Monday, January 13, 2014

Mancat Monday

Ping stretches out on our new cover!
Next week Dad has to go in and have some outpatient surgery on the shoulder he messed up while he was recovering from his total knee replacement back in October. Yep, it took this long to get it all worked out to get that scheduled and fixed. So we just wanted to let you know ahead of time he is going in to have that done and fixed and then he will be all better!Plus Mom said she may be pushed to blog for us. WHAT??? Mom you'd better not put us on the back burner!
Now Mom she's a different story, we're not sure there is surgery that will fix her!
Mom I'm just kidding!

Note from the Mom
She wants to let everyone know how much she appreciates your insights and thoughts on her Journey with Abby. Mom has found that it's cathartic for her to share her innermost thoughts and feelings about 'letting go' and finding peace amidst all of the turmoil she feels about losing Abby. Each one of us finds a different path, for some it is a longer process than others, I imagine some never are able to fully recover from their grief over the loss in their lives. I look upon this now as a reawakening. Change is never easy. Loss is never easy. Recovering from loss and change takes time and learning to understand the lessons of the Journey. Thank you for sharing this one with me.



  1. Ping you are looking so handsome! And we will start purring hard for your Dad.

  2. I really do hope that this surgery finally makes Dad All Better! I'm sending purrs to help make it so.

    My human went back and read all the comments from the previous post, since I commented early on. Even though everyone has his or her own way to cope with grief and loss, there is a connection that runs through each and every one of us.

  3. We're purring and woofing for your Daddy's surgery to go smoothly and for his recovery to be quick!

  4. Hello handsome Ping :)
    We will be sending lots of purrs to your Dad.Some purrs to your Mom too.
    Look after your folks kitties!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  5. We'll be purring for your dad's surgery and recovery, Ping!

  6. Ping, we hope that this surgery helps your Dad feel better. No more overdoing it during recovery for him. Your Mom needs a break!

  7. Ping, my purrs add up here for your daddy too.
    And paws crossed for smooth process and safe.
    Many hugs to your mom
    (((( big hugs ))))

  8. we will be purrring and purrring for your daddy!

    purrss n nosekissies to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie angel Abby

    your forever adoring and devoted floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  9. We have started the rumble purr engines up and hope they will help your Daddy with his surgery.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Healing kitty kisses and hugs to your humans from madi and mom

  11. Ping-a-ling, the new cover looks wonderful against your orange furs. Rest up so you can help your daddy when he recoops from his shoulder surgery. Our mom says the passing of a furry is harder on her than the passing of a human. She knows what your mom is going through. (((hugs)))

  12. ping...we can see why yur wife gemini loves ewe ;)

    N tell yur dad ta haza pound oh perch on stand by...nothin werk better for shulder pain N a pound oh perch...

    N tell yur mom ...ther iz knot... N never will be... a set oh roolz on grief...everee one handles it in ther own way... N in ther own time....everee one....


  13. Hey handsome Ping, we are al l sending tons of purrs to your Daddy!

  14. We sure send purrs to the Dad.
    Sparkle said it very well. We all grieve in different ways. I think you did a wonderful job writing about it. Take care and the best to the Dad.

  15. Ping, that looks like a comfy cover! And we're purring for your dad and hope all goes well with his surgery.

  16. Looking good Ping! I am sending purrs for your dad's surgery to go well.

  17. Hi sweet handsome Ping. We luv seeing you here.

    Our human would like to tell your mom that she is happy that you are able to write about your feelings of loss and grief. She finds it difficult to verbalize hers and reading yours has been a great help for her. Thank you.

    Emma and Buster

  18. No change isn't easy, especially when it means losing one of our loved ones. We understand cause there are kitties the mom lost years ago whom she still misses dearly. Its better to air the thoughts and emotions, but we have also worried about you, dear friend. Its hard to see someone suffering.

    We wish the dad the best with his shoulder surgery. Just give him a pain pill, knock him out and there will be plenty of blogging time! MOL, JK! We'll be purring for him too.

  19. WE wish your man all the best with his surgery! Lee and Phod

  20. We hope your Man's surgery goes super fantastic and that he gets all fixed up!

    Yes, recovering from a loss can be a long journey. Once, about a year or two after one of her most beloved kitties died, she was driving down the I-5 and all of a sudden she was just overcome with sadness and she sobbed and sobbed and had to pull off the freeway till she recovered herself! And that was long after she thought she was "over it." So you just never know. We got your Lady's back, though.


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