Thursday, December 22, 2005



Boos is such a gentle girl. She is sweet and quite polite. She doesn't rush and never gets in a hurry.

Abby on the other hand is full of fire. She is quite the opposite of Boo.

Last night I went to get Boo to put her in the bedroom. She was sitting in the hallway and between her and the bedroom was Abby. I knew she knew she could not get past Abby with some altercation, so I went to intervene. My mistake. When I reached to pick up Boo, Abby came up to keep Boo away from me. Abby is very possessive of me. I thought she was being protective, but our vet said no she is possessing you. She feels you belong to her. I know how Abby reacts when I pay attention to Boo, or any of the other cats, so I am careful, because I don't want her to fuss at them because of me. As I had Boo halfway in my arms Abby came at her with hisses and claws. I was in the middle and I was the one who got scratched. Of course Boo got away and ran up into her cat tree. I went to comfort her ( my second mistake), because Abby followed and she went up the cat tree after Boo. Poor Boo. Abby chased Boo off the tree, in fact she lost her balance and fell. This upset the entire household. My husband does not care for Abby, to be fair she doesn't care for him either. She will nip at him anytime he is near her. She is very devoted, but it's only to me. After Abby chased Boo away, I went and picked up Abby and took her into another room. I went back to check on Boo. Then Gracie decided to chase Boo ( this was only in play) but nevertheless, Boo didn't want to be chased. I let Boo calm down and after Abby settled into my lap, my husband brought Boo into the room and everything went smoothly. I know I was the reason that this entire scenario played out, but I feel bad because it caused such chaos, and it made my husband have harder feelings toward Abby.

Does anyone have these things happen?

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