Monday, September 11, 2017

Mancat Monday

Mom is publishing this early because she is worried.
She always worries when there are Hurricanes
out in the Atlantic basin.
This is my reaction to it.
But, today is likely to be a close call
for some areas and we don't know if it will be us
or not as of this writing,but it is looking
more and more likely.

Purrs for all.

Today is D-Day.
I am writing this while I still have
electricity. We expect massive
outages. We just hope that
no one loses life or property.
We know we'll make it through
but we are just so broken by
all that we've been through this year.


  1. It's shocking that this hurricane is so big that it is affecting the whole state! Stay safe, and I hope it doesn't impact you too badly.

  2. We hope you're all okay and weathering it well. Purrs and purrayers to you all.

  3. Handsome Ping! I think you are smart! We hope that you are still well this morning-

  4. Purrs, prayers and hugs from all of us. We know you got hit hard there.

  5. sending love and care...always have and I always will.

  6. I predict everyone will be all right. Let us know how you are doing, but I am confident things will be fine. Stay positive, and stay safe.

  7. Can you imagine that the hurricane is big like 8x Switzerland ? Stay safe ! Purrs

  8. Ping, you look tired, little love.

  9. guyz....we send best best fishes two ewe, mom, yur familee, friendz N nayborz an we hope nastee azz irma
    haz went a way... ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  10. We're still purring for you but hope the worst is over. You all deserve a good long nap next.

  11. I hope you are safe and don't even lose power. XO

  12. Ping, you look so worried ! I know you furpals are affected by the terrible weather, and we are all praying that you will all be safe !

  13. We purr that Irma wasn't too mean to you.


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