Friday, August 11, 2006


Inspector Abby on the case. Below is the crime scene.
Exhibit 1.
The missing sock drawer.

Exhibit 2.

The first piece of incriminating evidence found 3 feet from the scene of the crime.

Exhibit 3.

The second piece of incriminating evidence found 6 feet away from the scene.

Suspect 1.

Boo the temptress.

Suspect 2.

Jinx the mild mannered.

Suspect 3.

Ping the player.

Suspect 4.

Gracie the imp.

After careful and meticulous study of the evidence and using my super secret weapon (my keen sense of smell) the guilty party (Suspect #4) was apprehended and incarcerated and sentenced to one week without treats....


It's time to check out all the other guilty and innocent critters over at the Modulator and don't forget to drop by this weekend for our weekly dose of beautiful felines at the Carnival of the Cats this week hosted by Blog'd Ellison.

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