dear sweet Abby, this is wonderful news that you are back home, and that the thrombus is gone. Your mom loves you so much, and she will do what is best for you. We have no doubt of that. You and Mom just keep right on loving and living and keeping on. And we'll keep right on purring and praying, okay? We love you!

  13. Dearest Abby,

    The Ballicai and I are over the moon that you are home. How marvelous! Yes, help your sweet Momma with your love, and she will help you with yours, and the two of you will cherish every day in the warm love you share and will always share. The love you share will last forever, and we are keeping you both in our hearts and will send you the rumbliest purrs ever! Love and (((((((((hugs)))))))))))!

  14. I am so glad you are home, Abby! And I know you felt all our purrs - how could you not?

    I think you will have to work on your human to get her to appreciate life day by day - that is a very hard thing for humans to do under normal circumstances!

  15. We are so happy you got to come home. We were purring hard for that. And we will purr that you have many precious days and weeks and maybe even months with your Mama. Cause you are clearly a very special girl.

  16. We are so very happy that you are home and we know that you and your Mom will savor every moment. Love can work miracles!

    cats of wildcat woods

  17. Abby, we're so glad you're home with your momma! Enjoy every minute, every day! You know how much we love you.

  18. Oh, sweet Abby. I missed your saga but have gone back and caught up. I'm so glad you're back home with your mama and will be sending lots of prayers, purrs, and vibes your way!

  19. So happy you are home. We continue to send purrs.

  20. Dear sweet Abby we are so excited at this news. So many have held you up in prayer this week. A few days ago I think you asked for a miracle and it looks like it was granted with the news on the aortic valve thrombus!
    May each day forward be blessed with sunshine and all the love you can fit into each day for you & your momma.

  21. We are so glad that you are home again and that the thrombus is gone. We are purring that you have lots more time to spend with your Mama.

    Spyro,Oja, Rocio, Bambino, and Horus

  22. You have made our night, Abby!!!
    It's not often that prayers are answered. But we think it really worked this time. I know... your time with us is probably not as long as any of us would wish, but you've shown us to treat our time together as a gift. And that alone has made all the difference in the world.

    You and your mom are not just a gift to each other. You are a gift to all of us.


  23. Beautiful, brave Abby...the love you 2 share Will work miracles. It gave me and my Angel Tara 11 extra months we never should have had together. Purrs and love to you both!!!

  24. Boy are we glad to read your wisdom today Abby- not the prognosis bit of course but you are HOME! Every minute is precious. Love your Mommy and she will love you to forever. And take care of yourself well - good food, good sleep, good scritches.

    And remember, there are 12 purr bombs here for you in Finland too :)

  25. So glad you're home, sweet Abby! Our purrayers have been answered. We'll keep purring fur you. XOXO

  26. what a delightful gift, to have Abby home and looking good. I'm so happy for you and her and yes, soak up every moment as each is a precious gift.

    I'll keep praying for Abby, that whatever is going on is healed and she gets many more years to come. She's such a great looking kitty.

    Cue the happy dance...

  27. Abby, none of us have anything more than today. It's a gift. That's why they call it the present. So glad you're home today, sweetie. smoochies xoxo

  28. We are so happy Abby! Sending more purrs!

  29. We are so so happy you're home, Abby! We continue to send purrs and say our purrayers that you have many trip to the moon and back with your Momma. xox

  30. We're so glad you're home, Abby! We are purring loudly for you and your mom, because it means so much to her to have you home.

  31. Awww sweetheart we're so happy to hear you are feeling better now. We hope you stay that way for a long time. You will still be in our thoughts and prayers every single day.

  32. Abby, we're so glad you're home and that there's no sign of a thrombus. Yay!

    Continued purrs and purrayers to you and your mom, and Boo too!

  33. Awwww darling Abbey. You and mum fly to the moon and back again and again now! Hold on tight to each other and enjoy every second. And when you get a moment, listen very carefully cos you'll hear us all cheering and clapping and waving to you both as we gaze up with love at just how amazing you both are!! Take care

  34. Abbey we are so happy that you are home safe with your Mom. Remember to give your Mom lots of kisses and gentle head butts because she will savour every one.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  35. Wow, this is good news. To heck with 'guardedly negative'; you're back home, your here, you're now. You may not have forever with your mum, Abby, but none of us does, and we must enjoy each day with our loved ones. That's difficult at times; we sometimes forget. I know I do. But a cat lives for today, and that's a good policy. I'm glad you are home. God bless you and your mum.

  36. Lots of purrs to you, Abby!! Sorry, about your shaved legs, though :(

    Love, Scout

  37. That the thrombus is gone is The. BEST. News. EVER!!!

    We're ever so glad you're home - and our mommy took extra time to love on us this morning because she wanted us to know that EACH day is special - a gift from you to us!

  38. one day at a time abby N all ways rememburr..St Francis watches over ewe...N never ever quits.....


  39. We know and appreciate that your mom will make the absolute best decisions for you always.

    we all just hope that you are around for long long time for her to continue making those decisions :)

  40. Sweet Abby, you AND your mom are very special xoxox

  41. being home always makes things easier...whatever road you paw with Momma and Dad you will all paw it together with love, purrrrsss Savannah and Mom Linda


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