Wednesday, February 12, 2014




  1. This broke our hearts, but also made us realize that Abby was their waiting for Gracie and they will be together until you all are reunited once more. Hold the two of them close in your heart. You know they will live on there forever. Janet and Kitties Bue

  2. It will be 7 months tomorrow for Mewdy BLue and me. I still miss that boy so much it hurts my soul.

    I'm so sorry to hear of Gracie's passing. I truly know what it is to lose multiple cats in a short period of time. Please hold onto those wonderful thoughts you posted here. Both of these girls will wait patiently for you and remain in your heart.

  3. That's a beautiful little set of pictures. A real moment.

    It's almost six months since I lost my little Gerry and these pictures of Abby really struck a chord.

    The Ape


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