Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shape of A Manx

From the left....

Now from the right...Miss Abby takes a stand.
She's a small cat but with very muscular back legs. From looking at other Manxies it is the normal shape of the breed. Abby has a special gait that I call her 'big cat walk' another Manx Bean called it a "bulldog walk", and in many ways that really captures the essence. When Abby is doing her "big cat walk" she is on a mission and nothing will deter her. Even if I intervene, once I put her back down, she will go right back to whatever her original purpose was. She has a one track mind when she intents to convey a message, especially if it to one of the other cats. She is also not content to just let the chips lie where they may. If one of the other cats has slighted her, she will make it a point to put them in their place, and until she has done so, she is not content. Once she has made her point, she will strut her stuff once again with that "big cat walk".
She rules the house and she knows it.

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